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zEh- 07:03 is there an easy way to add a "successfully installed" and "[...] deinstalled" windows to wix?
FireBreathBot 07:03 JIRA issue issue created by catchfbinfo
taxilian 07:03 zEh-: Probably
someone-noone1 07:03 hello
neilg_ 08:03 Morning all!
zEh- 09:03 where to put a previously compiled .lib?
taxilian 09:03 zEh-: Somewhere you can find it
!wiki libraries
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gargle 10:03 hi all
sabotaged|wk 10:03 hey
taxilian 10:03 morning
gargle 10:03 I've a little question, not directly on firebreath, but on the differences between FF 3.X and FF 4.0 for a plugin.
taxilian 10:03 okay
gargle 10:03 Firebreath check which version ?
taxilian 10:03 FireBreath doesn't care which version
there are some NPNFuncs that are there only for certain versions or later; FireBreath does check that to prevent crashing on older versions
but nothing between 3.5 and 4
gargle 10:03 ok, thanks for your answer
taxilian 10:03 np
sabotaged|wk 10:03 hmm, i'm trying cocoa+coregraphics on chrome, NPP_SetWindow is called, gets down to PluginWindowMacCG::SetWindow, but when it tries to get the NP_CGContext, window->window is null
(master branch from several days ago)
taxilian 10:03 sabotaged|wk: you can only draw with CG in response to the draw event
!find CoreGraphicsDraw
FireBreathBot 10:03 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^ CoreGraphicsDraw(CGContextRef context, const FB::Rect& bounds, const FB::Rect& clip) $/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/DrawingEvents.h:
/^ class CoreGraphicsDraw : public RefreshEvent$/ (c) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/DrawingEvents.h:
taxilian 10:03 oh, and update to the latest
sabotaged|wk 10:03 yes
taxilian 10:03 sounds like you probably have a version before I fixed that
FIREBREATH-8 for more info
FireBreathBot 10:03 FIREBREATH-8: Summary: Modify Mac plugin windows to support all valid Event / Drawing model combinations
FIREBREATH-8: Assigned To: amackera
FIREBREATH-8: Priority: Major, Status: Resolved,
sabotaged|wk 10:03 i call InvalidateWindow, but it did nothing, so i checked and my window size is 0
which led me to check SetWindow
umans 10:03 is there any "hello world" tutorial for plugin develpment in firebreath.i'm finding it difficult how start
taxilian 10:03 !wiki tutorial
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taxilian 10:03 did you look on the website at all?
like, in the getting started section?
umans 10:03 well i've build the enviroment but stuck after that
taxilian 10:03 did you get a plugin to build?
tell me what you have
umans 10:03 thanx alot.let me check the links
taxilian 10:03 ok; look at the video tutorials in particular
then if you have questions, let us know
umans 10:03 i'm only able to create project structure.thanx again for prompt responce
taxilian 10:03 what have you tried that didn't work?
"I got stuck" is a little unspecific =]
umans 10:03 i create the structure.then i looked for some helloworld tutorial on web to start coding
taxilian 10:03 what do you mean by "create the structure"?
did you read the getting started page?
talks about fbgen and building?
umans 10:03 there r build instruction available but i dont know how to add functionality.i mean to say i creadet the project
anyways let me look at links u provided.thanx alot
taxilian 10:03 ok; looka twhat is there, and if you have it building and can run it in the browser then start looking at the code
there is documentation in the comments in the files that were generated
also look at the video tutorials, particularly the mac one; the later ones show you some basics on how to start adding things
also see Interacting with Javascript
!find interacting
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taxilian 10:03 !wiki interacting
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taxilian 10:03 good luck
umans 10:03 realy thanks alot.
taxilian 10:03 yw
umans 10:03 1 last requirment is build a plugin(cross browser and cross platform) which can be able to get requested URL and generate some event and also generate event on closing of firebreath is right thing to do that?
taxilian 10:03 what do you mean by generate event on closing of tab?
you get a JS event when you close the tab
also it seems like you could do that with JS
zEh- 10:03 sounds like he's trying to extend
umans 10:03 actually i'm creating an application in which it required that it detects requested url and also detects the when that particular url is closed
zEh- 10:03 an url cant be closed
taxilian 10:03 right; are you saying it needs to load the url in another window?
and then detect when that window closes?
umans 10:03 i mean correcponding tab of that prticular url is closed
no.let explain
zEh- 10:03 dont get it
umans 10:03 its a stand alone application
taxilian 10:03 arbitrary URLs?
or specific ones that you control?
if you can't put an object tag in the page then a plugin alone won't help you
though you could possibly use a plugin as part of an extension to provide additional functionality
zEh- 10:03 well i guess he should explain it more before anyone is able to help
umans 10:03 when we open a ulr in any browser it should catch the url string.when we close the tab it should alse decetect that this url is closed
taxilian 10:03 yeah, you can't do that with a plugin
sabotaged|wk 10:03 sweet!! it works
cross process, no less
though it's upside down, i'll need to fix that :P
umans 10:03 i created the firefox extension which which detects the opening of url and logs it in a file and on closing of tab it remove that particular ulr from log my application detects the chage in file by using a file watcher utility
i need do that for all browsers thats y i'm exploring firebreath
taxilian 11:03 you can't do that with a plugin
sorry :-/
plugins have to go into a page, in an object tag
they don't know about tabs or about any page other than the one they are in
umans 11:03 according my finding FB uses boost c++ library which suports interprocess i'm trying to build the plugin which detect the requested ulr and send signal to my application and also send signal on closing of the tab
taxilian 11:03 you could put the plugin in a firefox extension and use it for IPC
but you can't detect page loads or tab changes and such
not in the plugin itself
umans 11:03 i have to make the extention for every browser
taxilian 11:03 probablys o
umans 11:03 can i build the plugin for interprocess communication and use that plugin in my extention
taxilian 11:03 yes
umans 11:03 ok thats gud
thanx alot taxilian.u r realu helpful
taxilian 11:03 yw
kryssi 18:03 hi, is there any nice way to determine wheather browserHost is napi or activex other than dynamic_cast?
taxilian 20:03 kryssi: no; why do you need to?
oh, he's gone
jesse_ 21:03 Hey taxilian, if you recall I had jsapi vs HTMLObject issues on FF4 RC a couple of weeks ago. Plugin framework was as we expected just fine, issue was in registration of the plugin. Resolved after I added the unpack option to the install manifest. Thanks again for firebreath, its a fantastic product.
taxilian 21:03 jesse_: thanks for letting me know; interesting. so the problem was in the extension wrapper? interesting
I've never seen that matter before
jesse_ 21:03 yeah was all in the way the ext/plugin was being registered. New to FF4 you might* need to add the unpack option to the install manifest. Previous versions of FF unpacked by default.
taxilian 21:03 interesting
I don't use XPIs for installing plugins, so I've never seen that issue
jesse_ 21:03
taxilian 21:03 could you add that somewhere on the wiki?
I will forget =]