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taxilian 00:02 just tell the debugger to continue
drat, didn't even see vadi's question
before he left
mital 00:02 its already in running state
i got this error
and the page is still not loaded in chrome...
taxilian 00:02 huh
if I were you, I'd work in firefox 'til you get it working =]
then debug in chrome
I have no idea
mital 00:02 hmm ok
the point is firefox is my primary web browser... so can't restart it multiple times
mital 00:02 switched primary browser to chrome
now working on firefox
are the firefox npapi plugins also in memory
taxilian 00:02 sorry, back
not sure I understand the quesiton
you mean do you have to restart the browser?
taxilian 01:02 well, i'm to bed
the Facebook demo is coming along nicely; hard to say yet, but I think there is a good chance they'll decide to continue it and use FireBreath
(also keeping me employed working on FireBreath for longer)
there are still a couple people I have to win over, though
we'll see
g'night all!
mital 01:02 good night !!!
vadi 02:02 need help: i am developing an plugin for my biometric finger print reader... i got an BYTE array which given by my finger print reader.. i have to pass it to java scrip.. when i do so it will show some symbol like �
need help: i am developing an plugin for my biometric finger print reader... i got an BYTE array which given by my finger print reader.. i have to pass it to java scrip.. when i do so it will show some symbol like �
pq_H 03:02 any experienced g++ user here?
nitrogenycs 03:02 I know a bit of g++
but certainly not eerything
iaincollins 03:02 Hi vadi
Do you know what format data coming back is in? (e.g. wchar_t )
taxilian_away: Thanks for mentioning FB:wstring_to_utf8 on the mailing list (have been doing exactly that myself, didn't realise it was in FB)
Would be a nice thing to have in boost (tried looking for one, but couldn't find one)
vadi 04:02 sorry iaincollins.. i was on debug.. i am just return to the unsigned char point to javascript its of 384 byts..
i am just returning the unsigned char point to javascript its of 384 byts..
vadi 05:02 This what I have to do.. I want to return the unsigned char array to javascript, when I return the array in javascript console it says undefined. Can any one guide me where I am wrong.. What I have to do return an unsigned char array to java script.
iaincollins 06:02 vadi: hmm I haven't tried passing a char array, am not sure if there is a better way, but have you tried converting to a string?
e.g. String ^myString = gcnew String(myCharArray);
or erm just: std:string myString = std::string(myCharArray) // Oops, takes off .NET hat
maybe that wouldn't make any difference, but not sure how passing a char array to JS works in practice in FB :)
iaincollins 06:02 update: oh yeah, it seems it's supported just fine on the wiki
I guess I should ask, do you know for sure if it it's a byte array of UTF 8 chars or something else? (am guessing it is if it's not displaying properly) :)
taxilian 08:02 vadi keeps leaving before I can get back
you can pass a char array to JS, but only as a string
so if he wants to pass binary data he really needs to convert it to something
I'd probably convert it to hex, if it were me
js just doesn't seem to suport binary data
taxilian 08:02 lots of people here today
but still quiet
iaincollins 08:02 oh cool, good to know
taxilian 09:02 thanks for updating the faq
iaincollins 09:02 I was thinking converting to a string might be a simple way to start
Might note what you jsut said on
taxilian 09:02 basically you can either pass a javascript array or a string
if it's a char* it is converted to a string
but a js array of chars isn't the most efficient way in the world...
iaincollins 09:02 *nod*
I was clean from what he was saying if it was a char* (with unsupported chars, e.g. UTF-16 chars in there) or actual binary data
*wasn't clear
taxilian 09:02 good idea. I'll update that page
iaincollins 09:02 Am sure you would word it better than me :)
taxilian 09:02 updated
have a read and let me know =]
I had a really really really long day yesterday and now I have a headache, so who knows how well I'm wording things? =]
I need to shower and get into work so I can eat breakfast
oh, updated this page
iaincollins 09:02 taxilian: Oh that's really good! Didn't know about wchar_t* and the comments about wrapping are v. helpful
kcsham 09:02 Question: how do I get a JSObjectPtr of any javascript object in the browser that is not passed in as method argument into plugin?
iaincollins 09:02 The FB::variant / JSAPIAuto automagic-converting stuff is worth stealing as a C++ for dummies library :)
(although runs the risk of turning people turning out C++ that looks like PHP...which would be Bad(TM))
rcohn 09:02 Hello - I have been trying to force my Visual Studio 2010 Include Directories setting (INCLUDE) to be $(IncludePath);$(WINDDK)\inc\api from one of the cmake scripts. So far, I have been thwarted. Does anyone know a good way to do this? I really want to generate this when I run prep2010.cmd if possible. Thanks.
