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FB_GitHubBot 00:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * a237391 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash when moving object tag in dom on IE -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * a9abb61 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash when moving object tag in dom on IE -
taxilian 00:02 it doesn't keep working, now, but it doesnt' crash anymore either
FB_GitHubBot 00:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 81516b3 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fix for issue #153, AsyncGET crashes on files/webpages > 128K -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * af23dc1 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fix for issue #153, AsyncGET crashes on files/webpages > 128K -
physicsrob 00:02 someone should fork NaCl and implement it using firebreath (plus add a bunch of features NaCl is afraid to touch) :)
that could actually be really cool
taxilian 00:02 hehe. that would be fun
wish I had time for things like that :-/
FB_GitHubBot 00:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 90ba28f (4 files in 1 dirs): Fixed InvalidateWindow() on mac. Added 10.4 support. ... -
taxilian 00:02 there; I pulled it in :-P
physicsrob 00:02 woohoo!
taxilian 00:02 of course, now you'll still need to do it in 1.5, since everything changed... :-/
worth it, though; the 1.5 stuff is major improvements
physicsrob 00:02 next time I revisit my plugin I will
taxilian 00:02 and leaves room for what may be the next major improvement... real drawing model support
imagine being able to just tell FireBreath you want OpenGL and it gives you a context to work wtih
no worries about what it is doing under the covers; you know you can draw when it tells you to draw
physicsrob 00:02 that would definitely be cool
taxilian 00:02 or tell it you want to use CoreGraphics and you get a CG context on all mac platforms
it's doable, though tricky
I'd like to do it
we'll see =]
physicsrob 00:02 personally -- and I'm probably in the minority here -- all I need is a universal bitblt. firebreath tells me to draw and I fill the image buffer encoded in a simple RGB format
taxilian 00:02 this would pretty much give you that
or make it easy for you to implement it, anyway
RC2 is officially out
physicsrob 00:02 i actually have all the necessary bitblit code now anyway. But it would probably be bloat to incorporate it into firebreath
taxilian 00:02 well, one thing that I have started adding is the concept of "firebreath libraries"
basically they are just projects with cmake configuration that makes it really easy to add into a firebreath project
you just do "add_firebreath_library(HTTPService)" and it adds that lib and any dependencies to your project
we could have a seperate repo wtih things like that in it
that are really useful for some people, but bloat for others
so we don't include it unless you need it
might even do this drawing thing that way
taxilian 00:02 - FireBreath 1.4rc2 released!
taxilian 00:02 wow. we've had about 2350 *unique visitors* to the firebreath site in the last month
that's pretty impressive
and only a 38% bounce rate (38% that only looked at the front page without looking at anything else)
physicsrob 01:02 good night
jshanab_wcw 10:02 An interesting error : error C2665: 'FB::variant_detail::conversion::convert_variant' : none of the 5 overloads could convert all the argument types
I am returning an enum
cast to int and be done with it?
The problem is, it barks on the registerMethod in the API, so I will have to cast it internal and change the function type. So i guess there is no implicit cast from enum to int? or did I do something wrong?
nevermind, stupid Question :-) javascript cannot know about my c++ enums anyway
taxilian 11:02 actually, your enum should work as a return value...
what OS?
but yeah, that's the general principle
jshanab_wcw 11:02 It was an argument coming in, failing on the registerMethod. I was not paying attention :-)
taxilian 11:02 ahh
yeah, you can't pass in enums
you can return them, though
jshanab_wcw 11:02 It is too bad. I have always hated the fact that enums and constants in my c++ code cannot automagically be used by databases,html, javascript etc. hehe
taxilian 11:02 I debated even allowing that
yeah; well, you know about registerAttribute, right?
jshanab_wcw 11:02 err, no
taxilian 11:02
look at attributes
you may find them useful
jshanab_wcw 11:02 Will do.
taxilian 11:02 new feature in 1.4
jshanab_wcw 11:02 Hey on the graphics front, SFML will probably not be the choice for video, it is tied to opengl and my shader is just not working. Debugging my shader code on the graphics card was fun though.
holy crap "someWeirdAttributeThatHasNeverBeenSeenBefore" Now that is a descriptive variable name
Very nice, I can export my enum to be used in the javascript, sweet
taxilian 11:02 lol
you have to do it one at a time, but still
much better than one function per constant
jshanab_wcw 11:02 git question: How is merging handled? we are talking about a long time SVN abuser and I really want to switch, but i don't know what git does when, for example there are 3 developers on the same branch
taxilian 11:02 in git the merge happens when you pull changes into your branch
you can't commit if there are remote changesets that you don't have
jshanab_wcw 11:02 Ok, similar to SVN, but lets say you and I have edied the same file, how does it handle the pull, as patches at the line level,char level, file level? Hate to ask, it should be obvious at the char level, I just want to make sure
taxilian 11:02 I think to some extent it's configurable, but basically line level is the default
it odes a pretty good job; I've never had an automatic merge that didn't merge right
jshanab_wcw 11:02 I hear it greatly reduces the svn merge hell, just wondering how it does that.
taxilian 11:02 well, svn merges automatically when you commit, no?
git does not
jshanab_wcw 11:02 svn prevents checkin if there have been changes, you have to update first, but it is VERY dependent on version ranges and throws conflicts that need manual fixing.
taxilian 11:02 huh. it's been so long since I used svn, I don't remember any of the details
I used to use svn very heavily
but that was 8 years ago now
went to DVCS and never looked back
I've used bzr, mercurial, and git heavily… bzr and mercurial I used for a long time
jshanab_wcw 11:02 Ah, so git merges only on pull and lets you commit anytime?
SVN sucks. The having to "stop everything to resolve all conflicts for 6 hours" befoire it lets you commit is awful.
taxilian 11:02 I will never use them again if I have a choice
that is a big thing
and then when you do pull, you can do a —rebase which will keep the commit history linear (just don't do that if you'lve pushed your changes!)
jshanab_wcw 11:02 Well, I am gonna set up a box and move to it this weekend if I can carve out the time, looks like migration is simple, just gotta get the line ending settings correct.
taxilian 11:02 yeah, that part does have me a little bamboozled at the moment; works great on mac/linux, but windows it keeps trying to set the line endings to crlf on commit instead of to lf
which is annoying