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mital 01:02 hi.. i have checked out the firebreath... trying to compile the same on windows xp - sp2, vs2005 sp1 ... I am getting various errors related to atlcom.h can anybody help me
iaincollins 03:02 Hi mital
are you using Visual Studio Express?
mital 03:02 I am using VS2005
iaincollins 03:02 Hmm okay, not sure how well that's tested, atl comes up a fair bit (1.3 needs it but I think in FB 1.4 it's no longer required)
Can you confirm if you are using 1.3 or 1.4?
(1.4 is still in beta, but there are some neat improvements)
Just been looking to see if there is any mention of that (I know it's come up a before)
until someone more knowledgeable comes along (they are probably all asleep right now :), I can only suggest maybe try downloading a recent release of 1.4 (and see if the examples build)
I think most people are using VS2008/2010, although I know for sure there are others using VS2005
mital 03:02
iaincollins: this is one of the thread i found ... the problem is not with our code... its some VS patch which is missing
i tried installing two patches for VS2005 but it does not help
iaincollins 03:02 This isn't an offical archive, but you might find some useful background looking through the IRC logs at using the keywords: atl 2005
there are some matches for the atl and 2005 on the mailing list logs:
The second poster here looks like they found a work around at least:
That looks promising, but I am sure taxilian or someone else who knows more will be able to provide proper insight later on (probably in 3 hours or so).
mital 03:02 let me try the windows driver kit
its 620mb
iaincollins 03:02 I'm not sure if the WinDDK has ATL versions different to VS2005 or not, but seems to reportedly work with VS express at least :)
I was so glad where when we finally moved to VS2008 last year.
taxilian 08:02 iaincollins: We still use ATL
But unless he's changed his settings he should have it with vs2005
iaincollins 08:02 cool, good to know. Was looking like we did (though someone was saying they had been removing it, looked like they hadn't fed those changes back yet)
couldn't work out of ATL should be fine with VS2005, seemed to be a bunch of people having issues with it, but I think pre 1.3
rcohn 09:02 Hi - is there any sample code that sets up CustomWinProc. I've read the Firebreath Tips: Drawing on Windows, and I've looked through the FBTest example. I know that I have to override PluginWindowWin::CustomWinProc, but it's not clear how that overriden class will be used. If you have some example that shows this, or there is a really obvious answer, I would appreciate your assistance. Thanks.
amackera 09:02 rcohn: I could be wrong about this, but I think in Factory.cpp in your plugin's project directory you can override the createPluginWindowWin() method
and just return your own window class
As long as your window object inherits from FB::PluginWindowWin you should be good, and you can override the CustomWinProc method in your custom class
I hope that makes sense
rcohn 09:02 I suspected as much. If I do override PluginFactory::createPluginWindowWin(), then I have to make sure and return MyPluginFactory from FB::FactoryBasePtr getFactoryInstance(). Does this sound right?
amackera 09:02 taxilian_away: You must do that regardless
rcohn: you must do that regardless
rcohn: If you have generated your plugin with, your factory should already be doing this
rcohn 09:02 OK. Thanks. The default that FB creates is PluginFactory, which *is* the factory for my project. So I think I am clear on what needs to be done. Thanks very much for your help! Signing off ...
amackera 09:02 good luck! :)
taxilian 10:02 wonder why it's been so quiet on the IRC room lately when the website traffic is busier than ever
maybe the docs are improving and people don't need to drop in anymore :-P
amackera 10:02 that's a good sign :D
taxilian 10:02 I suppose so
anyone know of any outstanding issues? Should I put out one more beta just in case or go straight to RC?
amackera 10:02 I haven't merged my little coord change to firebreath-1.4 yet
but i can do that super quick right now
taxilian 10:02 has it been tested?
amackera 10:02 yep :)
we can let it slip to next release if you want to bake it more
taxilian 10:02 nah, go ahead and put it in
I reviewed it and had my mac expert friend review it
made sense to him too
amackera 10:02 nice
Alright, so I should fetch the firebreath-1.4 branch, cherry pick the commit, then push back to firebreath-1.4 branch, yes?
taxilian 10:02 actually right now (until the RC, when it will be feature-locked) they are the same
so just push master to 1.4
amackera 10:02 ok sweet, that's easy
taxilian 10:02 yeah
I can even do it if you want
there, see?
