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taxilian 10:11 crap. I may have to update boost again… and even that I don't know for sure if it'll fix this or if I'll have to revert to the old boost for my project
jshanab 10:11 I have started to believe I am getting to the point where I have just enough moving target libraies that I will never get a good build.
taxilian 10:11 heh. tha'ts how I feel some days
we have end-users that we have to support that are still on mac os 10.5
so we have to support it
despite the fact that there are 3 major versions of mac os newer than 10.5
jshanab 10:11 By the time we are done chasing OS changes, Browser Changes, and trying to maintain legacy ...I feel your pain
"One build to serve them all" :-)
taxilian 10:11 =]
we finally just said "enough is enough" and stopped supporting ppc with new builds
jshanab 10:11 I suddenly have a very strange error : Error 1 error LGHT0204: ICE38: Component cmp3BF0243E30BB5EEBAE68D09BF79964BD installs to user profile. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file. C:\Users\jshanab\archiver\src\FireBreathPlugin\build\GlfwGearsDll\projects\GlfwGears\npGlfwGears_auto.wxs 8 GlfwGears_WiXInstall
This has been an auto generated wix and has been working
taxilian 10:11 is everything prefixed with w:?
jshanab 11:11 yes. Funny i search on line and find your answer :-)
taxilian 11:11 heh. I almost never bother searching online for plugin answers; generally I end up just rereading things I wrote
it's actually a bit annoying, to be honest
jshanab 11:11 I got all excited once when I found someone with the exacpe problem I was having and the solution, only to find out it was myself. embarrasing. What does the w: do?
taxilian 11:11 heh. so the w: just tells you that the xslt stylesheet was run on it
it doesn't actually do anything
jshanab 11:11 Ny idea what I did to break this?
taxilian 11:11 did you update wix?
did you swear at it? (maybe it's mad)
jshanab 11:11 Not recently on the wix update, Every damn build on the other
taxilian 11:11 lol
jshanab 11:11 I did just delete the build directory and re-prep
jshanab 11:11 I copied an existing plugin to a new directory and changed the name of the directory only. Can that cause this problem?
taxilian 11:11 hmm
could, possible
if you are building both plugins in the same firebreath solution
jshanab 11:11 No. I prep to seperate build directories
taxilian 11:11 then I wouldn't think so
jshanab 11:11 Just wondering if there is a tiein between directory name and project name at gen time that does not survive a directory rename
taxilian 11:11 no
jshanab 11:11 How about after i copy it to a new directory. I need to change the product ID?
taxilian 11:11 well, if you want them to work as different plugins there are lots of things in the PluginConfig that you need to change
jshanab 11:11 This is just another version of the same thing
taxilian 11:11 then it doesn't matter, but you can only have one installed at a time
the other will overwrite it
jshanab 12:11 I B Stuck. This is an autogenerated wix file that i have never messed with
taxilian 12:11 pastebin it
jshanab 12:11
taxilian 12:11 regsvr32 is failing on it
fix that and it'll work again
jshanab 12:11 oh, and the error : Error 1 error LGHT0204: ICE38: Component cmp3BF0243E30BB5EEBAE68D09BF79964BD installs to user profile. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file.
regsvr32? this is during the build time
taxilian 12:11 right
heat is what generates it
and it does so by calling DllRegisterServer
which aparently is failing
it's the same thing as regsvr32
jshanab 12:11 so if the dll needs a dll and hat dll is not yet in the package. Would that cause it?
taxilian 12:11 yep
that would absolutely cause it
and is probably the most common cause
jshanab 12:11 So...If i use opengl, is that a dll I need to include?
ok, got it. it is glfw3.dll, the reason for this test
taxilian 12:11 seems reasonable
dependency walker is always a useful tool for this
jshanab 12:11 I have used that to solve the dll issue at run time, never had it give me trouble at package time. I guess this is becasue it is the toplevel dll needeing it right away, no lazy loading allowed
taxilian 12:11 you can set it up to delayload
it's a linker flag, I think
jshanab 12:11 yeah. windows is eager by default, linux is lazy
jshanab 12:11 DllRegisterServer succeeds, but my installer still throws the same error :-(
taxilian 12:11 the key si that there is no COM object in that .wxs file
there should be
generally that means registerserver failed
are you sure it's succeeding early enough for heat to run it?
jshanab 12:11 This almost black magic to me
Even works if I use the browser FBControl test
Wilsonr990 12:11 hi
taxilian 12:11 hello
Wilsonr990 12:11 I'm trying to develop a plug-in for XP sp3 from Win Seven, but it's not working... Do you know what the problem is?
