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mital 00:02 hey reinstalling VS2005 solved the atl problem... :)
taxilian: I am getting Error compiling in windows 2005SimpleStreamHelper.cpp:28 none of the 2 boost::bind overloads could convert all argument times
taxilian 00:02 ... you weren't getting that before, were you?
what changed?
try adding #include <boost/bind.hpp> to that file
mital: and let me know if you're still here; I'm about ready to head back to the hotel, so I need to know if I should stick around another minute
mital 00:02 k
i m here ... sorry.... ya ... previously i could not pass the first point getting atlcom.h error
taxilian 00:02 ahh, okay
I thought you'd gotten it to build once
add that include at the top, let me know if anything changes
mital 00:02 not on windows
taxilian 00:02 just in the SimpleStreamHelper.cpp file
you're not using system boost or anything are you?
all defaults?
mital 00:02 it still gives
i think it may be problem with 3rd party
the submodule is updated
have u changed anything in submodule and not pushed ?
taxilian 00:02 no
it's up to date
mital 00:02 i am using system boost
taxilian 00:02 nor has that changed since the last time I was able to build it with vs2005
system boost or firebreath boost?
mital 00:02 oh ok
taxilian 00:02 system boost is your own boost libs
mital 00:02 its 3rd party boost
taxilian 00:02 lol. meaning the boost in src/3rdParty?
mital 00:02 ya
taxilian 00:02 okay; that's firebreath-boost
that should work fine
pastebin me the full build log
mital 00:02
I am on commit ef223d272d on boost repository
taxilian 00:02 that should be correct
mital 00:02 hmm weird ...
taxilian 00:02 very
mital 00:02 hey i would try giving it a shot ... you seems to be working very late... if u want u go ahead..
taxilian 00:02 I will probably leave soon
but let's try something first
change the signature for AsyncGet so that cache and bufferSize aren't const
if that doesn't work, try making it so none of them are const
you're right, though; I am working late. it's 11:30pm here in CA, and I'm used to Utah time where it is 12:30am...
but I just got things working
which is a very good thing
mital 00:02 yeah it compiled
btw why do we need BasicMediaPlayer.. ??
taxilian 00:02 we don't
it's just an example
it compiled
what did you change, then?
mital 00:02 then for just compiling an example we r adding unnecessary dependency on winddk
taxilian 00:02 vs2008 and vs2010 seem to work fine w/out ddk
mital 00:02 btw I will fork firebreath and commit that in my local branch.. you can pull from it..
taxilian 00:02 so I haven't worried about it
mital 00:02 oh ok
taxilian 00:02 what did you change?
mital 00:02 the const
taxilian 00:02 all of them, or just a few?
mital 00:02 only 2 of them
taxilian 00:02 excelent
mital 00:02 here comes my first ever patch to FireBreath :)
taxilian 00:02 sounds good; I'll head back to my hotel and pop on long enough to grab it when I get there
good practice ;-)
mital 00:02 though its suggested by you only
taxilian 00:02 heh. different compilers act a little weird sometimes; on vs2008 and vs2010 it seems to work fine with all const
mital 00:02 hmm
taxilian 00:02 how are you at windows APIs and such?
mital 00:02 i am getting error in error_mapping.cpp : vfwmsgs.h not found and mediaplayerwin.cpp : dshow.h not found
I can rate it average
taxilian 00:02 I wouldn't worry about it
one thing that I'd really like to have in the next version of FB (1.5) is an abstraction for easily finding common dir locations
It's been on my list for a long time
if you wanted to help, that would be an easyish place to start
mital 00:02 common dir locations means the VC++ dirs ?
taxilian 00:02 windows dirs; most usefully the location of local AppData and on vista/win7 LocalLow
that's the only place you can reliably write logs to from a plugin when running in ie7+ w/ protected mode
mital 00:02 hmm i think its straight forward... its %appdata%
taxilian 00:02 well, only kinda
first of all you can't always rely on the environment
and second of all that gives you application data, but doesn't give you the local part
roaming can also be useful, but not always
mital 00:02 hmm
taxilian 00:02 but yeah, it's not an enormously hard problem
just one I haven't had time to do yet
anwyay, I'm off. be back on in about 30 min, hopefully less
mital 00:02 yeah... give me the full specs ... i would try giving it shot
ok np
taxilian 01:02 mital: I don't really have full specs figured out; mainly I just want to be able to easily get appdata (roaming, locallow, and local) as well as other common locations -- my documents, my pictures)
shouldn't be a real big project, though ideally we'd come up with something on other platforms as well that would be similar
the more elaborate thing that would be nice to design would be a configuration manager
use the registry on windows, plists on mac, dunno what on linux
easily save and load config stuff
but the directory stuff would make logging easier, and that's an immediate need
mital: were you going to send me a patch / pull request?