iaincollins 09:02 taxillian: actually, some of it wouldn't make a bad addition to boost :)
rcohn: Oh do you want to add a libarary to your plugin build?
rcohn 09:02 What I need to do is include the WINDDK headers after the VS headers so that I don't run into typedef conflicts.
kcsham 09:02 rcohn: I use 'include_directories()' in the windows specific projectDef.cmake file to add my additional include dirs.
iaincollins 09:02 Hmm have you seen yet?
(what kcsham was saying)
rcohn 09:02 Yes, I tried using include_directories, but that puts the WINDDK headers in the include path before the VS headers.
kcsham 09:02 are those header files named the same between WINDDK and VS?
rcohn 09:02 No, the file names are different, but many of the same types are redefined in the WINDDK headers.
kcsham 09:02 Then, it's not a path ordering issue.
You may have to reorder the #include in your source, and possibly with some #ifdef around them too.
rcohn 09:02 Yes, I thought that might be the case. I was hoping there was a way to modify my FB project scripts so as not to have to do that. Thanks for your help.
taxilian 09:02 rcohn: look at cmake/Win.cmake
that's where we search for and add the DDK ATL headers if needed
but I don't know of a way to control the order from cmake
or even from within vs
so if your issue is path order, I'm not sure what to suggest :-/
iaincollins: yeah, the autoconversion stuff is cool, but I don't think it'd be a good idea for most apps; FireBreath with its javascript integration is unique in that way =]
pq_H 09:02 hello
any1 had any try in rendering OpenGL context on mac plugins?
taxilian 09:02 seeveral people have
it's tricky due to different drawing models
do a search of the logs for opengl
off to work. be back in a bit
taxilian 10:02 IE9 release candidate now ready for download
FB_GitHubBot 11:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 4943672 (14 files in 7 dirs): fixed issue #141, shared_ptr references released when browser releases object if applicable -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 4943672 (14 files in 7 dirs): fixed issue #141, shared_ptr references released when browser releases object if applicable -
taxilian 11:02 I have to admit that it makes me happy every time the awesomeness of FireBreath grows
not to be self-congradulatory or anything =]
iaincollins|away 11:02 hehe, I think that's allowed at this stage :)
taxilian 12:02 the best part is that generally the best improvements come as a result of a question or suggestion from a user
FB_GitHubBot 12:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 97ed664 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed build error on linux -
iaincollins|away 12:02 the difference in functionality is huge since 1.2
I've been doing Omnigraffle flows and presentations for the plug-in all day
As we have multiple people interested in using it
taxilian 12:02 feel free to do some of those for FireBreath itself and put them up, if you'd like ;-)
iaincollins|away 12:02 we also recently stopped using a third party for a specific product of theirs (which was somewhat expensive) and may well in part replace it with plug-in driven functionality
taxilian 12:02 1.2 is really where I feel that FireBreath became really useable, but we've come a long way with polish since then
iaincollins|away 12:02 ooh interesting idea :-) may do! Might write up some examples on my private area of how I've done some generic things
and not forgotten about the installer (will definitely share that)
taxilian 12:02 I've been meaning to make more graphical stuff for FireBreath, but I'm just not very good at it
would help a lot of people understand where things are, I think
iaincollins|away 12:02 right , actually going home now :) nn!
taxilian 12:02 have fun
nirvdrum 13:02 +1000000000 on the move to GitHub, too.
taxilian 13:02 heh. yeah, thats been good
nirvdrum 13:02 I can now set up firebreath as a submodule for my project.
Which is pretty bitchin'
taxilian 13:02 yep
have you switched to 1.4?
nirvdrum 13:02 Not yet. I'm running something in-between.