taxilian 12:11 hmm. based on what you've told me, I speculate that aliens might have subverted your computer and it is being used to take over our planet, thus preventing firebreath from building properly
but if you can give me some more useful information, I can try to narrow that down a bit to something more likley
"it's not working" is a bit vague, you see
Wilsonr990 12:11 lol
sure... I understand haha
jshanab 12:11 I currently am having issues with my plugin on XP and it it turns out to be a difference in Thread Local Storage. What does your plugin do? What libs does it include
Wilsonr990 12:11 OK so...
jshanab 12:11 taxillian. here is my wix file for the addition of glfw3. It is similar as to how my other plugin works. But i still get Component glfw3 installs to user profile....
taxilian 12:11 no w:
so the xslt isn't being run
I don't know why that would be, but I'd look in the build logs
to try to find anything suspicious looking
jshanab 12:11 Is the w: a new addition? I maybe cut-n-paste and edited from an older plugin (that works)
taxilian 12:11 no, that's been there for a long time and it has nothing to do with anythign you do
this is a generated file, right?
no, this is your file
show me the heat output
the npPluginName.wxs
(Wilsonr990 you can go ahead with your question)
Wilsonr990 13:11 ok
jshanab 13:11 I do not seem to be getting to heat, stops at light
taxilian 13:11 heat runs before light
it generates your npPluginName.wxs file
Wilsonr990 13:11 I've compiled the basic plug-in founded in the tutorials in this page. More exactly, I use the Windows Video Tutorial. I did it in a windows 7 pc.
taxilian 13:11 okay
Wilsonr990 13:11 I've proved the plug-in in Windows 8, Vista and seven. It works good in those systems
but When I try to register it in WinXP it shows me an error.
taxilian 13:11 what error?
and this is when you run regsvr32 on it?
Wilsonr990 13:11 This is it: Loadlibrary (*.dll)failed. the specified procedure could not be found
yes this is when I run regsvr32
taxilian 13:11 there are a few possibilities, then. Most likely it's missing a dependency that it needs
what version of vs did you build it with?
hmm. you didn't use the x64 prep script, did you?
Wilsonr990 13:11 I've used a program that says the mistake comes from the lack of two files: wer.dll and ieshims.dll
the version is WinXp SP3. 32 bits
taxilian 13:11 ieshims.dll isn't a concern
that's normal
wer.dll I have never heard of, however
so I'd look into that a bit
jshanab 13:11 ieshims.dll always shows that way as it is loaded on demand. Don't worry about that one
jinx :-)
taxilian 13:11 =]
Wilsonr990 13:11 I've found that ieshims.dll is a file found in the Internet Explorer folder. For WinXp, I found a file named xpshims.dll instead
taxilian 13:11 all of my plugins show that
it's not that one, I promise =]
Wilsonr990 13:11 lol ok :)
thank you for herlping. I'll be here and I'm looking for information too
taxilian 13:11 let us know what you find
Wilsonr990 13:11 ok
jshanab 13:11 taxillian. I cleaned and rebuilt heat runs without issue before the Light error
taxilian 13:11 paste the output .wxs again?
jshanab 13:11 Wilsonr990. What browser? There have been some recent changes that may be showing up
Wilsonr990 13:11 IE8
jshanab 13:11 npGlfwGears_auto.wxs ?
taxilian 13:11 he's stuck trying to regsvr32 it, if I undersatnd
yeah, that one
jshanab 13:11 Just for giggles, try firefox in a single process (about:config and search for ipc)
taxilian 13:11 jshanab: if he can't regsvr32 it it doesn't matter what he tries =]
Wilsonr990 13:11 that's true
it should work in any browser
jshanab 13:11
Ah, right. my bad
Wilsonr990 13:11 taximilian, could it be related with the compilation? Some code lacking or something?...
taxilian 13:11 okay; jshanab that looks correct now
Wilsonr990 I wouldn't think so, but it could be related to the libraries linked
jshanab 13:11 My experiances with XP have been mostly cenetered around DirectX issues and that I have to apply all xp updates before i can even try yo load our plugin
taxilian 13:11 what visual studio did you use?
jshanab: what is the exact message you get now?
jshanab 13:11 error LGHT0204: ICE38: Component glfw3 installs to user profile. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file.
taxilian 13:11 ahh
Wilsonr990 13:11 Visual Studio version 11
taxilian 13:11 Wilsonr990 is that 2012?