taxilian 01:02 well, tomorrow, I guess
mital 01:02 I will give u pull request
taxilian 01:02 okay; I'll look for it in hte morning
I'm tired =]
good night
mital 02:02 good night.. btw i have given the pull request
FB_GitHubBot 02:02 FireBreath: master Mital Vora * 077102d (2 files in 1 dirs): Compile Fix for VS2005. -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Mital Vora * 077102d (2 files in 1 dirs): Compile Fix for VS2005. -
mital 02:02 awesome :)
mohan_ 02:02 can i return std::vector<unsigned char> to javascript. when i try with my program it had following error :: error C2665: 'FB::variant_detail::conversion::make_variant' : none of the 3 overloads could convert all the argument
mital 03:02 hey taxilian_away : I am finally able to hit my first breakpoint using firefox in windows :) way to go :)
iaincollins 03:02 mohan_: heh actually someone was asking about that yesterday
taxilian updated with some more info
basically if it's not a UTF8 string, the way to go seems to be to convert the char to a binary safe string format (e.g. to hex or base64 or something)
mohan_ 03:02 it was me
i asked
iaincollins 03:02 oh
(and oh, what I just said is exactly mentioned in what taxilian wrote, heh, hadn't noticed he'd mentioned hex/base64 already)
does that make sense for your senario?
mohan_ 03:02 no finally converting it base64
@iaincollins i was just trying to pass variant type. now i am clear what i have to do.. thanks.. i am noob to c++
iaincollins 03:02 heh yeah I haven't done much c++ either :-), mostly just hacking to existing apps (like apache modules or squid)
some ObjC for Mac specific stuff, been years since I did straight C tho (Mac OS 7!)
funny a lot of FB users are in the same boat, fortunately it makes it pretty easy to get going, which is nice
mohan_ 03:02 FB super.. i just started working with FB from last week.. it served all most all my needs in plugin development.. thanks for FB peoples..
pq_H 04:02 i think i found a memory leak in FB::PluginWindowMacCocoaCA
MichaelDaum 05:02 hi guys
just started getting in touch with your software
mostly to come up with a xbrowser open-webdav solution
then found out about
any alternatives?
is there a firebreath plugins site?
some additional resources would help a lot ... thanks
iaincollins 06:02 Hi MichaelDaum
MichaelDaum 06:02 iaincollins, hi
iaincollins 06:02 There is a great wiki over at
the mailing list is a good place to ask questions - as is here (but usually later on in the day (~ US EDT) when more people are about)
MichaelDaum 06:02 been there
iaincollins 06:02 The examples projects are really worth checking out (links to them under "Getting Started" in the wiki)
also the video tutorials on the same page
MichaelDaum 06:02 was looking for a list of plugins been build with firebreath
iaincollins 06:02 oh I see, there is a list of people using it
MichaelDaum 06:02 something like "firebreath inside"
iaincollins 06:02 the best examples I know of are on the "In the Wild" page on the wiki
but, just from the mailing list and IRC alone, there are a lot more people using it than listed
MichaelDaum 06:02 ah thanks
iaincollins 06:02 we are using it at as a customer support tool, but the current live implimentation is super-simple
(it was more a proof of concept and to test delivery / compatiblity in practice)
MichaelDaum 06:02 linphone ... very interesting
iaincollins 06:02 There seem to be a lot of people using it for OpenGL/D3D (for various different purposes)
a few people seem to be using it integrate existing apps they have with the browser (I get the impression they are enterprise apps - maybe why they haven't listed themselves)
pq_H 06:02 i'm using for opengl
MichaelDaum 07:02 got a compile error some: config.h file is missing and FBSTRING_X11MIMEType is not declared
which package am I missing?
there should be some lib...-dev on my linux holding the config.h I guess that will defined FBSTRING_X11MIMEType
but which one is it
jshanab_wcw 07:02 iancollins. I am using SFML to abstract away platform, it relies on opengl. The problem i have with it is that it only accepts RGBA data, 4 bytes/pixel and moving it accross to the card becomes a limit. I was looking at CUDA/OpenCL and found an interesting and simple item online that is just to put the machine language pixel shader either for directX or opengl from the same cg file into the...
