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jiveB 00:03 Hi guys, just experimenting with my first plugin
I'm finding the google chrome is not listing the name of the plugin or description on its plugin page
rather it is only displaying "npname", my question is where can I set these things?
taxilian 00:03 jiveB: what platform?
jiveB 00:03 taxilian: oops Linux, Chrome 11.0.696.14 dev channel
taxilian 00:03 jiveB: what version of FireBreath?
jiveB 00:03 github trunk
taxilian 00:03 Hmm. This is a bug, then
please file a JIRA issue
and feel free to try to track it down yourself =]
jiveB 00:03 oh okay, I shall try to dig for a bit and will file a jira once I am a bit more familar :)
taxilian 00:03 okay
jiveB 00:03 thankd
taxilian 00:03 there is a NP_GetValue in np_x11main.cpp
!findfile np_x11main.cpp
FireBreathBot 00:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 00:03 !find NP_GetValue
FireBreathBot 00:03 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^extern "C" NPError NP_GetValue(void *future, NPPVariable variable, void *value)$/ (f) found in src/PluginAuto/X11/np_x11main.cpp:
/^typedef NPError (*NP_GetValueFunc)(void *, NPPVariable, void *);$/ (t) found in src/3rdParty/gecko-sdk/includes/npfunctions.h:
jiveB 00:03 cool
taxilian 00:03 I *think* that's where it gets the description from
we had an issue like that not too long ago, but I thought it was fixed
jiveB 00:03 ah ic
taxilian 00:03 but it's probably in there somwhere
jiveB 00:03 :)
taxilian 00:03 that calls NPP_GetValue on NpapiPlugin
anyway, it's not too hard to follow
and now I'm off 'til Monday
good luck
jiveB 00:03 very helpful, ty
taxilian 00:03 good luck
dan2 15:03 taxilian: do you know how to debug firefox on windows when ti says plugin has done an illegal operation?
visual studio isn't crashing or anything when running through debugger
taxilian 15:03 dan2: I'd have to look at it; I've never had an issue I couldn't debug, but you seem to manage some unique ones ;-)
dan2 15:03 always fun... :(
I need another machine running my plugin at this point
wonder what laptops cost these days
taxilian 15:03 you can get cheap ones for $400-$500 that are fairly decent
macs are quite a bit more, of course
dan2 15:03 it might also be worthwhile to find the cheapest workstation I can find
although I'm not sure it's cheaper than laptops these days
taxilian 15:03 they often have more disk space, but that's about it
dan2 16:03 I have no idea what firefox means when it spits that error
The plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Firefox.
taxilian 16:03 I don't either
dan2 16:03 looks like firefox 4.0 is a bit better at least telling me what is wrong
the plugin-container stuff in 4.0 is much easier to work with when debugging
also means the whole browser doesn't crash when the plugin does