One of the prerelease master versions.
taxilian 13:02 if you have time soonish, I'd really like to get as many people on 1.4 as possible
nirvdrum 13:02 It's been pretty solid.
taxilian 13:02 to make sure everthing is solid
RC will be out soon
main issue right now that I still need to fix is a staticinit bug on linux
but other than that I think it's pretty solid
lifecycle issues fixed, memory usage should be better
should be a really good release
nirvdrum 13:02 I need to bang out a few other things, but I'd like to try it out again.
taxilian 13:02 let me know how / when that goes =]
taxilian 15:02 I keep saying this, but if anyone is not on 1.4 yet that hangs out in this room, please switch as soon as you can; report any issues you find (if any) and I'll fix them ASAP
bryan__ 16:02 hi, great job on firebreath. I've been using 1.4b3 and I just upgraded to 1.4b4, and I'm having trouble compiling my plugin in Release mode. On OS X. I've built firebreath itself in Release mode, and even created a brand new test project. it gets to the point where it tries to link against all of the .a files... libboost.a, libPluginCore.a, etc. They're all there, but it can't seem to find them. The same test with a brand new 1.
kylehuff 16:02 bryan__: after updating, did you do a `git submodule update --recursive` ?
bryan__ 16:02 no, I didn't, but I didn't get it from the git repository, I downloaded it was a tarball from the site.
kylehuff 16:02 oh, okay.. well, sorry - that was the best I had.. I ran into similar issues when forgot to update the submodule.
bryan__ 16:02 ok, maybe I'll try to get it from the repository, and try that update command
kylehuff 16:02 I would save the thanks until after you figure out if I sent you on a wild goose-chase... =c )
taxilian 16:02 bryan__: also try deleting your build dir
bryan__ 16:02 taxilian: it's a brand new build dir, I've kept the 2 versions completely separate
taxilian 16:02 ok; that was good thinking =]
bryan__ 16:02 :) I'm building a new version straight out of the latest from git. we'll see how this goes
taxilian 16:02 there might be an issue; looks like the last build broke. I'm checking it now
I think I fixed it, but I forgot to run the mac one again to verify
bryan__ 16:02 last build being the 1.4b4 that I'm having trouble with?
hey, it worked
taxilian 16:02 last build is the latest; slightly newer than b4
but if you get the archive from github it's actually the latest 1.4, not the actual b4 tag
unless you specifically got that tag, which you shouldn't have
bryan__ 16:02 right, I got the latest, no tag
taxilian 16:02 if you grabbed it at just the right time you may have gotten a bug I missed last night
fixed this morning
sorry about that
bryan__ 16:02 np
I'm going to move forward with the latest
taxilian 16:02 good plan. let me know if you have any issues
it's working now, right?
bryan__ 16:02 yah
well, my isolated example works. gotta integrate my actual project, but i'm sure this will work
kryssi_ 16:02 I have a question regarding firebreath and OLE/COM interaction, when I create a server COM instance of application (in this case Word.application ms office) it gets killed when execution thread finishes, is there any trick to keep it alive?
taxilian 16:02 kryssi_: that's how COM works; once your thread goes away the COM context you're working on goes away
you could instantiate the COM instance on the main UI thread if you wanted; I *think* that wouldn't cause any issues
kryssi_ 16:02 taxilian: But if I use the same method from another c++ desktop app and kill the app then Word is still alive
taxilian 16:02 does it matter which browser you're in?
ie vs firefox vs chrome?
kryssi_ 16:02 taxilian: no chrome and IE behave the same
If I put a Sleep() call to the thread then it Word will stay open for that time and terminate then
taxilian: If I use main UI thread Word would still terminate when someone exits the browser, right?
taxilian 16:02 interesting. I don't know; if it does it in Chrome then it shouldn't be anything FireBreath related
seems likely, yes
we're not doing anything with anything that would affect that, though
kryssi_ 16:02 normal methods have their own thread right?
taxilian 16:02 COM methods?
I don't understand the question
kryssi_ 16:02 API methods, like std::string MyPlugin::get_version()
taxilian: strange, I did this on separate thread, placed Sleep(30000) there and closed the browser within 30 seconds, then office stayed alive
taxilian: and the UI was not blocked in any matter
taxilian 17:02 no idea
but I suspect there is something you're not doing that you need to do to make it work right
and you're leaking something awful when it accidently works =]
kryssi_ 17:02 :)
another case, if I wait for these 30 seconds word is terminated
taxilian: what about getting the word process handle and waiting in the thread for it's termination, what do you think of that idea?
taxilian 17:02 honestly I think you're doing this the wrong way
if the process terminates when yours does you're probably not starting it in the way you should
I'd find a way to start it that doesn't depend on your lifecycle
when the browser closes all of your threads *must* stop
or your name is mudd and everyone will want to kill you
(politely, of course)
kryssi_ 17:02 the strange thing is that if I exit the browser Word stays alive
taxilian 17:02 why are you using COM to start it?
