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dan2 00:02 evening
Jiancong 00:02 something new.... Can I use this func in plugin source? I mean do those func export to user, I don't see any reference those funcs in any sample code.
I mean can I use this func in my new plugin project?\
taxilian 00:02 that function is on the PluginWindowX11 object
so when you get your PluginWindow object you'll need to cast it to PluginWindowX11
but since there is only one window type on X11 currently that's a safe cast
or you could dynamic_cast it just in case
mital: 1.4RC1 is out
mital 00:02 taxilian: oh nice
taxilian 00:02 =]
which means you're on RC1 now
congratulations =]
if you update, anyway
mital 00:02 hmm yeah
btw any updates on the patch... ??
taxilian 00:02 ahh, I meant to look it over and I forgot; I'm sorry
it's been a long day
I will do it tomorrow, I promise
mital 00:02 can u create a task and assign it to me .. so we can better manage the communication part
taxilian 00:02 it will probably go in 1.5, though; haven't decided for sure yet
why don't you create the issue
mital 00:02 hmm np
taxilian 00:02 that's a good idea =]
I check those and they remind me to do things =]
mital 00:02
taxilian 00:02 cool, perfect. I'll cc you on it so that you get notifications
mital 00:02 okei
taxilian 00:02 just got it
mital 00:02 i also need to work on the part where i remove all the code related to windowing from the source.
taxilian 01:02 g
solan5891 03:02 greetings
solan5891 04:02 i've come here to ask you guys for a little guidance if possible - i simply can't find any good materials (at least for a beginner like me) on how to get started in the following: i've created a small, lightweight opengl(/glut) application which i would like to display as npapi plugin using firebreath
is this possible on linux?
solan5891 04:02 i think i found somewhat of a solution
bye all
jshanab_wcw 08:02 Good Morning Everyone.
taxilian 09:02 good morning
did a major refactor of the cmake projects last night; still needs some work, but greatly improved
of course, that won't go in until 1.5
and will have some breaking changes :-/
amackera 09:02 refactors are nice :) I support them
taxilian 09:02 that's good, because so far the only 2 things scheduled for 1.5 are the mac window refactor and the cmake refactor :-P
amackera 09:02 :P
jshanab_wcw 09:02 taxilian. I have a good idea for the SFML example :-)
taxilian 09:02 awesome =]
doppiabeo 09:02 taxilian: is it possible to check and set drawing model at runtime instead that fixing it in a variable ?
jshanab_wcw 09:02 stage1: a simple drawing program. aka sketch shows mouse/joystick and opengl. Very simple easy to follow
stage2: collaborative drawing surface aka whiteboard. Will add a reason for it being a browser plugin.
stage3: since sfml is MM layer, add audio
taxilian 09:02 awesome =] I've actually thought about adding some sort of "whiteboard" to FBTestPlugin just to show an example of drawing
jshanab_wcw 09:02 stage4 ???? "whiterooms" Public,private, and protected rooms with 4 walls and irc voice side bars, live and archived. A person could go nuts with an idea like this
taxilian 09:02 lol
doppiabeo 09:02 :)
jshanab_wcw 10:02 Firebreath 1.5 idea... Some kind of detect and workaround for that WiX non-error :-)
doppiabeo 10:02 Sorry for my previous rudeness (I was in hurry): hello! :P May I ask you a question? Is it possible to check and set drawing model at runtime instead that fixing it in a variable ?
