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jshanab_wcw 09:02 Morning
taxilian 09:02 Morning
FB_GitHubBot 11:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 653ffec (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed build error -
saiaman 13:02 hi : just played with signing with RC1 :) :) thanx it rocks
jshanab_wcw 13:02 It is really cool. Taxilian implemented that in record time
taxilian 16:02 it would be awesome if someone could write up some quick docs on the signing stuff… =]
jshanab_wcw 16:02 humm, I might be able to, but can i add to the wiki, other than comments?
taxilian 16:02 absolutely
anyone can edit the wiki
jshanab_wcw 16:02 ok, I will give it a try, (you can always just erase it :-) )
taxilian 16:02 I get notified of all changes and monitor it to keep people honest =] so far there have been one or two inaccuracies, but no real problems
I rarely do that, but sometimes I will edit to clarify or improve
jshanab_wcw 16:02 My pixel shader is not linking anyway
taxilian 16:02 sounds annoying
jshanab_wcw 16:02 I was gonna do it the hard way, but it looks like SFML already has infrastructure for a Pixwl Shader...we will see
taxilian 16:02 have begun this, feel free to add to or take off (if you document it):
see ya
jshanab_wcw 16:02 C-ya
saiaman_ 16:02 hello just to say that i'll try to write some stuff on the wiki asap, but i'll be @ hospital this week so i'll have to wait next week end
see you everyone
dan2 18:02 hey guys
what's the appropriate approach to use FB to create windows .. ?
here's kinda the case I'm trying to deal with
I can have javascript create the browser window the plugin object in it, but how do I know that is the window I'm receiving with onWindowAttached kinda thing?
taxilian 18:02 dan2: not sure I understand your question; what kind of window are you trying to create?
dan2 18:02 a plugin window with possibly some javascript buttons under it
taxilian 18:02 a plugin window is created by the browser and occupies whatever space the <object> tag takes
it is created automatically by the browser
dan2 18:02 taxilian, that may be the case, but I need someway of identifying it
taxilian 18:02 and that is the window you get with the AttachedEvent
dan2 18:02 attachedevent gives me any window handle
not like it has specifc tags about it
e.g. object name
taxilian 18:02 the HWND is an HWND; it doesn't know that it is an object tag
dan2 18:02 that I understand, but I need a way to identify these windows
taxilian 18:02 maybe if you explained what you're trying to do (problem you want to solve) I could better explain
dan2 18:02 other than the random HWND I'm getting
taxilian 18:02 first, have you read this?
dan2 18:02 yes
taxilian 18:02 okay
so there is only one window per instance
are you actually trying to identify the instance?
dan2 18:02 incorrect
the plugin runs continuously in the background
taxilian 18:02 there is exactly one plugin window per plugin instance
dan2 18:02 windows are created on demand that correlate with the back plugin
taxilian, "kinda"
I'm familiar with the NPAPI in this department
taxilian 18:02 dan2: no, not "kinda"
it is *possible* that the browser may change your window
if you drag it from one browser to another
dan2 18:02 it has plugin initialization, and plugin deinitialization, that is unrelated to the new "instances" it creates
taxilian 18:02 but that's kinda a different question
right; there is also the module lifecycle
staticinit and staticdeinit in FireBreath
but an *instance* of the plugin (not the module) only has one window
we're probably using different terminology
dan2 18:02 we clearly are
I see the module as the underlying application
taxilian 18:02 okay; so in my terminology, and <object> tag is an instance
the module is the DLL
the browser is the underlying application
also, it's an instance of your plugin class
dan2 18:02 I would prefer not use that notion for the browser, since the browser has a distinct identity other than my application
taxilian 18:02 that extends PluginCore
and I dislike thinking of a plugin as an application =]
because different rules apply
I usually don't use the term "application", just browser, plugin module, and plugin instance
dan2 18:02 I see a plugin as an application embedded in a shared library
taxilian 18:02 alright; well, that explains part of the disconnect. since FireBreath follows the nomenclature that I just outlined, I'm going to keep using it to avoid confusion =]
so you're trying to identify what I consider the plugin instance
i.e. which <object> tag is this instance of my plugin class using?
dan2 18:02 I think so
taxilian 18:02 okay; that has nothing to do with the HWND, thus my confusion. there are a couple ways you could do that
one is to use <params>
which are instance (tag) specific
dan2 18:02 hang on
before we go down that path
taxilian 18:02 the second is to get a reference to the object tag in the dom
dan2 18:02 you're saying that I'm getting a new instance of "Plugin" not PluginAPI correct?
taxilian 18:02 right
dan2 18:02 ok, so how do you extract params?
taxilian 18:02 it's in the m_params map in your Plugin object
reachable any time after OnPluginReady is called
dan2 18:02 ok that is reasonable
that helps me answer part of the question
taxilian 19:02 if you want to i.e. get the id of the object tag you can do that too
as of 1.4
dan2 19:02 don't think that's necessary at the moment