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dan2 07:02 taxilian_away, quad core or dual core?
taxilian 07:02 dan2: the one I'm selling is dual core
kryssi 08:02 Hi Guys, I have a fix for one bug I found in SimpleStream helper, it crashes browser if download is larger than bufsize
FireBreath / src / PluginCore / SimpleStreamHelper.cpp Line 112
change to: std::copy(it->get(), it->get()+len, data.get()+pos);
Sorry I meant line 154
change to: std::copy(buf, buf+curLen, destBuf+pos);
taxilian 08:02 kryssi: could you create an issue and put that in it/
I can'tlook at it now and I'm afraid I'll forget
amackera: do you have time to look at issue 150?
kryssi 08:02 ok, do you have some kind of trac?
taxilian 08:02 it's on the web page =]
look at the top left, "FireBreath issues"
amackera 08:02 taxilian: sure
should i commmit changes to the firebreath-1.4 branch?
or does it matter
taxilian 08:02 yes
in 1.5 that file doesn't exist =]
*those files*
amackera 08:02 right i was looking those changes over last night
looking good!
taxilian 08:02 amackera: btw, chrome on 10.5 you can use quickdraw w/ opengl
in fact, chrome on 10.6 you can too
kryissi: yeah, github issues work too =]
kryssi 08:02 taxilian: I created issue #8
taxilian 08:02 that's not the one linked to from the page, but tha'ts fine
ok, I gotta drop my son off at my Mom's house and head to work
be back on when I get ther
thanks, guys
FB_GitHubBot 08:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Anson MacKeracher * feb9c30 (2 files in 1 dirs): Fixed height & width in InvalidateWindow for Mac -
taxilian 10:02 awesome, thanks amackera
amackera 10:02 no problem :)
I'm excited for 1.5 now, after looking over the changes to the mac code
taxilian 10:02 hehe. I'm hoping 1.5 won't be nearly as long coming as 1.4 was
1.4 has a lot of deep changes
I'm really tempted to release it today
amackera 10:02 I'd say go for it
but then I am prone to impulsive releases :D
taxilian 10:02 lol
well, I think it's pretty stable
and if more bugs are found we can always do a 1.4.1 release
I'd still rather have a very stable release, though
amackera: even if just for one commit, I can't tell you how nice it is to have someone else able and willing to help with development; for the last several months I've had to do everything myself, and it's a little overwhelming =]
amackera 10:02 I'm glad to be helping
I should be more active around here once again
in the coming months
taxilian 10:02 that would be awesome
neilg_ 10:02 Hey all!
Quick question - are there any macros exposed that make it easy to determine which platform we're currently building on?
amackera 10:02 howyd!
taxilian 10:02 neilg_: there sure are!
but, err, I always forget exactly how to use them
amackera 10:02 You can use the XP_MACOSX or XP_WIN32 defines
taxilian 10:02 so look at src/PluginCore/FactoryBase.h
neilg_ 10:02 Awesome. Thank you!
taxilian 10:02 amackera: we actually have better ones that are all ours now, isn't that exciting!??
amackera 10:02 awesome :D
taxilian 10:02 (yeah, I'm not sure why Georg put those in, but we may as well use them... keeps us from depending on the npapi libs for it)
neilg_ 10:02 Oh, I've also fixed 1.5 to work when WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST is defined, how should I submit a patch?
taxilian 10:02 neilg_: the preferred way would be to upload it to your fork of FireBreath
and then I can pull it across
alternately you could use git format-patch
amackera 10:02 FB_MACOSX, FB_WIN, and FB_X11? looking good
taxilian 10:02 I think the XP_ macros are a little more vague; for example, I think MAC OS may evaluate as XP_UNIX as well
it's good to have you back =]
maybe another person committing will inspire others to get involved in the core as well =]
amackera 10:02 :) we can hope
taxilian 11:02 btw, amackera, here are some aliases to pimp your local git tools, if you're interested:
git sup is my favorite so far
and the PS1 prompt I put in the comment at the bottom
amackera 11:02 sweet :D
I have the bash prompt thing already, actually
taxilian 11:02 cool
amackera 11:02 i didn't know about git aliases, that's awesome
taxilian 11:02 add them to an [alias] section of your .gitconfig
kylehuff 11:02 on twitter, "Richard Bateman" is listed in the section "Similar to You". lol
I wonder if that is just because I am following firebreath
physicsrob 11:02 ugh. I have a bug that is resulting in my plugin randomly getting mirrored and then flipped back to the correct orientation (flickering between the two). This is why I don't like windows programming.