kryssi_ 17:02 Well, I will be able to set custom property of a document with com, I will be using office plugin aswell
taxilian 17:02 ahh
well, i'm sure there is a way to fix it
but I haven't a clue what it is :-/
kryssi_ 17:02 I've tried to google it, nobody is getting such cases
We tried similar approach from BrowserPlus via custom ruby service and Application stayed alive
taxilian 17:02 living inside another process can do weird things to you
are you calling CoInitialize and everything on your thread?
kryssi_ 17:02 m_hr = CLSIDFromProgID(L"Word.Application", &clsid); if(SUCCEEDED(m_hr)) { m_hr = CoCreateInstance(clsid, NULL, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER, IID_IDispatch, (void **)&m_pWApp); if(FAILED(m_hr)) m_pWApp=NULL; }
CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER should do the magic since Word is out of process server
taxilian 17:02 yeah, that seems strange that it would terminate it like that
but I don't know; I do know that we're not doing anything with COM except in IE
and that's only IE specific pluginish stuff
kryssi_ 17:02 I checked if IE process terminates correctly when I exit it with Word open and it does
There is no zombie process left
taxilian 17:02 good good
kryssi_ 17:02 so waiting in the thread for termination of word process doesn't harm any resources
taxilian 17:02 if you're waiting in a thread whent he process terminates then you didn't terminate the process
or the thread isn't waiting any more
you can't terminate a process while the thread is open
it may be killing the thread
in which case you're leaking resources
kryssi_ 17:02 but the process is killed an the resources are returned back since the thread cannot be alive without the parent process
kylehuff 17:02 88% on the practice exam.. not bad. would be better if I could remember stupid fucking FCC rules...
taxilian 17:02 at the very best that's considered terrible practice and really messy; it's your system, though
kylehuff: ham radio?
kylehuff 17:02 taxilian: yes, but wrong room! lol
taxilian 17:02 88% will do; you only need 74% (26)
where are you studying? is another of my random hobbies
kylehuff 17:02 just the FCC reference manual - the electrical stuff I already have a background in
is there anything you aren't involved in?
granted, I forgot most of my EE studies since I never use them..
taxilian 17:02 probably not. I'm a VE; my father-in-law runs one of the biggest test sessions in the nation
KD7BBC is me
you'll find the question pool documents on are a lot easier to read, though
and the practice tests are actually random (unlike most other ones online)
kylehuff 17:02 what is VE?
taxilian 17:02 Volunteer Examiner
that's one of the questions on the tech, btw =]
kylehuff 17:02 like I said.. stupid FCC questions...
=c )
taxilian 17:02 hehe
to be a VE and administer tech exams you have to be a general; to admininster general and extra exams you need to be an extra
I'm an extra, for all I couldn't pass it now to save my neck...
Mital: your change is in
Mital 17:02 hi taxilian
i just woke up .. saw ur comment
it was real quick
taxilian 17:02 once you convince me a change needs to be made I usually get to it pretty quickly
just depends on how important it is =]
this one I wanted to have in 1.4
Mital 17:02 hmm yeah.. this changes has in a way implemented the GC for all FB objects
I am still struggling with windows build... have reinstalled the visual studio 2005 .. haven't got chance to compile after that ... today will pull your changes and try to build..
taxilian 17:02 okay
that's really weird the compilation issues you're having
Mital 17:02 btw all the plugins are out of process right ... so how does attaching to firefox would help ?
kylehuff 17:02 I like the site; took the practice exam there and got 32/35
anyway, small world... I'm glad you sent me the link and I didn't end up there. it would have been creepy to see your name at the footer..
taxilian 17:02 kylehuff: lol
the explanations on the side are wiki-style format, so you can submit explanations to help others who use the site
it's been really dead until suddenly about a month ago people started using it; like, 20-30 a day
not sure what changed
kylehuff 17:02 cool...
