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taxilian 00:03 !wiki fbgen
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"Creating a Plugin Project without fbgen":
"FireBreath 1.3.0 RC2 released!":
"FireBreath 1.4 Release Candidate 1!":
"Plugin Lifecycle":
"Version History":
"Interacting with Javascript":
"Using CMake With FireBreath":
taxilian 00:03 !wiki tutorial
!wiki fbgen
!wiki tutorial
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"Windows Video Tutorial":
"Mac Video Tutorial":
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"FB Tutorial Mac Pt 3.swf":
taxilian 01:03 much better
g'night everyone
tony__ 03:03 HI guys.. any idea on how force a redraw on a mac plugin at regular interval..
rajendra 05:03 anybody there
bundy_ 07:03 Hello
i've created a plugin using firebreath which works perfectly on firefox
when trying the plugin on chrome it doesnt seem to be called
neilg_ 07:03 How are you putting it on the page?
bundy_ 07:03 the same as on the first example
neilg_ 07:03 Have you made sure that you completely closed Chrome before trying this?
Chrome checks the plugins at startup
bundy_ 07:03 <object id="plugin" type="application/x-myplugin" width="300" height="300">
yes, i saw that it is loaded on startup
neilg_ 07:03 ?
What do you mean?
bundy_ 07:03 but gets FILE LOCK WITH ONLY READERS (on process monitror)
opened process monitor and saw that chrome is opening my dll
neilg_ 07:03 Okay, then chances are that if you go to about:plugins in Chrome then you should at least see your plugin listed there
bundy_ 07:03 yep its on the list
neilg_ 07:03 Okay, then the first question would be - what version of FireBreath are you using?
bundy_ 07:03 just a sec i'll make sure, downloaded today
neilg_ 07:03 Sure
bundy_ 07:03 where can i find a file with the version number?
(changed the name of the directory)
version 1.4
found the problem!
thanks for your help
it has nothing to do with firebreath
neilg_ 08:03 Ah, cool. Glad to hear it!
What was it (if you don't mind me asking)? Just in case somebody else has a similar problem?
taxilian 08:03 neilg_: fyi, little known fact: there is a "version" file in the root of firebreath that will have the commit hash of the last commit from when they downloaded it on 1.4 and later; not applicable if they get it from git
neilg_ 08:03 Hmm. That's very useful to know. Thanks!
taxilian 08:03 for example, the "version" file on the 1.4.1 download is:
Tree hash: 85eddac2f2a0d02f3060d9797fc979ed1ad0ecba
Reflog subject:
Last Commit: 5864bf27eb06170576e7120877376e7522f3a0c3
Last Commit Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 10:30:20 -0700
Last Commit Notes:
FireBreathBot 08:03 5864bf2 by Richard Bateman: Fixed build error due to variable initialization inside a ca
taxilian 08:03 thanks, FireBreathBot
see how useful he is?
neilg_ 09:03 The bot is pretty cool actually!
!wiki FireBreath
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"FireBreath Users":
"About FireBreath":
"FireBreath Home":
"FireBreath Examples":
"Using FireBreath":
"FireBreath Usage Survey":
"FireBreath Class Reference":
"How FireBreath Works - code perspective":
neilg_ 09:03 Yay!
taxilian 10:03 now I just need to figure out how to get notifications from JIRA
dan2 13:03 taxilian, you there?
taxilian 13:03 just got back
dan2 13:03 taxilian, how does "copying" work in javascript, is it copy by value or copy by reference with operator=?
taxilian 13:03 it depends on what you're doing
dan2 13:03 trying to copy a dom element
taxilian 13:03 but if you assign an object its generally by reference
using jquery?
dan2 13:03 no
just plain javascript
var param = document.createElementNS("","html:param");
like to make several copies of this for several params or such
taxilian 13:03 easiest would be to just run that command several times
dan2 13:03 ok
taxilian 13:03 there are libraries that will do it, but it's not really trivial has a cloneNode that you could dig into the source for, I think
dan2 13:03 taxilian, on a dom element, can I just set an attribute through "=" with dot-notation?
taxilian 13:03 sometimes
it's probably better to use setAttribute
more consistent across browsers
taxilian 13:03 nirvdrum: do you know of a way to make jira call a web service or something when a new issue is added?
nirvdrum 13:03 Hmm. . . I know you can have it send email.
I used to something where I'd have an address deliver to a postfix alias that executed a command.