taxilian 11:02 lol. kylehuff: let me know when you decide if that's a good thing or not... =]
physicsrob: lol. that's... weird.
kylehuff 11:02 lol
It was just another one of those situations where I'm minding my own business, and your name comes up completely unexpectedly
taxilian 11:02 lol
I'm everywhere, I guess
spooky, isn't it?
physicsrob 11:02 probably more spooky for taxilian -- haha
kylehuff 12:02 a little unnerving; I can't decide if I am stocking you, or you are stocking me! lol... I don't know who to get the restraining order against!
taxilian 12:02 lol
kylehuff 12:02 *stalking
I hope if you are stalking me, it is so you can teach me how to spell
taxilian 12:02 hey, I'm good, but I'm not *that* good
=] brb
taxilian 12:02 I think I will go get lunch
neilg_ 12:02 So... FireBreath and CoreAnimation
I know I have to configure the plugin to support CA
Does that mean FireBreath creates a CALayer and passes it to the browser for me?
And, if so, how do I get at that CALayer? :)
Hmm. getDrawingPrimitive() I assume?
Ah, yes, that looks correct! Okay, awesome. :)
amackera 12:02 neilg_: I think it works differently in fb1.5 from fb1.4
neilg_ 12:02 I think so too :)
taxilian 12:02 yeah, that's what Eric was working on specifically when he decided to refactor that
also, that's the one case (currently) where you could get a second AttachedEvent without getting a detachedEvent
if the window moves
into another window
neilg_ 13:02 Hmm. But the layer itself wouldn't get destroyed by that would it?
taxilian 13:02 no
actually maybe in CA you don't have to worry about it at all; I forget
neilg_ 13:02 Well, hopefully I don't. :)
I was just looking through the FB code, it seems for CA to be pretty straightforward
taxilian 13:02 I conveyed your appreciation to the developer
physicsrob 14:02 taxilian: where does FBLOG_INFO get directed to by default? Does that api even work yet?
taxilian 14:02 by default it gets sent to the NullLogger
but yes, it works
you can create your on endpoint or use log4cplus
physicsrob 14:02 is there any example of how to do that?
taxilian 14:02 try searching the logs
I've explained it a few times, but I don't have time right now
physicsrob 14:02 no problem. I'll do that
taxilian 14:02 but if you search it should be easy to find
physicsrob 14:02 thanks
Mital 19:02 taxilian: hey
i have changed the required names to --disable-gui..
taxilian 19:02 I saw that; thanks
I'll look over it a bit later
Mital 19:02 okei kewl
Wyglif 21:02 Greetings, I just built the sample plugin and I am having issues getting the sample javascript console calls to work
plugin().valid returns true just fine
but plugin().intToString(372) gives me undefined in IE
and chrome: TypeError: Property 'intToString' of object <JSAPI-Auto Javascript Object> is not a function
Since the plugin loaded I am thinking that maybe I'm not using the console right
taxilian 21:02 Wyglif: you probably haven't registered that method, then
I'll be back online in about 30 minutes and I can help you then if you want
gotta go home now, though
Wyglif 21:02 this is just the unmodified .html sample. I'll dig around a bit
taxilian 21:02 I am back
wyglif 21:02 do you mean register the method in js?
would like to use firebug but it seems the testplugin only works on IE and chrome for me
could be because I have FF 4 beta
taxilian 22:02 wyglif: so which plugin did you build?
wyglif 22:02 yea
compiled and loaded fine
taxilian 22:02 you might want to read this:
that should help you understand what is going on
then look at FBTestPluginAPI.cpp
wyglif 22:02 The link just says that methods work as normal in js
"Methods that do not explicitly return a value will return undefined, just like a JavaScript function."