I have known about it for less than 20 minutes, and I've already pointed some people to it.. lol
taxilian 17:02 hehe. someday I'll find more time to work on it
kylehuff 17:02 yeah, it's a ton better than some of the others I've seen
taxilian 17:02 that doesn't require much....
kylehuff 17:02 lol
taxilian 17:02 I still find this to be about the most useful thing on there, though:
kylehuff 17:02 yeah, I am reading through the General pool right now
taxilian 17:02 we actually use another part of this system to administer the tests ( and I have statistical data on which questions are missed the most
when I find time I'll add a page to view them in "difficulty" order
ahh, oops:
we give exams from a web-based system, though, so I have all the answers; you can learn a lot from calculating things from that
oh, and since you know me and you're interested in Ham Radio, you'll probably find this to be particularly amusing:
that was one of two different styles of wedding announcement we used...
kylehuff 17:02 LOL
that is awesome
taxilian 17:02 =]
I actually met my wife the first time while helping at a ham radio event, believe it or not
kylehuff 17:02 thats cool
I met my wife at random, and then found out after I joined the Fire dept. that she was also on the same dept
taxilian 17:02 heh. that's cool
it really is a small world
kylehuff 17:02 yeah, or serendipity is more common than people want to admit... (serendipity meaning fate, an order to the universe, etc..)
taxilian 17:02 I tend to believe a little of both, myself =]
kylehuff 17:02 I am going down on saturday to take my exam. I think I am going to just go for the technician class. I can't see spending the extra time to study for something I more than likely won't use.
taxilian 17:02 I use General and Extra mainly to administer tests for people
you may as well glance over the general, though, if you're at all close
you can keep taking tests until you fail one
so if you pass Tech you can try the General for free
and may as well, since you have nothing to lose
kylehuff 17:02 yeah, I might do that. how many questions is the General?
(the actual exam)
taxilian 17:02 35
26 passing
more possible questions, though
bigger pool
kylehuff 18:02 yeah, I might do that. like you said; nothing to loose
worse case scenario, I get my general and feel obligated to do something it.. lol
taxilian 18:02 hehe
last month we actually had someone that I had to talk into trying his General pass
it's only happened, like, twice in 5 years :-P but it's happeneed
kylehuff 18:02 I am going to see how bad I do on the practice exam...
well so far I'm bombing... lol
taxilian 18:02 hehe. you wanna know how I passed it? I had just done up those xml/xslt test pool docs and I skimmed it for 45 minutes before the test
kylehuff 18:02 haha! I printed the tech one..
I should print up the general
kryssi_ 18:02 taxilian: Thank you for the info and goodbye
taxilian 18:02 good luck
kylehuff 18:02 well that didn't go well.. I got only 17 correct. lol - but, I think if I study the question pool a little I could come close to passing
going home. be back later.
bryan__ 19:02 taxilian, I've got another question
taxilian 19:02 okay
bryan__ 19:02 in the process of upgrading firebreath, I'm cleaning up my plugin project and getting ready to check it into source control
taxilian 19:02 good idea
bryan__ 19:02 i'm following your best practices from your blog, and I'm just a little confused unsure about not checking in the .xcodeproj
you say not to make any changes to the xcode proj
taxilian 19:02 the build dir gets generated when you run prep
bryan__ 19:02 right, I understand that
taxilian 19:02 you don't check it into source control
bryan__ 19:02 which will blow away the previous xcodeproj from that build dir, right?
taxilian 19:02 right
bryan__ 19:02 for instance I need to link a system framework into my plugin
so I need to add this into my xcode proj
taxilian 19:02 no, you need to add that to your cmake project
bryan__ 19:02 and additional source code files
taxilian 19:02 so that it gets generated as part of your xcode project
bryan__ 19:02 ohhh....
taxilian 19:02 =]
bryan__ 19:02 THAT's what you mean when you say to add it to your cmake project
taxilian 19:02 yes
bryan__ 19:02 I didn't quite get it
taxilian 19:02 =]
bryan__ 19:02 but it makes sense now
taxilian 19:02 oh, good
I'm glad I could help =]
bryan__ 19:02 so am I :)
appreciate your help, not to mention firebreath itself
taxilian 19:02 glad to help
glad you like FireBreath
if it's really helpful, please consider contributing in whatever way you can
bryan__ 19:02 definitely, I'd like to
bryan__ 19:02 ok so I've added [^.]*.c to the CMakeLists.txt, and that added my .c files to the project after running the prep scripts, nice
but how about xcode things like linking steps?
