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saiaman 07:03 hello everyone
saiaman 09:03 hello eveyrone
taxilian 09:03 morning
saiaman 09:03 taxilian : i'm just testing now RC2 :)
taxilian 09:03 did you get the specific RC2 release, or did you download the latest 1.4?
saiaman 09:03 RC2 tag on github
is it good ?
taxilian 09:03 get the latest from the 1.4 branch
it's about ready to release
I'll probably release on Monday
saiaman 09:03 ah ok :)
taxilian 09:03 just giving it another couple days
saiaman 09:03 i'll do this
i've got a big noob question .... :$ :$ :$
i'm using a class found here :
taxilian 09:03 okay
saiaman 09:03 i can set a method in order to get progress
typedef bool (*PROGRESSPROC)(double);
taxilian 09:03 this is a neat class; I may have to borrow and repurpose it
saiaman 09:03 but the fact is that i want to fireevents from plugin while downloading
taxilian 09:03 okay
FireEvent can be called from any thread, so all you need is a reference (preferably a weak_ptr) to your JSAPI object
saiaman 09:03 ok so how can i get a weak_ptr to my jsapi object from anywhere ?
( sorry i've got a lot of difficulties understanding everthing i know )
here is a pastebin of what i was trying
taxilian 09:03 there is a macro FB_FORWARD_PTR(YourClassAPIName)
that defines a YourClassAPINamePtr and YourClassAPINameWeakPtr
basically you can just say YourClassNameAPIWeakPtr weakptr(FB::ptr_cast<YourClassNameAPI>(shared_from_this()))
and then you call weakptr.lock() to get the shared_ptr
I need to work on some homework with a classmate now, though; I hope that's enough to get you started
saiaman 09:03 ok thanks a lot
see you
and good luck
saiaman 10:03 pffff i'm so noob ..... :( :( :( :(