Dunno if they have anything that resembles GitHub's web hooks though.
taxilian 13:03 hmm. so I want to make our friendly bot there notify us when issues are entered
to do that, I need some way of notifying the bot process; I can start a thread and have it check a file or something every 5 seconds, seems easiest
but then I need to find some way to populate that file
don't have postfix or anything mail related set up on that box, not sure I want to go to that kind of trouble
would prefer not to mess with the rest of the box's config
github, as you say, shouldn't be too hard
oh, as an interesting anecdote, the bot can aparently find commits by hash that aren't even in the FireBreath/firebreath repo; it finds commits that were made to forks as well
I guess it's all shared behind the scenes
nirvdrum: thinking of trying this:
nirvdrum 13:03 Nifty on the bot.
JIRA does have an API, so you could probably bang out a Python script you run in a cronjob .
That's poll though.
taxilian 13:03 yeah, if I was going to do that I could do it from the bot, which is also Python
in fact, that's how I have it look up issues when you type FIREBREATH-1 etc
FireBreathBot 13:03 FIREBREATH-1: Summary: Cross-platform timer abstraction.
FIREBREATH-1: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-1: Priority: Minor
FIREBREATH-1: Status: Open
nirvdrum 13:03 You're just having all sorts of fun, aren't you? :-)
taxilian 13:03 FireBreathBot, tell nirvdrum yes
FireBreathBot 13:03 taxilian: I'll pass that on when nirvdrum is around.
nirvdrum 13:03 Heh.
FireBreathBot 13:03 nirvdrum: 19:48Z <taxilian> tell nirvdrum yes
taxilian 13:03 heh. that's kinda cool
nirvdrum 13:03 Z?
taxilian 13:03 I hadn't actually tried it; I see how it works now
looks like you can give it a message and it will tell the person when they next send a message
no idea what Z means; interesting question
maybe that's GMT
nirvdrum 13:03 I think it's what you see at the end of UTC timestamps.
It just looks confusing there.
taxilian 13:03 yeah
nirvdrum 13:03 Sorry I didn't get to screw around with the settings more last night. I'm trying to juggle a lot right now.
taxilian 13:03 that's okay; I understand
I have the most critical stuff done, other than the fisheye integration
and I'm still waiting for atlassian to get back to me on that one
I would really like to be able to have git integration working here :-/
_vizZ 14:03 forgive me this silly question, but did you guyz compile any vs2008 project even once befere releasing fb >= 1.4.1? ;p
taxilian 14:03 yep
several times
in fact, I did so just yesterday
why do you ask?
_vizZ 14:03 hmm, ActiveXCore subproject does not compile ;)
at least not the basic one
taxilian 14:03 that's a little unspecific
it compiles fine for me
_vizZ 14:03 @ FB 1.4.1 and git clone
taxilian 14:03 let me try it again right now; give me a minute
_vizZ 14:03 kk ;)
taxilian 14:03 did you compile a particular project or create a new one with fbgen?
also, what error are you getting?
_vizZ 14:03 1>------ Build started: Project: ActiveXCore, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>Building Custom Rule C:/workspace/firebreath-1.4.1/src/ActiveXCore/CMakeLists.txt 1>CMake does not need to re-run because C:\workspace\build\src\ActiveXCore\CMakeFiles\generate.stamp is up-to-date. 1>Compiling... 1>IDispatchAPI.cpp 1>c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(769) : error C2065: 'T' : undeclared identifier
taxilian 14:03 that doesn't look like vs2008
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(769)
_vizZ 14:03 hmm
taxilian 14:03 is that where your copy of visual studio is installed?