FB_GitHubBot 10:02 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Anson MacKeracher * dbc2ebb (2 files in 1 dirs): Plugin coordinate space change for Mac OS X ... -
amackera 10:02 hehe nice :D
taxilian: I have a question about logging
taxilian 10:02 ok
amackera 10:02 the log4cplus files never seem to be included
taxilian 10:02 where are you doing the add_firebreath_library?
amackera 10:02 At the bottom of PluginConfig.cmake
in my project
bad place
taxilian 10:02 no, that should be right
does it work w/ FBTestPlugin?
amackera 10:02 the CMakeLists.txt seems to always include the null logger
taxilian 10:02 let me look
it'll take me a few
amackera 10:02 sure, no problem
thanks for the help :)
pq_ 10:02 hello
amackera 10:02 at line 48, it looks like there's some wonkyness setting / testing the LogKey variable
pq_: howdy
taxilian 10:02 pq_: how are things?
pq_ 10:02 bad
taxilian 10:02 that doesn't sound good
whats the problem?
pq_ 10:02 managed to make a "hole" in the plugin window
but as soon as I scroll the browser window the hole disappears
it seems as if something is clearing the window's region
taxilian 10:02 that wouldn't surprise me in the least, unfortunately
pq_ 10:02 well, at Google they could do it
amackera 10:02 pq_: Are you on MS Windows, or Mac?
also, what do you mean by making a "hole" in the window? a transparent area?
pq_ 10:02 windows
amackera 10:02 Are you using windowless mode or windowed mode? (windowed is the default)
pq_ 10:02 windowed
amackera 10:02 Hmm
taxilian 10:02 he's trying to use windowed transparency instead of windowless so he can use opengl
amackera 10:02 Hmm
I'm not entirely should you should be able to do that
I was under the impression that one of the purposes of windowless mode was to support transparency
pq_ 10:02 google earth plugin is using a trick like that
you can see the buttons are in the same window as the browser, which is different from the plugin's
using something like spy++
amackera 11:02 Hmm
taxilian 11:02 amackera: definitely see the same issue with log4cplus
not sure why it isn't working
looking at it, but I'm still (again?) pretty sick
so not sure if I'll find it or not
amackera 11:02 alright
I have a work-around for now
I just always include the log4cplus files
pq_: I am not sure how Google Earth did that...
taxilian 11:02 amackera: it's due to include order, which shouldn't be
amackera 11:02 pq_: The only thing I can think of is that GE doesn't ever scroll
Maybe they have the same bug, but since it never scrolls they don't worry about it?
pq_ 11:02 i thought so too
pq_ 11:02 leaving tonight see you around
thank for helping
sabotaged|wk 12:02 question: how do i stop wix installer stuff from building in release mode?
amackera 12:02 I'm not sure there's an easy way to do that
taxilian 12:02 sabotaged|wk: what are you trying to do?
I'm confusd =]
sabotaged|wk 12:02 well i'm trying to get my project on our build servers, and there is a wix step failing
we don't wan't to use wix
so i was hoping for a shortcut solution to fix the error
FB_GitHubBot 12:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 8f4fa75 (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed log4cplus inclusion issue -
taxilian 12:02 sabotaged|wk: yeah, just remove the wix config from your projectDef.cmake
FB_GitHubBot 12:02 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 9f2c797 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed minor cmake issue -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 8f4fa75 (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed log4cplus inclusion issue
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 9f2c797 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed minor cmake issue
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 commits dbc2ebb...9f2c797 -
amackera 12:02 nice
taxilian 12:02 let me know if it works
amackera 13:02 Yep looks good!
scJohn 13:02 hey Taxilian, I've noticed a number of commits over the past few days. Anything I should be on the lookout for when I update?
taxilian 13:02 I don't think so
taxilian 13:02 mainly some improvements to mac and minor bugfixes
I think we're pretty close to RC1
I'm considering putting it out today, in fact
amackera 13:02 nice :D
taxilian: is it bad if my plugin is retaining and releasing a lot of NPObjects?
what would cause it to retain and then release shortly afterwards?
taxilian 13:02 amackera: it is unusual certainly
it should only retain an object when you give it one, obviously
are you using htmlLog?