...card and then i can send it 2 bytes per pixel, the YUV from the decoder, and let the card do the conversion from YUV to RGBA.
iaincollins 07:02 MichaelDaum: Hmm sorry I'm not sure, I've only used FB on Windows and Mac so far
MichaelDaum 07:02 got it resolved. was a bug oocaller
it was using include config.h instead of global/config.h
iaincollins 07:02 oh, is it a bug?
jshanab_wcw: oooh that's cool, that's more interesting than anything I'm doing, but as a gamer that's cool - I didn't know there was any open software out there that sophisciated
just looking at SFML now, I guess it's like a more advanced version of SDL in away?
oh yeah I see it is (I'm familer with SDL)
MichaelDaum 07:02 is it possible to xcompile a FB plugin for another platform?
iaincollins 07:02 No, i don't think so although you can build from the command line on all platforms and push building to another box
jshanab_wcw 07:02 Suppose to be faster, C++, But GDI+ was faster, I am hoping to speed things up with a little co-processing like I mentioned.
iancollins. You think that is cool you HAVE to check out OpenCL,CUDA,IStream. (forget microsofts offering LOL)
iaincollins 07:02 MichaelDaum: You could probably suffer some pain and build the Linux version on another platform, but the Mac and Windows versions need platform specific libraries
cool, will take a look :) what you working on?
MichaelDaum 07:02 iaincollins, I am more concerned doing it the other way around as I dont want to install mac and windows dev envs.
iaincollins 07:02 oh actualy yeah Ive read a little about OpenCL & CUDA
MichaelDaum: Yeah I don't think there is any practical around that, even theoretically :( Too many platform specific dependancies on Windows & Mac I think.
saiaman 08:02 hello eveyone
sorry for disturbing but i'm trying firebreath but while launching prep2010.cmd it doesn't find cmake :( :(
any ideas ?
jshanab_wcw 08:02 install cmake?
saiaman 08:02 logic :)
sorry but i was thinking that cmake was a part of VS 2010
jshanab_wcw 08:02 Micorsoft would LOVE that hehe, download and install it and yous should be good to go
saiaman 08:02 Yeah thanks so much
as you though i'm a little noob in c++ developpement but i'm trying hard :)
MichaelDaum 08:02 okay so linphone is uncompilable. even the coming with it does some wild wild stuff.
^the firebreath plugin
kylehuff 08:02 MichaelDaum: what has changed? have you updated firebreath or something?
MichaelDaum 08:02 been using the git versions
kylehuff 08:02 okay, but, it is not building, did you refresh the git repo and then it stopped building?
MichaelDaum 08:02 so firebreath has been moving quite a bit but linphone did not catch up it seems
here are some compiler messages, if you dont mind
kylehuff 08:02 first
before you paste the messages
did you refresh the repository and then it stopped working?
MichaelDaum 08:02 I did a fresh clone right now
as thats the first time I am trying
kylehuff 08:02 ah, ok.. do you know which release version you were on before the fresh clone?
MichaelDaum 08:02 none. I am trying it the first time.
this one seems easy to fix: BrowserObjectAPI.h:19:2: warning: #warning "This header is deprecated - include JSObject.h instead."
kylehuff 08:02 oh, ok.. sorry, I misunderstood
MichaelDaum 08:02 the name of this header file has changed as well DOM/JSAPI_DOMDocument.h .... is DOM/Document.h now ... I guess
on ubuntu linphonecore.h is in linphone/linphonecore.h
BrowserHostWrapper is n/a ... now called BrowserHost ... but its internals have been renamed as well
kylehuff 08:02 but that only applies to an existing project. so I don't understand
MichaelDaum 08:02 still did not get further after fixing this
linphone this is
kylehuff 08:02 okay, so we are talking about the linphone-js project?