_vizZ 14:03 i do have both vs2008 and vs2006
taxilian 14:03 sounds like you have include directories that are making it pull the old version of ATL
instead of hte new version
which could easily explain why it isn't working
_vizZ 14:03 hmm
glad i asked you ;p
then let me just check it
taxilian 14:03 yes; in the future, perhaps give us the benefit of the doubt before you assume we didn't test anything =] I will grant you that we make mistakes sometimes, but it would probably be possible to phrase it a little more politely =] I would appreciate it
I will also continue my test here and make sure it really does compile in 2008
but I'm pretty certain it does
still, I've been wrong before
_vizZ 14:03 no no, you missunderstood me ;)
i just thought that maby you just didn't notice something ;)
taxilian 14:03 it could be a language thing; I know how that goes. "did you guyz compile any vs2008 project even once befere releasing fb" in English sounds very accusatory; it sounds like "I'm sure you didn't, so I'm going to point it out to you"
_vizZ 14:03 damn, that wasn't even english ;p
taxilian 14:03 lol. no worries; I'm hard to offend
and I speak Russian and know how it goes to sometimes phrase things in a way that sounds different than I intended
heck, I do it in English
_vizZ 14:03 yeah, well, it's not my native language ;)
taxilian 14:03 I figured
delete your build directory and then pastebin me the output of the prep script
it's possible that firebreath is incorrectly detecting your atl location
_vizZ 14:03 oki doki
it does indeed ;)
taxilian 14:03 _vizZ: yeah, it builds fine for me
_vizZ 14:03 C:\workspace>firebreath-1.4.1\prep2008.cmd projects Using projects in: "C:\workspace\projects" Generating build files in: "C:\workspace\build" NOTE: The build files in "C:\workspace\build" should *NEVER* be modified directly. When needed, make project changes in cmake files and re-run this script. Project-specific cmake files are found in [plugin dir]\CMakeLists.txt and [plugin dir]\Win\projectDef.cmake. Note that parameters for
it goes for the old ones
taxilian 14:03 could you pastebin me the output?
_vizZ 14:03 oki
taxilian 14:03 huh; that's weird
it finds the new lib dir, but the old include dir
_vizZ 14:03 yeah, i can see that ;)
taxilian 14:03 well, let's see if we can figure out why
how are you with cmake?
_vizZ 14:03 we are not close friends to be frank ;p
taxilian 14:03 heh. let me tell you where to look; I can help, but you'll have to do some of the lifting
_vizZ 14:03 ofc :)
i'm not that kind of a person ;)
taxilian 14:03 ok, the detection code is in cmake/Win.cmake
_vizZ 14:03 roger
taxilian 14:03 the find_file that is going astray is line 77
_vizZ 14:03 btw, where did you learn cmake?
taxilian 14:03 err…
and the book
_vizZ 14:03 i mean, some tutorials, books?
is it worth the price?
taxilian 14:03 well, it's better than anything else I've found; it's not great
so it's hard to say
!wiki Useful resources
FireBreathBot 14:03 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Useful resources":
"Using CMake With FireBreath":
"FireBreath Home":
"Mac Plugins":
"Plugin Lifecycle":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Creating a New Plugin Project":
"Building on Linux":
_vizZ 14:03 yeah, i did read them ;)
taxilian 14:03 if you buy it from the first link, a small (very small) portion goes to FireBreath
_vizZ 14:03 but
the thing is
taxilian 14:03 making a better cmake tutorial — possibly a video tutorial — has been on my todo list for a long time
_vizZ 14:03 i just have a strange project to move to cmake ;)
i mean, it's a legacy project
well, at least it's first version
taxilian 14:03 the book is probably your best bet for learning, then; but you can look around, there are other tutorials as well. the learning curve is definitely annoying
_vizZ 14:03 and it's difficult not only because of cmake but because of its source structure and the dependencies ;)
taxilian 14:03 so on that find_file command, try adding NO_DEFAULT_PATH at the end before )
_vizZ 14:03 i mean, the project's dependencies
taxilian 14:03 right
yeah, it's tricky
_vizZ 14:03 ok, thanks for you assistance ;)
taxilian 14:03 so try adding NO_DEFAULT_PATH after line 81 and then delete your build dir and tell me if it helps
_vizZ 14:03 i need to get this thing done quickly and go home ;p
11h at work is far too long ;p
taxilian 14:03 hehe. that's a normal work day for me… 'course, I have work days and school days
today is a school day
_vizZ 14:03 ok, the conf is fixed ;)
building now
taxilian 14:03 that fixed it?
_vizZ 14:03 build is not finished, yet
it works :)
thank you very very much :)
taxilian 14:03 awesome
I will put that into the repo
_vizZ 14:03 you saved me a day, i think :)
taxilian 14:03 it'll be in 1.4.2 and 1.5
_vizZ 14:03 hope i'm gonna pay it back someday somehow :)
taxilian 14:03 heh. just help where you can
update docs, contribute examples, whatever
actually, could you try something real quick for me?
