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Harry78 06:10 Hi! Is is possible via Firebreath to call a JS function synchronously and get the return value (a simple boolean, or even 0/1 value) to be interpreted in my plugin code? I want to implement a simple browser popup question to the user
(btw: the forum is offline at the moment)
Harry78 07:10 is it normal that m_host is a private member of my plugin class?
taxilian_away 07:10 Harry78: the forum won't be coming back
and yes, you can do that
did you look at the interacting with javascript pages on the website?
Harry78 07:10 yes, i'm dealing at the moment with the returned value of "confirm"
taxilian_away 07:10 and the problem is?
Harry78 07:10 casting it from a FB::variant to a usable integer or boolean
taxilian_away 07:10 try .convert_cast<bool>()
or .convert_cast<int>() if that's what you want
Harry78 07:10 trying it, thanks for the "bool" hint (int doesn't work unfortunately)
taxilian_away 07:10 please clarify on "doesn't work"?
Harry78 07:10 i'm not sure, i've got no logging at that position, but the next alert stating the value doesn't show up
"bool" works perfectly, thanks
taxilian_away 07:10 wait
what does "doeson't show up" mean?
Harry78 07:10 (sad to hear that the forum will be inaccessible forever)
taxilian_away 07:10 please be specific; if you can't convert_cast to int then there is something wrong
Harry78 07:10 let me paste some code:
taxilian_away 07:10 the reason I'm not putting the forum back up is because it wasn't all that useful; not many checked it. stackoverflow is a much better alternative
Harry78 07:10 std::string question = "this ia a test question"; FB::variant v = obj->Invoke("confirm", FB::variant_list_of(question)); bool result = v.cast<bool>(); std::string s("your answer was: "); std:stringstream oss; oss << s << result; obj->Invoke("alert", FB::variant_list_of(oss.str()));
std::string question = "this ia a test question";
FB::variant v = obj->Invoke("confirm", FB::variant_list_of(question));
bool result = v.cast<bool>();
std::string s("your answer was: ");
taxilian_away 07:10 .pb
Harry78 07:10 std:stringstream oss;
oss << s << result;
obj->Invoke("alert", FB::variant_list_of(oss.str()));
taxilian_away 07:10 oh, the bot is gone. don't ever paste code in IRC that way. use a pastebin or
Harry78 07:10
taxilian_away 07:10 FYI, you can use m_host->getDOMWindow()->alert("fdafdsa")
for an alert
wait wait wait
Harry78 07:10 good to know
taxilian_away 07:10 dont' .cast
Harry78 07:10 oh
taxilian_away 07:10 .cast does not convert the value
Harry78 07:10 that does the trick, thx again
is an archive of the forum available? I#ve found a very old entry describing how to configure WIX to support an icon for the "programs" list to be used
this would be very nice to be supported, in order not to use the standard MSI icon
taxilian_away 07:10 I may bring it back up in read-only mode; however, I'm very *very* short on time this week so I don't know if I'll have time or not
Harry78 07:10 i'll search for another answer for that situation online, don't feel under pressure for that task
thank you for the conversion of the returncode, have a good time and spend as much time as possible for yourself
mjsrs 09:10 hello everyone
anyone there?
can firebreath be compared to phonegap but for desktop?
dtiedy2 15:10 Has anyone ever seen an issue with WIX and Firebreath where when you run the myplugin.msi the installer says:
A netwrok error occurred while attempting to read from file: myplugin (2).msi. Obviously during the build a name collision occurred or something and the install script thinks it name is something else. I'm not sure why the installer attempts to load it self, may be this is a certificate verification?
jshanab 15:10 Can't say that i have. and i have doen a lot of wix on this plugin
Maybe the name got hard-coded inside the script and got changed by the download?
dtiedy2 15:10 The build solution is standard, and uses the prep2010.cmd command. The builds are created by a continuous integration system (TeamCity) Everything looks correct in the build output, but I hear what you are saying. Looking at my build artifacts it always pulls the build's myplugin.msi not myplugin (2).msi as my artifact which eventually gets downloaded. Odds are you are correct and it might be an issue with the CI system, but it
Cleaning the build folder of the build agent fixed the issue which again makes me think it is a problem with the firebreath buildscript when maybe it failes to write to a file along the build process
jshanab 15:10 throwing a build server in the mix is probably why it shows the error as a network error, but it sounds like it tries to run the filename it was created with and between the download and the call to execute isthe OS adding a (2). ???? Easy to check, delete the destination msi and see if it works just once