MichaelDaum 08:02 okay so linphone is uncompilable. even the coming with it does some wild wild stuff.
dan2 08:02 hey guys, just curious, how stable is firebreath?
kylehuff 09:02 dan2: the general consensus is that it is pretty darn stable (runtime) and is becoming more and more stable development wise (regarding breaking changes)
dan2 09:02 and FireEvent is thread safe right?
from any thread?
I think your FAQ answered that for me since FireEvent is from JSAPI
kylehuff 09:02 My understanding is that yes, it is threadsafe
dan2 09:02 well I've got to check this out
iaincollins 09:02 dan2: Yeah, no problems here with threading (all browsers)
dan2 09:02 which is the stable branch?
iaincollins 09:02 dan2: May or may not be some small kinks in 1.4 (which is still beta)
dan2 09:02 nevermind got it
iaincollins 09:02 1.3.2, but 1.4 has some huge improvements
so I would go for 1.4 for now
Also lots of good tips (e.g. threading) on
dan2 09:02 this is pretty slick
I am an expert on concurrency
I do not need help :)
taxilian 09:02 dan2: FireBreath is pretty stable; 1.4 is still in beta, but has a lot of improvements
dan2: threadsafe is a relative term; certain things are threadsafe inherently, other things you'll have to manage yourself
MichaelDaem: if you want to update linphone-js I can help you figure out what has changed; I think it was developed against FireBreath 1.1 and it is out of date
dan2 09:02 taxilian, understood
taxilian 09:02 saiaman: did you get it building after you installed cmake?
dan2 09:02 taxilian, does firebreath support creation of your own structures and dynamic types somehow?
taxilian 09:02 and welcome to all the new people
dan2: to varying degrees; obviously it's a c++ framework, so you can do whatever you want in C++
but what is supported by the browser is more limited
what exactly are you trying to do?
dan2 09:02 taxilian, I mean is there like a template macro so I can create a generic struct to pass to javascript?
something like this from soci..
taxilian 09:02 FB::VariantList and FB::VariantMap will do pretty much whatever you want that way
a VariantList is a vector of variants that will be converted to a javascript array when you return it
dan2 09:02 taxilian,
ahh ok
taxilian 09:02 and a VariantMap is a std::map of string -> variant that will be converted to a javascript object
dan2 09:02 but there are some baked in types that you need to support
taxilian 09:02 so you could have a vector of maps with vectors maps and strings
dan2 09:02 e.g. int, std::string, etc..
got it
taxilian 09:02 any type supported by FB::variant can be put in a VariantMap or VariantList
you can add support for new types, but it's not well supported yet
new in 1.4
and completely undocumented
dan2 09:02 k
taxilian 09:02 you're now about the only person who knows that ;-)
dan2 09:02 taxilian, well what soci does is it lets you define templates to do automagical type conversion
taxilian 09:02 those are the types that are currently "natively" supported
that's basically what variant does as well
dan2 09:02 so that it can naturally augment the supported list of types
taxilian 09:02 in fact, almost exactly the same
dan2 09:02 ok
taxilian 09:02 you can define a method to convert from a variant to a specific type that will be used by convert_cast
and you can define a method to convert from a specific type to a variant
dan2 09:02 got it
taxilian 09:02 you can also put any arbitrary type inside a variant by using the FB::variant(value, true) override
the ", true" makes it assign even though there is no known conversion function
you don't want to do that unless you know what you're doing, though, because when it hits the browser conversion layer it won't know what to do with it
this SOCI library is pretty cool, though; never seen it before
anyway, chances are you can do whatever you want using the built-in type support
dan2 09:02 probably
taxilian, so how do I integrate this into an existing cmake build?
do I just need to modify some paths so it knows where to find firebreath?
taxilian 09:02 hmm. that's a trickier question; unfortunately I didn't know cmake as well when I started as I do now and it doesn't integrate with other cmake systems as cleanly as it should
most likely you could get away with setting certain variables and then include the root of the firebreath tree
so as it is set up, the firebreath project includes the plugin projects rather than vise versa
I've considered changing that but it'd be a major breaking change and just hard to justify
dan2 09:02 ok, I'll figure it out
taxilian 09:02 look at the prep scripts
dan2 09:02 ultimately I'd like to incorporate this into my existing build system
taxilian 09:02 the main thing should just be setting the PROJECTS_DIR
if you get it working, could you throw up the basic info on the wiki?