_vizZ 14:03 yep
what is it?
taxilian 14:03 oh, n/m
was going to have you try a different option, but it won't work
misread the first time
thanks, though
_vizZ 14:03 well, i've registered @ FB so if you ever need some help from a noob like me -> give it a shot :)
i need to work with CMake and Qt so maby i'll contribute something about this one ;)
taxilian 14:03 cool
_vizZ 14:03 i mean, NPAPI Plugin with Qt or wxWidgets
taxilian 14:03 I think what FireBreath needs most right now is examples
and better docs,
but there are more docs than examples currently
_vizZ 14:03 i'll think about some examples then ;)
while working
i'll let you know when i'm done
taxilian 14:03 cool
_vizZ 14:03 if i ever will ( i pray for that day, coz cmake with qt will save me hours of work if i'm gonna do everything as planned ;) )
well, let's be optimistic ;)
ok, now i need to catch up the bus ;D
THANK YOU again :)
taxilian 14:03 yw
!wiki test
FireBreathBot 14:03 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"file TestJSAPI.h":
"Re: Debugging Plugins":
"FireBreath 1.4 is now in beta":
"FireBreath 1.4 beta 2 released":
"Useful resources":
"FireBreath 1.4 Beta 4 released!":
taxilian 14:03
FireBreathBot 14:03 c10426f by Richard Bateman: Updated relwithdebinfo settings to correctly use the release
taxilian 14:03 oh, good, working still
!wiki test
FireBreathBot 15:03 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"file TestJSAPI.h":
"Re: Debugging Plugins":
"FireBreath 1.4 is now in beta":
"FireBreath 1.4 beta 2 released":
"Useful resources":
"FireBreath 1.4 Beta 4 released!":
taxilian 15:03
FireBreathBot 15:03 c10426f by Richard Bateman: Updated relwithdebinfo settings to correctly use the release
taxilian 15:03 excelent. I'm putting the bot scripts on github
had to test for anyone interested
sabotaged|wk 15:03 so i'm drawing cross process on windows, to my plugin window, which for the most part is working ok. however there's the issue of wm_paint being difficult to handle. anyone have ideas?
currently i'm thinking either have the other process draw to an offscreen window, so that i can somehow keep the last frame, and supply it if wm_paint is called
taxilian 15:03 sabotaged|wk: create an HWND in your second process
as a child of the first process
then you can make your own message loop
sabotaged|wk 15:03 hmm
so how could i get wm_paint from that message loop? send it from the plugin to that new hwnd?
taxilian 15:03 it will get it automatically
from windows
sabotaged|wk 15:03 oh really
taxilian 15:03 pretty sure
sabotaged|wk 15:03 but i see all this stuff on message hooking and injecting dlls and all this stuff to intercept messages from other processes. why would they do that if this is simpler?
taxilian 15:03 well, it all depends on what you want to do
sabotaged|wk 15:03 guess i'll try and see if it works
taxilian 15:03 but you just want to draw
taxilian 15:03 curious… fe9a95596533
FireBreathBot 15:03 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2026' in position 7: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/home/richard/phenny/", line 186, in call)
taxilian 15:03 curious… fe9a95596533
FireBreathBot 15:03 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2026' in position 7: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/home/richard/phenny/", line 186, in call)
taxilian 15:03 huh
but doesn't do it there
wonder why
dan2 16:03 hmm
how do I debug a plugin in firefox..
taxilian 16:03 which version?
and what OS?
dan2 16:03 linux, firefox 4.xx
I just want a core dump from the plugin
taxilian 16:03 that'll be trickier; I don't know
it's OOPP, so you'll need to either configure gdb to connect to spawned processes automatically or someone attach it yourself
or something
let me know when you figure it out =]
dan2 16:03 gdb to attached process isn't a big deal..
but I need to stop the stupid auto crash reporter..
taxilian 16:03 ahh
well, on mac
and windows
there is an application.ini
it probably exists on linux too
if you can find that, there is a setting at the very bottom
also, if you run it in debug mode it turns it off (firefox -g)
dan2 16:03 hmm
not sure how this is ending in a pure virtual...
must be a scope issue or something
dan2 16:03 ok this is a wtf moment of the day
virtual bool ConverseVideoPlugin::onWindowAttached(FB::AttachedEvent*, FB::PluginWindow*) evt: 0x7fffa85a7440 wnd: 0x7fbef7c70600
virtual bool ConverseVideoPlugin::onWindowDetached(FB::DetachedEvent*, FB::PluginWindow*) evt: 0x7fffa85a7380 wnd: 0x7fbef7c70600
virtual bool ConverseVideoPlugin::onWindowAttached(FB::AttachedEvent*, FB::PluginWindow*) evt: 0x7fffa85a7440 wnd: 0x7fbef7c70600
think that's a bug
taxilian 17:03 what version are you using?
dan2 17:03 of what?