(on Mac OSX)
stuartmorgan 10:02 doppiabeo: What are you trying to do? Something like wmode?
taxilian 10:02 doppiabeo: the drawing model will be set at runtime; the ones you enable are the ones that it is allowed to select
but we don't know until runtime which will get set
it depends on what is available
stuartmorgan 10:02 taxilian: I suspect the question is whether a FB user can participate in negotiation (which it looks like isn't possible at the moment, from the code)
taxilian 10:02 yeah, it is not currently possible
stuartmorgan 10:02 (Flash and QuickTime, for example, use an attribute of the plugin instance in deciding what to use)
taxilian 10:02 I'm open to suggestions on how that could be done
saiaman 10:02 hello :)
migration to RC1 done :)
testing it now thanks taxilian
taxilian 10:02 awesome =] let me know if you have any issues
saiaman 10:02 yeah of course
saiaman 10:02 taxilian : do you have changed the FB::URI struct ???
it seems that i've lost FB::URI while migrating to RC1
no no it's good
found out , it's my own fault :)
doppiabeo 10:02 back sorry I was upstairs in my boss's office
and the problem is that if both are available, which one is used?
stuartmorgan 10:02 doppiabeo: there's a hierarchy it uses in the negotiation: ICA, CA, CG+Cocoa, CG+Carbon, QD
doppiabeo 10:02 ICA?
stuartmorgan 10:02 Invalidating Core Animation
doppiabeo 10:02 :) thanks
ok thanks
back to home
neilg_ 10:02 So.. earlier I discovered a misleading piece of code and matching documentation in regards to UTF support in FB
taxilian 11:02 okay...?
stuartmorgan: were you the one who knew how InvalidatingCoreAnimation works?
stuartmorgan 11:02 taxilian: I am a person who knows that (in theory, at least ;) )
taxilian 11:02 are there docs somewhere you could refer me to?
stuartmorgan 11:02 has all these docs
taxilian 11:02 thanks, I thought that was somewhere
neilg_ 13:02 Sorry, I got distracted
Anyway, FB can't convert between UTF8 and UTF16
Can't and doesn't even
taxilian 13:02 neilg_: on windows it can
see FB::utf8_to_wstring
neilg_ 13:02 No, on Windows it supports UCS-2
taxilian 13:02 really? huh. okay, well it supports the standard windows wide string format, then
neilg_ 13:02 On Mac and some Linux distros it will even be going to UTF32
taxilian 13:02 I thought that was UTF-16
neilg_ 13:02 It's a really common misconception - but that's not true. UTF16 is usually 16 bits but can be escaped to use 4 bytes per character
taxilian 13:02 huh
neilg_ 13:02 I had to read about it a lot over the past few months... When we switched to the Mac actually
taxilian 13:02 well, we use UTF on Mac and Linux
neilg_ 13:02 Because we'd used wchar_t all over the place and that messed us (well, me!) up quite badly
That's when I found out that wchar_t is a different size on different platforms - and std::wstring uses wchar_T
That's why I ended up using UTF8 - it simplified matters for us a lot
taxilian 13:02 good plan
neilg_ 13:02 I actually have the plugins building again properly with FireBreath 1.4RC1. =)
Oh - and you were right yesterday, I was wrong
taxilian 13:02 naturally
err, I mean
what about?
neilg_ 13:02 You were 100% correct in saying that -D only goes to CMake. Although I'd been passing -D BOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK in the build system it had been ignored
jshanab_wcw 13:02 UTF is from 1 to 4 bytes /char the others set the minimum, not nominal or maximum. Won't utf8 do everything we want?
neilg_ 13:02 I'd customised my version of FB to make it work
taxilian 13:02 jshanab_wcw: generally so, yes
neilg_ 13:02 So I actually would like to add a build option to CMake. I need it. ;)
taxilian 13:02 okay
submit a patch or pull request
neilg_ 13:02 UTF8 will support all languages
For sure, I'll add it (probably on Monday!)
As far as I'm concerned everybody should be using UTF8. I guess the only people who'd have a different point of view would be people for whom most of their characters would be 32-bit but UTF16 would help them out
So it's a very biased point of view ;)
jshanab_wcw 13:02 I guess if you are running a risc processor in china, UTF16 or UTF32 could be more efficient?
taxilian 13:02 I would like to state that my official stance is that running FireBreath on a risc processor in China is not a good idea and will not be supported
jshanab_wcw 13:02 ROTFL
jshanab_wcw 14:02 I havea static class timeval called timeval_epoch that is set to {0,0}. The plugin compiles but the linking dies with a whole mess of "already defined in factory.obj" Is there something special about the factory or have I just forgot something really basic
"static class member variable"
neilg_ 14:02 You mean a static member variable?
