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saiaman 09:03 hello
saiaman 10:03 got some question if anyone know about it : i'm thinking on using NSIS for plugin installation, has anyone tried yet ?
jshanab_wcw 11:03 I use it for a standalone app, not for a plugin. For a plugin i use the built in Wix, especial since ithandles the signing
firebreathUser 12:03 hi, is there anyone experienced with firebreath?
jshanab_wcw 13:03 you mean here, now? I have written one plugin. am still writing on it
jellosea 13:03 hey, i have a firebreath plugin which has a call which makes it download a torrent. however this function call takes a while to execute (the function doesn't return until the torrent as finished downloading). while this function is running, the browser (firefox) doesn't respond to anything else, and freezes up. is there a way I can fix this? (with threads possibly?)
nitrogenycs 13:03 yes, you need to run your torrent download in another process or thread
jellosea 13:03 does firebreath support that?
i'm not exactly sure what this means with regards to that
jshanab_wcw 13:03 The plugin runs in a thread and the javascript api is asyncronous. You can also start threads, I am just using boost
jellosea 13:03 awesome, thanks :)
jshanab_wcw 13:03 I actually have the opposite problem. forget to shut down one of my 5 threads and the prowser cannot be closed gracefully. :-)
dan2 13:03 which library contains FB::BrowserStreamManager::BrowserStreamManager()?
nitrogenycs 13:03 why do you need it?
dan2 13:03 because I'm building test executables that have link dependencies to plugin deps
nitrogenycs 13:03 I think it's in PluginCore.lib
eomer212 17:03 hi all..i new her..
i founded firebreath for a specific need.
i want to allow user to print directly some internet pages directly without print dialog confirmation and on a specific printer.
from a web site.
and my question is, can i write a plugin with firebreat who allow this.?