taxilian 22:02 yes
did you read the part about how to register a method?
if you plan to write plugins with FireBreath, that page is probably your best friend; it's one of the most important bits to understand
incidently, if you have IE 8 it has it's own javascript console
so do Chrome and Safari
wyglif 22:02 yea I used the IE console to get the error
I just searched the entire solution for intToString and nothing came up
I guess I am to write the functions? I figured they were part of the demo since it says to try those
taxilian 22:02 where did you read that?
we may have changed something and forgotten to update the page =]
wyglif 22:02
"a few js commands to try"
ok, the stuff in simplemath works
taxilian 22:02 hmm. sure enough
try ".asString" instead
I'll update the wiki page
(unless you want to =])
thanks for bringing that to my attention
and sorry about that =]
wyglif 22:02 sure I'll see it if it will let me
taxilian 22:02 you'll have to create a user is all
but then you can update anything that isn't clear... in fact, it would be a great service to the FireBreath community if you would
very few are willing to
wyglif 22:02 np, besides that it works great
lol I have the same thing at my wiki at work
taxilian 22:02 and if I spend all my time writing docs I won't have any time to fix bugs and add features =]
it's a good system
I've been happy with it
brb, dinner
wyglif 22:02 any idea on why it doesn't load in FF 4 beta?
k later
btw, sharepoint actually. crap wiki
I meant the situation not the type of wiki
taxilian 22:02 I dont' know
when it hits RC I'll start testing =]
wyglif 22:02 I fixed the wiki
taxilian 22:02 thx!
wyglif 22:02 I think the part above may be wrong, not sure. It says projects/TemplatePlugin/MathAPI.cpp
but I only have FBTestPlugin
and simplemathapi
taxilian 22:02 wow. yeah
that's wrong
as is the lcoation of FBControl.htm
wyglif 22:02 yea I'll fix that. should buildex be build?
taxilian 22:02 no
that's normal for examples
if you prep2010.cmd examples it will build in buildex
really should be examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html now
I can clean it up, no worries; I need to put my son to bed, though, so I'll be back in a few
wyglif 22:02 strange I used that and mine did "build"
taxilian 22:02 its' much more lively in here during the morning hours =]
really? that is weird
wyglif 22:02 I have build\projects\FBTestPlugin\gen\FBControl.htm
taxilian 22:02 strange
what was the exact prep command you ran?
do you remember?
wyglif 22:02 to make the sln?
just that cmd
I found examples\FBTestPlugin\test.html
taxilian 22:02 just prep2010.cmd?
wyglif 22:02 when I built fbtestplugin, I copied it to
taxilian 22:02 ahh
yeah, you didn't need to copy it
the first parameter is the directory to look for examples in
wyglif 22:02 to projects
taxilian 22:02 sorry, projects in
so if you do "prep2010.cmd examples" it will build for the projects found in examples
that's useful if you want to put your projects outside of the FB source tree, which I recommend
wyglif 22:02 ok that explains it
but mine should go in \projects?
I mean not the sample but other ones
taxilian 22:02 that's where fbgen will create them
for more on where to put your projects, go to and look for the post about using source control with firebreath
it's also linked to from tips and tricks on the wiki
wyglif 22:02 Cool. So far this is blowing my mind as all I wanted to do was make simple shell exec plugin for chrome. FireBreath looks like the easiest way so I am sold.
Thanks for your help
taxilian 22:02 be very very careful with that
it can be a huge security risk
you're welcome
physicsrob 22:02 that does sound like a very dangerous concept... hopefully he's thought it through
taxilian 23:02 yeah
it's not unusual, though
physicsrob 23:02 I'm excited this windowless stuff is working now
firebreath is getting to be quite awesome
taxilian 23:02 I'm excited that it is working as well.. you're the first to really use it, AFAIK =]
speaking of which, I have some changes for the new mac window classes that I need to pull in
physicsrob 23:02 you should've seen the hack I had going previously due to the lack of windowless support
I was basically testing if my plugin was covered up by anything and if so not drawing.
taxilian 23:02 lol
did it work?