How is it declared? My guess is not correctly in your header so you have multiple instances
jshanab_wcw 14:02 static class data member
neilg_ 14:02 That doesn't really make any sense to me. How is it declared?
jshanab_wcw 14:02 static timeval timeval_epoch; in public of class and class::timeval_epoch = {0,0}; just outside the class
neilg_ 14:02 You can't do that
You need to move your class::timeval_epoch = {0,0}; into the cpp file
Otherwise you're creating multiple instances
Which would explain your compiler errors
jshanab_wcw 14:02 Why not? Oh, yeah, nevermind, it is a Microsoft thing, i remember
No compile error,, linker error :-) It just hit me now it is part of the standard MS does not support
jshanab_wcw 14:02 I managed to break my logging. It logs only the plugincore.cpp and he npapipluginmodule.cpp, none of my classes
taxilian 14:02 well done!
jshanab_wcw 14:02 or....I forgot to install new plugin after I built it with added log statements ....Not the first time I have done that and won't be the last, gotta mlink that puppy
Naw, I broke it. or just plain forgot how to use it
Does the logging only work in the plugin project?
taxilian 14:02 hmm. I would think it'd work anywhere that can get to it
jshanab_wcw 14:02 I only set the loglevel in the one factory
ok. Not a firebreath problem. Visual studio would not debug again, shut it down restart and then it crashes and then it all works, some zombie debug process was tieing up the plugin, go figure. It is late on a friday, i think i can take a hint
taxilian 15:02 hehe
jshanab_wcw 15:02 It always amazes me o MS can get 90% so right and 10% so wrong
neilg_ 15:02 I just want to say that I love FireBreath =)
Although the upgrade from my pre-release of 1.3 to 1.4RC1 wasn't 100% smooth, it was still fairly straightforward and now I'm up to date with everything working still (as far as I can tell!)
This means that I'm all set to start work on the Mac port of the plugin on Monday
saiaman_ 15:02 ^_^
taxilian 16:02 hard to argue with logic like that
saiaman_ 17:02 hi taxilian, tell me : do you have tried to deploy a fb plugin using clickonce ?
taxilian 17:02 I have not
but I think someone else said they had; don't remember who
should be possible
saiaman_ 17:02 i think it was iancollins
taxilian 17:02 probably
saiaman_ 17:02 i'll ask him if he's made is own installer or managed to include the msi as entry point for click once application
taxilian 17:02 he's using an MSI
saiaman_ 17:02 ah ok because he gaves a link showing a quicktime video showing clickonce deploiement
but i'll ask him
and i'll find out how to, and i'll write the process on this wiki :)
got to work a little bit on the plugin this week end so maybe i'll take time for this
taxilian 17:02 cool
saiaman_ 17:02 =)
can i be a little bit curious taxilian : what's your current job today ?
taxilian 17:02 today? Today I am working for EchoStar Advanced Technologies on a streaming video player
saiaman_ 17:02 ah ok interesting !
taxilian 17:02 most days I work for facebook, when I'm not finishing my last semester at school
saiaman_ 17:02 facbook ??? on a plugin ?!
taxilian 17:02 yes
saiaman_ 17:02 hmmm nice :) =) =)
you make a really good job on firebreath, very usefull and helps a lot
taxilian 17:02 thanks =] I'm glad you find it useful
saiaman_ 17:02 event a noob as me can start developp plugins
taxilian 17:02 that's the goal =]
saiaman_ 17:02 thanks a lot for your good job
now it's time for be ... going to bed because tomorrow is another day of work
( wont be at work next week :( :( )
taxilian 17:02 sleep well =]
saiaman_ 17:02 See you and have a good week end =)
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