Wilsonr990 13:11 yes
taxilian 13:11 it's entirely possible that the version of ATL in 2012 doesn't build things that work on XP
I'd try 2010 and see if you still have the issue
jshanag: okay, this is an easy fix
the problem is that you're installing something to the user profile
you can't make the keypath be a file
just like it says
just add a registryvalue somewhere and make that the keypath
jshanab 13:11 Well that IS exactly what the error says, but my other plugin looks the same
taxilian 13:11 does the other plugin install all users?
i.e. in program files or similar?
jshanab 13:11 yes. it has a lot more in it though
taxilian 13:11 ProgramData is totally different
you can install to there
but you can't use a keypath that is a file in your profile
just add a regkey; it'll fix it
Wilsonr990 13:11 but taximilian, the ATL is taken from the WDK and not from the VS...
taxilian 13:11 are you using express?
Wilsonr990 13:11 And the WDK I'm using is version 7.0. Should I change it?
taxilian 13:11 and my name, btw, is taxilian not taximilian =]
Wilsonr990 13:11 sorry
taxilian then lol
taxilian 13:11 heheh. np. is it visual studio express?
Wilsonr990 13:11 visual studio professional 2012 RC
taxilian 13:11 then it isn't using ATL from the wdk
it's using the ATL that comes with visual studio
you only need the WDK if you're using express
Wilsonr990 13:11 yes it is using it because I change the library reference when I was building the firebreath proyect!
taxilian 13:11 I'd bet you money it didn't work
Wilsonr990 13:11 i did it because the atl from VS produced some errors in the project
taxilian 13:11 it's not a good idea to try to mix ATL versions, but I'd bet that's what you've done
it's not really a simple thing to tell VS not to use its own ATL
Wilsonr990 13:11 but firebreath asked me to install WDK!
taxilian 13:11 I could be wrong
firebreath did? hmm; must not have support for searching visual studio 2012 properly
that's a bug =]
Wilsonr990 13:11 lol so, what should I do?
taxilian 13:11 well, as I said earlier the wer.dll file is not one I recognize
what version of firebreath are you using?
latest from master or 1.7?
Wilsonr990 13:11 let me see
taxilian 13:11 or did you download a tarball from 1.6?
Wilsonr990 13:11 actually I downloaded it using git as explained in the video tutorial
taxilian 13:11 which branch? master?
default, that is?
Wilsonr990 13:11 dont know! How can I see wich version is it?
taxilian 13:11 git branch
then do git pull to make sure you have the latest
Wilsonr990 13:11 I used the first command used in the first video tutorial... here:
taxilian 13:11 I made that a long, long time ago =] I don't remember what it says
Wilsonr990 13:11 lol
so what you said is I should istall it again and try using VS10
taxilian 13:11 that's probably what I'd do
easiest solution
Wilsonr990 13:11 lol not when you're working with more than one project in the same computer and you don't want a change to affect another projects LOL
taxilian 13:11 then you can probably get it working in 2012
but it may take some work
I'd look into finding out what wer.dll is
then try to figure out why firebreath isn't seeing your built-in atl
if that doesn't pan out, I mean
you do know that you can install more than one version of visual studio on the same machine, right?
so just because you install vs2010 for use with firebreath doesn't mean you have to use it for everything
Wilsonr990 13:11 ok you're right
I'll install it then...
thank you
if you find something about wer.dll... I'll be here
taxilian 13:11 I dont' have time to look right now
I'm on a deadline
but good luck
Wilsonr990 13:11 mm ok, that's sad, but thanks anyway
jshanab 13:11 taxilian. I got it built but i don't know where it installed!. I will have to go over the wiki page on wix. Thanks
taxilian 13:11 Wilsonr990: it's the challenge with an open source project; I can't afford to fix everyone's problems for free, I'm afraid. I have a day job as well
Wilsonr990 13:11 Lol. That's true
taxilian, What VS10 should I install? Express, professional...?
taxilian 13:11 professional is always the best
Wilsonr990 13:11 ok then+
thanks again :D
WoLfulus_away 14:11 firebreath is working on opera/
taxilian 14:11 yeah, it usually does
I just don't "officially" support it
WoLfulus_away 14:11 any reason why/
taxilian 14:11 yeah; it periodically breaks for weird reasons
and I've never seen opera have a high enough userbase on any of the projects I've ever worked on to make it worth the time to even periodically test
for our current system opera doesn't even show up on the top 20 browsers in our analytics
WoLfulus_away 14:11 hmmm
ok then
taxilian 14:11 basically whenever opera implements NPAPI correctly it'll work
when they don't, it probably won't