taxilian 17:03 that looks like something that was fixed not too long ago
dan2 17:03 1.4 something
let me refresh
taxilian 17:03 the latest 1.4 should have that fixed, if it's the same thing
sabotaged|wk 17:03 hmm this doesnt seem to be working
tried as child of that window in the other process
taxilian 17:03 hmm. I guess it's possible you may have to relay events; I didn't think so, though. I haven't done it myself
FireBreathBot 17:03 testing irccat interface
dan2 17:03 god damn it
taxilian, storing firebreath in a git repo as a submodule is an absolute pain in the ass
taxilian 17:03 duly noted
FireBreathBot 17:03 testing irccat interface
kylehuff 17:03 really? I haven't had any trouble with it - granted, I'm not doing anything fancy
FireBreathBot 17:03 Commit 41a212e by Chris Wanstrath: "okay i give in"
Commit de8251f by Chris Wanstrath: "update pricing a tad"
taxilian 17:03 heh. that works; now to try it with something real
FB_GitHubBot 17:03 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * dfb45d6 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fix for occasionally detecting incorrect ATL location in Visual Studio -
FireBreathBot 17:03 dfb45d6 by Richard Bateman: Fix for occasionally detecting incorrect ATL location in Vis
taxilian 17:03 hmm. not so much sof ar
FireBreathBot 17:03 Commit 378c390 by Richard Bateman: "fixed issue #166 - unicode chars in an URL don't work"
Commit 3f05bbf by Anson MacKeracher: "Added Cocoa + CoreGraphics model negotiation."
Commit c10426f by Richard Bateman: "Updated relwithdebinfo settings to correctly use the release"
taxilian 17:03 that's more like it...
FireBreathBot 17:03 Commit 378c390 by Richard Bateman: "fixed issue #166 - unicode chars in an URL don't work"
Commit 3f05bbf by Anson MacKeracher: "Added Cocoa + CoreGraphics model negotiation."
Commit c10426f by Richard Bateman: "Updated relwithdebinfo settings to correctly use the release"
taxilian 17:03 ahh… short urls. much nicer
FireBreathBot 18:03 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "This will also fix the issue causing slow events when called from another thread"
taxilian 18:03 hehe… nice
it worketh
Mital 19:03 hi taxilian_away
Mital 19:03 I am getting crash in NpapiBrowserHost::GetStringIdentifier() {} in module->GetStringIdentifier(name) whre name= "";
Mital 19:03 taxilian: hey
taxilian 19:03 hey
what platform/browser?
Mital 19:03 it is windows / embedded chrome
the crash is there in npFBTestPlugin.dll as well as a new project nptest.dll
taxilian 19:03 hmm
Mital 19:03 any suggessions ?? what should I try to debug ? in NpapiPluginModule::GetStringIdentifier() method .... NPNFuncs.getstringidentifier is not null but when we call NPNFuncs.getstringidentifier (name) it triggers breakpoint.. unhandled exception
name is "";
is thre any chance of that being dangling pointer
taxilian 20:03 no
what is the line?
Mital 20:03 133
taxilian 20:03 also, is it called from NPObjectAPI or NPJavascriptObject?
sorry, not the line in pluginmodule; the line in the class calling getstringidentifier
Mital 20:03 javascriptobject
taxilian 20:03 try changing line 140 to IrccatListener
sorry, wrong copy buffer
return Invoke(NULL, args, argCount, result);
Mital 20:03 which file ?
taxilian 20:03 NPJavascriptObject.cpp
Mital 20:03 works man
all the tests are passing
taxilian 20:03 ok; that must be a new problem with Chrome
but it's an easy enough fix
and that won't be an issue
so I'll push it to the repo
Mital 20:03 okei... but it would be in master right
FireBreathBot 20:03 Commit ff9089a by Richard Bateman: "Fixed potential crash on chrome with default methods"
taxilian 20:03 both master and 1.4
hmm. I need to add the branch it's on to that message
Mital 20:03 okei kewl :) btw the same plugin works fine with latest released chrome... the embedded chrome is ~1.5 months old...
taxilian 20:03 yeah, that's not something that might break anything
Mital 20:03 hmm yeah
FireBreathBot 20:03 Commit 94f0b36 on /master by Richard Bateman: "Fix for occasionally detecting incorrect ATL location in Vis..."
Commit dfe0704 on master by Richard Bateman: "Fixed potential crash on chrome with default methods"
taxilian 20:03 that's better
Mital: the first one (before I added the branch) was to 1.4, so your fix is there
taxilian 22:03 hmm. There is a memory leak in BrowserStreams somewhere; at least on FBTestPlugin