I need to get ready and head in to work here soon, but I'll be online most of the day
dan2 09:02 taxilian, and StaticInitialization and StaticDeinitialization are not called by the dll loader on windows right, but by the browser at some point before it unloads?
taxilian 09:02 right
dan2 09:02 there's a problem I have with threads that interacts with the DLL unloader
taxilian 09:02 so you can start and stop threads there
dan2 09:02 bingo
taxilian 09:02 =]
that's exactly why we have them
and happy indeed was the day that I got it working on IE as well
pre-1.4 it was actually reference counted rather than module-wide
because of that exact problem
dan2 09:02 heh
taxilian 09:02 I'm going to go get ready for the day; I'll be back in a bit.
dan2 09:02 I just paid to have an IE plugin developed
well in short, I had to use IOleClient onClientSite or something like that
taxilian 09:02 should have had them use FireBreath, then it'd work on Firefox as well =]
dan2 09:02 to do loading and unloading
with threads
that same guy just showed me firebreath today
he had never seen it before
taxilian 09:02 sorry; I've been trying to promote it as best I can =]
feel free to write up blog posts about it =]
be back later
saiaman 09:02 i've got a small question : is it possible to access filesystem from plugin ? Example: downloading a file and storing it ?
dan2 10:02 how do I get a window handle from firebreath?
for the plugin that's displayed on the page?
saiaman 10:02 oups network connexion problem
iaincollins 10:02 saiaman: Yes, that works no problem
there may be specific issues in some browsers / circumstances (where sandboxes restrict where you can put files)
but broadly speaking you have user level access
(e.g. weird circumstancs restricted to things like Terminal Services sessions or users logged in to the local computer with a guest account)
doppiabeo 10:02 Hy
I've got my own NPAPI plugin already working... I just want to try to import it in FB, and test it.
but I notice that inside mac_main there are a loto of "prebuilt" methods... which one can be modified or integrated?
taxilian 11:02 doppiabeo: I will be at a comp in 30 min
taxilian 11:02 okay, I'm here now
saiaman: yes, you can access the filesystem, though you may have to worry about permissions issues in IE w/ protected mode
doppiabeo: you still here?
doppiabeo 11:02 yep
goin home in 5 minutes
taxilian 11:02 not sure what you mean by prebuilt methods?
doppiabeo 11:02 initPluginModule()
for example
taxilian 11:02 you shouldn't need to touch any of that stuff
everything you need can go in your plugin project
which you create (most easily) with fbgen
doppiabeo 11:02 i create my proj with fbgen
taxilian 11:02 1.3 or 1.4?
doppiabeo 11:02 and then I looked inside sources
I need my own setwindow
and other stuffs
taxilian 11:02 you really don't; you just need to get the window
doppiabeo 11:02 so I'm asking if it's possible to override some of them
taxilian 11:02 FireBreath abstracts most of that
so you won't tie into SetWindow directly
you could, but it's not a good idea
what OS?
doppiabeo 11:02 inside my setwindow I initialize my opengl context
taxilian 11:02 right; you'll do that elsewhere
what you want is to handle the AttachedEvent in your main plugin class
that will give you the PluginWindow
depending on what type of drawing / event model you'll get a different kind of PluginWindow
that PluginWindow gets attached on SetWindow
and you can then create your context using the information it gives you
doppiabeo 11:02 the matter is that my plugin now takes the window from the browser and create a new window inside the one provided by the browser
taxilian 11:02 okay
all the information you would normally get from SetWindow will be in the PluginWindow object you get
doppiabeo 11:02 ok, I'll take a look at it
taxilian 11:02 so you should still be able to do all of that
doppiabeo 11:02 I'll try in this way
taxilian 11:02 those PluginWindow objects will be changing (improving) in 1.5, but they should still be useable in 1.4
make sure you set which drawing and event models you want to support in your PluginConfig.cmake file
doppiabeo 11:02 which kind of objects are those to whom PluginWindow belongs? NSObjects?
already done ;)
taxilian 11:02 PluginWindow objects are objects that extend FB::PluginWindow
doppiabeo 11:02 thx
I'll take a look to all of that
taxilian 11:02 good luck
it'll make more sense when you look through it
doppiabeo 11:02 and about events?