I don't see anything about this in the docs
and I also need to add a system framework
I had been doing this all from within xcode earlier but as you can see I want to do things the right way
oh, just came across the "using libraries" page
taxilian 19:02 it's all about learning to find things in the docs =]
sorry, I was too slow
I'm not very good at organizing docs, so sometimes it's hard to find things
that's a great way to contribute, btw; update the documentation, explain things better
bryan__ 19:02 I was reading the "using cmake with firebreath" page
but honestly didnt see the link on the bottom
taxilian 19:02 happens
bryan__ 19:02 lol
taxilian 20:02 I have my plugin actually doing something inside Facebook's chrome! It's ugly as sin, but it lets me look for photos!
bryan__ 20:02 cool
so I've added a find_library line and then added the variable to target_link_libraries like the doc says, and it doesn't seem to be working
I must be missing something
taxilian 20:02 try a message("Found library: ${LIBRARY}") to see if find_library found it or not
bryan__ 20:02 yep, it finds them
taxilian 20:02 hmm
you could try nuking your build dir
sometimes that helps
bryan__ 20:02 did that
bryan 20:02 the docs say: target_link_libraries(${PLUGIN_NAME} ${QUARTZCORE_FRAMEWORK} ${CARBON_FRAMEWORK} ${COCOA_FRAMEWORK} )
I'm doing just that
is that right? in Mac/projectDef.cmake
taxilian 20:02 looks right, as long as it's after the add_mac_plugin command
are there any errors in your cmake output?
Guest66420 20:02 yep it's after the add_mac_plugin
and there are no errors
bryan___ 21:02 this looks like it should be straightforward
mital 21:02 taxilian: hey it compiles fine on my vista + vs2005 .. must be some problem with my desktop @ office
taxilian 21:02 good
well, sorta anyway =]
mital 21:02 in my office pc it fileds compiler as cl .. where as in my vista it finds it as VisualStudio 8
i think cl is in the path before VS ... is that by any chance a problem
though both are compilers by microsoft only
taxilian 21:02 hmm. that could possibly be related
I don't really know
mital 21:02 ok
mital 21:02 taxilian: on mac ... many times build failes with saying "Command /usr/bin/lipo failed with exit code 1"
I try to recompile then it works
taxilian 21:02 yeah, I've seen that as well
I don't know what causes it; since it works after trying again, I haven't made it a priority to track down
mital 21:02 ok
also I am not able to hit a breakpoint even with firefox
let me understand... when I run Firefox as executable XCode is attached to firefox executable ... but my plugin always loads in different process... how it can trigger my breakpoints ?
tried on firefox 3.6.13 and 4.0.b11
taxilian 21:02 3.6.13 doesn't load in a different process
unless you're running a weird version
4.0 might be harder
mital 21:02 ok ... i am currently running 3.6.13
taxilian 21:02 mital: most likely if you're not hitting breakpoints you didn't turn off load symbols lazily
mital 21:02 firefox crashed... i unchecked the Load Symbols lazily
taxilian 21:02 hmm
it works for me =]
mital 21:02 ok
mohan_ 22:02 need help : i have data in unsigned chat array how do i pass it javascript.. when i do so, it is show the value is undefined.
the size of the array is of 100 + bytes
taxilian 22:02 mohan_: docs on the web page
look for supported JSAPI types
mohan_ 22:02 @taxilian ok
taxilian 22:02 the gist is that you can't just send an arbitrary binary array
all char* gets converted to a string
if you want to send binary data, you'll have to handle it in a speical way
like convert to base64 or hex or something
mohan_ 22:02 ok.. char array has hex data so i will try with hex.. thank you so much...
taxilian 22:02 good luck
for clarity sake, when I say "binary" I mean "not string data". so yeah, binary, hex, whatever... it's just data, it's not in string format
char* only handles strings
to the browser, anyway
mohan_ 22:02 ok
prem_ 23:02 hai
taxilian 23:02 howdy
prem_ 23:02 i'm facing a problem
taxilian 23:02 I hate that
prem_ 23:02 i have an activeX control based on mfc
taxilian 23:02 bleh. mfc and atl don't mix well
prem_ 23:02 is it possible to use firebreath and wrap that control inside a plugin?
taxilian 23:02 well, you can certainly use a COM control from inside a FireBreath plugin
on windows, anyway
that wouldn't require any MFC
in fact there is an example firebreath project that does that; embeds an OLE control in a FB plugin
prem_ 23:02 ya, i saw that..
i'm been trying to do the same on my project
but i'm not able to access the APIs of the activex from firebreath
i need to know if it's coz of the MFC in the activeX or due to some mistake i made
taxilian 23:02 I don't know why it would be different in FireBreath than anywhere else
prem_ 23:02 so i should technically be able to access the APIs?
taxilian 23:02 I don't know why not
COM shouldn't care where the request comes from
prem_ 23:02 ok... thanks a million..
this is a great project by the way..