FB_GitHubBot 23:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * c097d9a (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed race condition, I hope -
FireBreath: master Eric Herrmann * 6a7a4f0 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed CALayer to resize with plugin
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * d9535b9 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed race condition, I hope
FireBreath: master commits b82ede7...d9535b9 -
physicsrob 23:02 It was *very* ugly, in all senses of the word, but it was usable
taxilian 23:02 hehe
so you've been using FireBreath for awhile
what is missing?
what should we have that we don't?
physicsrob 23:02 honestly it's getting to the point where adding much more would make it bloated, IMO
taxilian 23:02 is there anything else that you're resorting to dirty hacks for?
physicsrob 23:02 not really.. after this last refactor everything is *MUCH* cleaner
I'm very happy
taxilian 23:02 at this point there are minor features in individual pieces that should be added; POST support, for example
Proxy detection support (as much as is possible)
physicsrob 23:02 the only things that I'm really unhappy with are Windows API issues
not firebreath issues
taxilian 23:02 an installer on mac, which I'm working on and is close
physicsrob 23:02 what are you using for the mac installer?
taxilian 23:02 cmake
can create both a pkg and a dmg
and a tgz
what I have so far is actually already in the master branch
need to figure out why it's creating old-style (bundle) pkgs instead of the new style
but hopefully it's something minor
physicsrob 23:02 hmm
I thought the dmg route was a bad idea
err not dmg
the mac installer
what's it called package maker?
taxilian 23:02 packagemaker can work fine
if you do it right
I usually use a DMG, but that's my preference is all
mac plugins are actually easier to install than winodws
physicsrob 23:02 will packagemaker work without requiring an admin password?
taxilian 23:02 you just have to remove the old one and make sure the new one isn't the same directory name as the old
the new style can, yes
the old style can't
physicsrob 23:02 I remember now -- it's not compatible with 10.4
taxilian 23:02 thus I need to figure out why cmake is still making the old style; hopefully it's just a setting
physicsrob 23:02 if you use the new style
taxilian 23:02 yes
that is true
so for you won't work
physicsrob 23:02 I think that's probably acceptable for most of your users
not me
my customers have *old* computers
5-10 years on average
asking them to have 10.4 is a big deal. hah
taxilian 23:02 hehe
are you targetting ppc?
physicsrob 23:02 yeah
ppc; i386
speaking of which... there's one really ugly thing that firebreath could help with in the near future
supporting 32-bit and 64-bit on windows in the same plugin
I have a feeling that it's going to be an issue soon
any plans for that?
taxilian 23:02 when it starts to become an issue, yes, we plan to support it
so far it hasn't been
I don't know that it is possible to support 32 bit and 64 bit with the same dll, though
physicsrob 23:02 I read something that said it was -- don't take it too seriously though
oh wait -- nevermind
I read that it's possible with the same GUIDs
since the 32bit and 64bit registries are separate
not sure about the dll issue
taxilian 23:02 well, the really frustrating bit is that AFAIK cmake doesn't support compiling 32 bit and 64 bit with the same visual studio solution :-/
so we might have to use seperate build directories
physicsrob 23:02 eww
so 64-bit executable's cant communicate with 32-bit COM objects?
that sounds like bad news for me for other reasons
taxilian 23:02 I honestly don't know
these are the things we will have to learn
physicsrob 23:02 let's just hope MS doesn't make 64-bit default anytime soon
taxilian 23:02 yeah;
physicsrob 23:02 and if they do that they develop an out of process container
taxilian 23:02 actually it's firefox I'm worried about
on mac they plan for ff4 to be 64 bit
not sure about windows
of course, they'll probably support 32 bit plugins still ( I hope)
physicsrob 23:02 I imagine they will
out of process like safari
but who knows
hmmm. I wonder if I can build my plugin ppc 32bit and 64bit
taxilian 23:02 could you look at and tell me if it has an info page?
I added one, but it has to be approved by other pplz because I don't have a high enough score to just edit wiki pages
but I don't know how to tell when the changes are live
physicsrob 23:02 it's visible to me
taxilian 23:02 cool
always nice to have info about FireBreath in one more place =]
wish more people would blog about it, though :-/
physicsrob 23:02 sorry -- I don't blog