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diorcety 02:11 Hi,
Can i call
Can i invoke synchronously a JSObject (i'm on main thread)
there is InvokeAsync
jshanab 07:11 I am on windows and suddenly my plugin is trying to build PluginWindowX11 (it errs out because it cannot find gtk) but I was playing with the cmake for mac, Any ideas where I might of triggered the inclusion of linux?
chen 08:11 Hi, appreciate any help. I have created a firebreath plugin for windows , on my test page, each time i click on an API i see the memory usage going up by ~10k. I did not find any leaks in my code. I added the leakfinder and stackwalker to my code. it finds things outside my code that i cannot say anythings smart about.
I tried both firebreath versions 1.6 and 177 since i suspected the memory consumption comes from firebreath code
the problem is more accute in IE8
jshanab 08:11 Build the test plugin and see if it leaks. I have a plugin that does not leak and it is a rather big complicated one, so it is probably not FB. I use intel parallels tool for memory checking, I never got the Microsoft stuff to work well.
Use the stack trace on anything it finds outside the code. A lot of times it shows you the leak at the OS level when you need to know where it came from 10 levels or so up the stack
chen 08:11 can you point me to a specific tool that i can download?
As far as i can see the test plugin did not leak, maybe the memory consumption came from the leakchecker itself
jshanab 08:11 not for free. but integrates with visual studio.
how big is your plugin. There are some techniques like replace new and delete with your own that can help. Also do you use boost shared_ptr?
A lot of my memory leaks actually came from improper use of shared_ptr. Just putting log statements in every CTOR and DTOR proved i was not calling my DTORs. A lot can be solved without special tools
chen 08:11 My plugin is medium in size. I have no use of shared_ptr in my code, can the intel tool detect memory leaks in the javascript code as well? i heard that javascript can leak as well.
jshanab 08:11 Javascript code is out of the scope of the plugin. Do you use firebug?
Replace the javascript API call with just a return in the plugin and see if leak magically dissapears. Have you read the FAQ about lifecycle of a plugin?
The intel tool is for c/c++ if you build the browser from source or use the debug build and connect to mozilla's symbol server you can then detect the leak with full stack trace, but that is debugging someone else's highly tested code. Odds are it is in your neck of the woods
chen 08:11 I use the plugin for IE , so i cannot use firebug for firefox. I will read the FAQ for clues
jshanab 08:11 Yes you can. The beauty of FB is that it works on both. FF lets you restrict to a singl process and have access to debug builds and the symbol server so it makes it easier to debug. But IE has built in equivilent to firebug and then there is "Fiddler" to really help. I will say life would be easier without IE, We do video and IE is bad at cooperating with others wanting to use a directX context.
so...we are switching to openGL :-)
chen 08:11 :-)
taxilian 12:11 good morning
jshanab 12:11 Good Afternoon
taxilian 12:11 not here it isn't =] though in my normal time zone it is
jshanab 12:11 Whew, I thought it was response latency ;-)
taxilian 12:11 lol
vk 14:11 Hi. Is there a reason that the IRC logs are not available anymore?
taxilian 14:11 yeah
I haven't had time to put them back up after changing servers
(you ask if there was a reason, not if there was a good reason)