amackera 13:02 nope
i will examine this more deeply
iaincollins 14:02 oops I seem to still be in the office
taxilian: lots to do, but fairly functional version (just need to configure config.ini to point to log path, relative form the config file or absolute):
taxilian 14:02 iaincollins: awesome =]
iaincollins|away 14:02 oops, logdir structure must be: ./servername/channelname/*.log .... *actually goes*
taxilian 14:02 do you want me to throw this in git somewhere?
public or private, as you prefer
iaincollins|away 14:02 sure go for it, public & any licence (BSD fine)
taxilian 14:02 cool
do you have a github acct?
iaincollins|away 14:02 (will sort out later if you don't have time)
taxilian 14:02 not a problem
I'm too sick to concentrate on anything important anyway
iaincollins|away 14:02 eep :( bad flu!
taxilian 14:02 I think the flu is mostly gone and now I have a bad cold
but it's hard to say
the symptoms are so similar
I almost got better, then I got worse again
iaincollins|away 15:02 :( I had that, I was "wellish" and came back to work for 4 days
then got ill again :/
seems to have hit a lot of people this year, all over the place
taxilian 15:02
iaincollins|away 15:02 cool thanks, just set up an account (I thought I had one, but I didn't), username: iaincollins
taxilian 15:02 you have been added
you also have commit access on the main repo; please be careful with it =]
iaincollins|away 15:02 now my friends will stop talking about me behind my back for not using git... ;)
taxilian 15:02 I'm just too lazy to set up seperate privileges
iaincollins|away 15:02 Hah, cool thanks. I'll stick to breaking mine for now.
taxilian 15:02 =]
so how do I configure this?
iaincollins|away 15:02 so just need to edit the config.ini
with a path to the logfiles (relative from the config.ini file or absolute)
taxilian 15:02 logfiles with the filenames they have now work okay?
iaincollins|away 15:02 sure
but the structure must be something like "/some/path/*.log"
taxilian 15:02 hmm. okay; that'll require some change to my structure, then
iaincollins|away 15:02 and from there it handles the automagic for server name and channel name drop downs
could use symlinks if you liked
taxilian 15:02 probably will
iaincollins|away 15:02 but the file names don't need to change
taxilian 15:02 just need to configure an apache vhost first
iaincollins|away 15:02 I got friends to send me sample log files so I've had a few types to process
taxilian 15:02 cool
iaincollins|away 15:02 oops I see I left in commented out cruft, doh
iaincollins 15:02 will stick aroud for a few minutes while you do that :)
taxilian 15:02
hmm. feature request: would be nice after I do a search and find a conversation to be able to copy a link to that conversation
so I could paste it here
iaincollins 15:02 yeah absolutely
taxilian 15:02 things to think about
iaincollins 15:02 have gotten so far as a single comment out line for that in the js :)
but that's the very next thing
taxilian 15:02 in the mean time, I think this is great
you can still get to the raw logs
just FYI
that's intentional
you may want to have access to them for testing
iaincollins 15:02 cool thanks
taxilian 15:02 we've had nearly 50 responses to the survey, btw
iaincollins 15:02 oh nice
taxilian 15:02 for any interested
so there are definitely people using FireBreath
iaincollins 15:02 I would be interested to know what people thought
hehe :)
taxilian 15:02 I'll post the results when I have time
at least a summary of them
for now, though, I'm going to rest a bit
so if I respond slowly, that's why
iaincollins 15:02 cool :) I will actually go home then
get well soon & take it easy! :)
dicroce 16:02 My plugin object knows that its time to FireEvent, but my API object has the FireEvent() method... Now, my plugin creates my API object in the ::createJSAPI() call, but I'm concerned that if I stash a shared_ptr to my API object away in my plugin object I'll create a circular reference... Is this true or would that be OK?
Really, I guess my question is: How do I FireEvent() from my plugin object?
taxilian 16:02 dicroce: you have to make a call to your API object
oh, he's gone
Jamil 17:02 Hi taxilian
Q: I am using SetPixel to paint inside my FB plugin. Painting is depends on WM_PAINT event. working well
My question is how can I do to clear this painting by clicking a javscript button and start a method?
which event I can firewhich affect the painting context?
Note that I am painting using a Pen (tablet) and I want to clear using the mouse. mouse is disabled inside the painting context.
Hope it is clear
I am going to sleep now...thx in advanced