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_vizZ 03:02 hi, have you tried installing any xpi built with latest FB in Firefox 4 best 10?
iaincollins|away 03:02 hi _vizZ
I've not been using XPI's for my installs personally, though I have considered it (but was put off by the understanding that they required a browser restart at the end of installation)
are you seeing any problems in FF 4.0?
_vizZ 04:02 yep
but i'm not so sure about the cause
as the error is:
let principal = zipreader.getCertificatePrincipal(null);
from XPIPrivider
FF 4 B 10 cannot verify xpi's signature
it looks like it can not get the signature issuer's certificate
i thought that maby one of you @ fb came across the same thing
well, i'm quite aware that it's not fb relevant problem
but i find you @ fb quite competent at npapi & ff plugins thing ;p
iaincollins|away 05:02 oops got dragged off to a meeting
Jamil_ 09:02 Hi
Leme share this issue
let me
after finishing my FB plugin
it is working well on IE but on FF I have this problem
CPaintDC dc(evt->hWnd);
dc.MoveTo(x2, y2);
dc.LineTo(x, y);
paint a line
but on FF nothing is drawn !!!
same code same text
same text
same test
any idea?
taxilian 09:02 what is evt?
windowed, I assume?
Jamil 10:02 sorry taxilian chat disconnected me
yes evt is WindowsEvent
Jamil 10:02 I need to go now...
do you think is there something from FB which cause that
We will discuss that later...maybe from home
taxilian 11:02 Jamil: no idea what would cause that
amackera 13:02 I get 55540 build errors with firebreath-1.4 beta :O
namespace clash i think
Rect is ambiguous, clashes with Carbon's Rect
amackera 13:02 Heh, weird
I had: using namespace FB; in a header file
but the g++ log didn't indicate that that header was being included...
but removing it clears up the ambiguity...
with 55 thousand compilation errors, xcode is basically unusable
amackera 13:02 taxilian_away: there are errors in the way that cmake gets definitions from PluginConfig.cmake
It seems as though it only considers the defaults
amackera 14:02 It affects sample plugins also
cmake/ removal causes the bug i think
FB_GitHubBot 14:02 FireBreath: master Anson MacKeracher * 5b83ec5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Include PluginConfig.cmake again -
amackera 15:02 Hmm...
Here's a potential bug
If you reference a non-existent property, the plugin will crash
amackera 15:02 hm
taxilian 16:02 amackera: you need to not add that file back in
that line
it needs to be gone
what is the issue you had with it?
what do you mean by "causes the effective PluginConfig.cmake to be the default file"?
amackera_web 16:02 Yeah so something is really messed with properties
If I open a page with a plugin object
then open firebreath
taxilian 16:02 amackera_web: that line should not have been put back; could you please explain what bug you were experiencing?
amackera_web 16:02 Without it all the FBMAC_* values are set to the defaults
taxilian 16:02 hmm. that should not be; I think I see what happens, though. I should be able to fix it
but not by putting that include back in
rather the defaults include needs to be moved
amackera_web 16:02 ah, that makes sense also
brb, need to reboot back to mac
taxilian 16:02 ok
amackera 16:02 Back
FB_GitHubBot 16:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Anson MacKeracher * 5b83ec5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Include PluginConfig.cmake again
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * dde7fb1 (2 files in 1 dirs): Fixed bug with pluginconfig defaults
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 commits 9f2c797...dde7fb1 -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * dde7fb1 (2 files in 1 dirs): Fixed bug with pluginconfig defaults -
taxilian 16:02 try that
amackera 16:02 Looks good :)
taxilian 16:02 so the issues you're talking about; are those firebreath related or your plugin related?
amackera 16:02 I *believe* they are applicable to all firebreath plugins
They are reproducible with FBTestPlugin
taxilian 16:02 tell me about them
amackera 16:02 Okay, steps to reproduce:
Lauch Firefox
Navigate to page with plugin object
Open FireBug
attempt to access a non-existent property
taxilian 16:02 hmm. that should not be
amackera 16:02 Are you able to reproduce?
It is also reproducible in Chrome with the JS console
both mac and windows
taxilian 16:02 >> plugin().someproperty_oor_another
result is undefined
doesn't crash for me
give me an example of exactly what you're doing
to access
amackera 16:02 Hm.. strange
on the FBControl.htm page do the following
var p = plugin();
wtf! that works now..
nope, just crashed again..
taxilian 16:02 what kind of crash? where does it crash?
I can't reproduce it
I'm using examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html
but shouldn't matter, I wouldn't think
ooh, now it crashed....
but not doing that
I think it may be something else
hang on
amackera 16:02 It does not look like it's a problem with referencing an undefined property
Since you can do so through plugin().lololololol and it works fine
taxilian 16:02 I think it may be related to enumerate
taxilian 17:02 amackera: I think I found it
testing now
as soon as my stinking slow VM builds
I hate being sick; can't go downstairs where I have real computers because it's too cold
FB_GitHubBot 17:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 031de0c (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash due to bad npn_evaluate handling -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 031de0c (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash due to bad npn_evaluate handling -
taxilian 17:02 amackera: try that
amackera 17:02 haha, sorry
I can take a look at it in 30 minutes or so
I'm launching an experimental test in a minute
We are still having difficulty with out test coverage of the plugin, so we're trying to farm it to mechanical turk again
this time with automatic logging of fatal errors
taxilian 17:02 ahh