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IRC Nick Time (GMT-7) Message
avcat2002 04:11 can anyone tell me how to get this to work please geturl(inst,"","_top"); where do i get the inst from
ive tried static NPNetscapeFuncs *abc = NULL; abc->geturl(..... etc) no joy
normally in a npapi plugin i can just put in abc->geturl(inst,"","_top"); and away it goes to the bbc
avcat2002 06:11 grateful for any answers as a nd when guys thanks
wolfulus 15:11 anyone?
taxilian 15:11 did you have a question?
wolfulus 15:11 Well, docs don't say exactly how do I start a stream... I know how I'm supposed to handle some stream events, but not how to properly start/store them until it finishes, neither if I need any actions when a plugin instance gets destroyed...
this is what I'm using as an event handler, but how do I start a stream? It has no suggestive methods
taxilian 15:11 have you looked at the sample code?
there is an example in FBTestPlugin
wolfulus 16:11 I'll take a look...