taxilian 11:02 remember that FireBreath isn't intended to be a thin layer on NPAPI; it is an abstraction
doppiabeo 11:02 yep
taxilian 11:02 those come through the PluginWindow
doppiabeo 11:02 ok
thank you for now :)
taxilian 11:02 some are abstracted by FireBreath and can optionally be used that way, others you'll just want to handle MacCarbonEvent or MacCocoaEvent (I think that's what they're called) in your plugin class and get the data out of them
good luck
if you haven't read that, it might clarify things
doppiabeo 11:02 MAybe I'll try first a simple OpenGL example without events first
taxilian 11:02 it's for windows, but mac works similarly -- there are just more options for pluginwindow objects
doppiabeo 11:02 (but Cocoa-based)
I learned a lot form Colonel Panic at the beginning
so thank you also for that ;)
taxilian 11:02 you're welcome =]
doppiabeo 11:02 bye, I'll let you know if I come out with something usefull
taxilian 11:02 I look forward to it!
bryan-_ 13:02 taxilian, you there? I've resolved my "problem" with the cmake framework, it wasn't really a problem in fact, I just would like to ask you a couple questions to better understand what happened
the framework (IOKit) wasn't showing up inside XCode, but I checked inside the project.pbxproj and it was in fact listed
and everything compiles up and works just fine, both from xcodebuild and the gui
but I don't see it listed in the GUI
any reason for that? is that just how it's going to be?
taxilian 13:02 most likely
cmake sets the link settings in the project
but may not set everything up in the "ideal" way like if it you did it by hand
bryan-_ 13:02 gotcha
think it's technically possible for the frameworks and build steps to show up in the GUI?
taxilian 13:02 no idea :-/
bryan-_ 13:02 :)
dan2 13:02 hey guys
taxilian 13:02 howdy
dan2 13:02 taxilian, so, what are your thoughts on if I build a new build system for firebreath that lets you use it in outside projects that will remain compatible with the existing
taxilian 13:02 dan2: sounds great to me
dan2 13:02 taxilian, you mind if I talk with you in private for a moment
taxilian 13:02 I hope you'll keep me in the loop as you do it so I can provide some input =]
not at all, just PM me
taxilian 14:02 another day another new thing to learn; I think I'm going to end up completely rewriting the way that WiX install generator works
bryan-_ 14:02 this is weird, my plugin from 1.4b3 that used to work fine under safari now crashes safari. still works fine under firefox and chrome
(now that I've upgraded to the latest version of firebreath)
taxilian 14:02 hmm. that's not a good sign
maybe there has been a regression
can you get me a crash dump?
bryan-_ 14:02 sure, would you like me to email it to you?
taxilian 14:02 pastebin
anyone know the easiest way of getting the name of the currently running process using windows APIs?
bryan-_ 14:02
taxilian 14:02 well, it's definitely crashing in your code
so I don't know why the firebreath change would affect that...
bryan-_ 14:02 I haven't changed my code at all
is this where it's crashing: 0x00007fff88b28460 CFDictionarySetValue + 112 ?
taxilian 14:02 well, yeah; but you're crashing going through controlLight and FindHIDDevice
you have a bad pointer
probably calling something on a NULL pointer
and it might be a few steps back up the stack
bryan-_ 14:02 ugh
I didn't write that stuff, I'm just working on the plugin interface
taxilian 14:02 fun! =]
bryan-_ 14:02 so you don't think it's related to firebreath?
taxilian 14:02 it doesn't look like it
but it's hard to say until you can identify what pointer is crashing
bryan-_ 14:02 I don't even know where to begin debuggin this ting
taxilian 14:02 does it always crash at hte same place?
bryan-_ 14:02 it's crashing any time I call any of the exposed API functions. I've got a real simple HTML page that exercises all of the functions
which makes me think, let me add a simple echo back in there
that doesnt call out to my possibly problematic code
echo() works fine
from all browsers including safari
taxilian 14:02 like I said; you have a NULL pointer somewhere
set a breakpoint and step through
watch the pointers before you call somethign on it
bryan-_ 15:02 hm, in the mailing list archives there's this:
and you have a link to:
but that page doesn't exist
taxilian 15:02 it is here now:
everything that was on the old wiki is now on the new one
bryan-_ 15:02 ah
bryan-_ 15:02 hey, good/interesting news
works under safari when....
