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chen 03:11 Hi all, I compiled firebreath-FireBreath-3636a14 test plugin and enabled the leakfinder, ran the page made a few clicks and closed the browser, and i got the result in the following paste
tpaul 10:11 is there an alternate link to the url logs or they down?
WoLfulus_away 10:11 they are down
i think
almost sure there is no alternative links
jshanab 10:11 I depend on mouse position in my plugin to alter the cursor. but if someone moves fast enough they could leave the cursor changed. So i put a countdown that returns it to normal. But when with the new graphics library, if i don't move the mouse it reverts. is there anyway to cause a periodic call to on mouse move, even if the moues is stationary?
WoLfulus_away 10:11 on windows i think you can try a SendMessage()
but other platforms, I have no idea
I have no idea on windows too, but thats how I would do in a normal window... don't know how firebreath handles messagess
jshanab 10:11 It hooks in with a traditional winProc, but i was hoping for a cross platfrom abstraction :-)
tpaul 11:11 Thanks WoLfulus. If there is anything that I could do to help get the IRC logs back up, let me know.
kylehuff 11:11 the IRC log utility is currently being extended/re-written. they should be back soon.
jshanab_ 15:11 taxillian. I think you will get a kick out of this. I was having a very tenacious beachball and never getting to my breakpoint in my plugin tests on mac.
Sleep(10000) is 10 seconds on Windows. sleep(10000) is a beachball on mac ROTFL