I remove all of the build architectures EXCEPT for i386 from the project
this was the difference between my old project and new project
taxilian 15:02 ahh
that would do it
if your libs don't work in 64 bit mode
there is a prep script option to do that for you
bryan-_ 15:02 I'll have to find that option
neilg_ 15:02 Right. Wish I'd have been paying attention earlier, could have told you that. Been bitten by that before. :)
taxilian 17:02 well, I think that went okay; just demoed a FireBreath plugin to my boss at Facebook
it's not as complete as I wanted, but it works
bryan-_ 17:02 what's it do?
taxilian 17:02 uploads photos
resizes them locally, etc
bryan-_ 17:02 oh, cool
taxilian 17:02 yep
bryan-_ 17:02 my plugin flashes a usb strobe light on and off :-P
taxilian 17:02 I think that's awesome, personally
I've thought about doing a hardware interface plugin a few times
but I don't have my usb GPIO interface anymore
and I'm too cheap to buy one just to play with
bryan-_ 17:02 this uses IOKit on the mac
uses these delcom flasher devices:
taxilian 17:02 cool; what is the use case?
bryan-_ 17:02 i'm building this into a mac app that uses webkit/safari as the GUI rendering engine, it's a video relay system/ video chat for deaf/hard of hearing users
so the usb flasher responds to incoming calls
stays lit for notifications
taxilian 17:02 that sounds cool
it is looking like I will be getting even busier here soon
mostly good, since it's "paid" busier
bryan-_ 17:02 what's coming up?
taxilian 17:02 does make getting school done harder
well, the end of my contract with Facebook is coming up, but it sounds like they want to renew
at least for awhile, not sure how long
bryan-_ 17:02 nice
taxilian 17:02 also just agreed to do ~10 hours / week with another company
bryan-_ 17:02 so facebook is paying you to develop firebreath?
taxilian 17:02 so that takes me up to 30 hours / week plus 12 credits at school
yep =]
bryan-_ 17:02 or you do other stuff for them?
right on
taxilian 17:02 Facebook is one of the primary contributors to FireBreath simply for employing me working on it
had to make a lot of improvements in order to do what they needed
bryan-_ 17:02 have they deployed their plugin(s)?
taxilian 17:02 no
they had one at one point, but it had a lot of issues
bryan-_ 17:02 yeah, I didn't recall ever pushing down a plugin to me
taxilian 17:02 I just demoed the first version of the FireBreath-based one today
who here is using wix?
neilg_: are you?
dan2 18:02 I have a question
CMake natively supports NSIS
why do you use wix?
taxilian 18:02 because MSI is the best way to install a plugin
and all other methods are evil and should be avoided
for plugins
the main reason is that with an MSI the installer package knows exactly what was installed and where
most of the install-related issues I've had with plugins had to do with something weird changing in the installer between versions and somehow something didn't get quite cleaned up
and then you have to search through the registry with a fine-tooth comb to find what COM put where and remove it before it'll work
with MSI there is no chance of that
FB_GitHubBot 19:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 6f012fa (4 files in 3 dirs): Modified rgs files to better support machine-wide
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 326a3b3 (5 files in 4 dirs): Updated WiX generation; may work with old atl now
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 6ee1d57 (2 files in 2 dirs): WiX install works now with FB_ATLREG_MACHINEWIDE
FireBreath: master commits 077102d...6ee1d57 -
FB_GitHubBot 19:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * dfa28e6 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated FBTestPlugin wix installer
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * f216131 (1 files in 1 dirs): Added support for instantiation of ax control w/ ActiveXObject
FireBreath: master commits 6ee1d57...f216131 -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 6f012fa (4 files in 3 dirs): Modified rgs files to better support machine-wide
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 326a3b3 (5 files in 4 dirs): Updated WiX generation; may work with old atl now
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 6ee1d57 (2 files in 2 dirs): WiX install works now with FB_ATLREG_MACHINEWIDE
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * dfa28e6 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated FBTestPlugin wix installer
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * f216131 (1 files in 1 dirs): Added support for instantiation of ax control w/ ActiveXObject
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 commits 077102d...f216131 -