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taxilian 08:01 DuckAssassin: seen you the last few days, but haven't heard anything from you yet. how're things?
DuckAssassin 08:01 Hmm, good.
taxilian 08:01 any questions about anything?
mainly I'm justing saying hi =]
DuckAssassin 08:01 Ah. I was just kinda 'taking a look'. Very interesting project.
taxilian 08:01 we enjoy it. what do you think so far? first impressions? (I'm hard to offend)
DuckAssassin 08:01 Well, am yet to realyl get started, but from first impressions: active, well documented, what moer could you want? :D
taxilian 08:01 hehe. we're still working on the "well documented" bit, but it's better than some =]
it's fascinating to me to see the responses to the survey question "how do you rate FireBreath's documentation" :-P
some say "fantastic"! and others are like, "1/10"
DuckAssassin 08:01 Well, any documentation is helpful.
taxilian 08:01 true
something in particular you're thinking of using FireBreath for?
DuckAssassin 08:01 Well, I am only really looking into it for a learning expirience, but I was hoping to use it with Python...
taxilian 08:01 If memory serves I think nirvdrum is doing that
DuckAssassin 08:01 Kinda wanted to see if it would be feasible to sue it with PyGame to allow the use of Python for producing games...
taxilian 08:01 he embedded a stripped down version of python
you'd need to be kinda careful — remember that if it can just load any arbitrary python script it'd be really easy for malicious code to be injected which could be a real problem
you could also look at the boost python stuff, which is included
DuckAssassin 08:01 Yeeah, I was thnking about that. I think it would be possible to sandbox Python though.
nitrogenycs 08:01 I am using the plugin with our custom engine which is python based
you can also sign the downloaded scripts and see if the script was signed by yourself
if it was, execute it, otherwise reject it
then you only need to pay attention to the data you are feeding in there
taxilian 08:01 ahh, it was nitro, not nirvdrum
that's right =]
nitrogenycs 08:01 I'm the one who always tried to feed others to the python :)
taxilian 08:01 hehe
if it makes you feel better, I've been using python a lot the last few days
working on fbgen - web
nitrogenycs 08:01 do you like it?
taxilian 08:01 hehe. I am slowly starting to like python better than PHP for web stuff
my main issue is just that I still don't know it as well
DuckAssassin 08:01 You can't go wrong with a bit of Python... :)
taxilian 08:01 FireBreath actually has several ties to python
fbgen, the mac xcode patcher, the documentation importer
there is actually a python script that runs every night and post-processes the doxygen class docs and imports them into the wiki
nitrogenycs 08:01 yes, being really proficient in a language takes some time. With C++ meta-template-magic it can take longer :)
DuckAssassin: What kind of game are you going to do? 2D?
There are some people here using FB in a games environment, I think neilg also uses it for similar purposes. Iirc there were more ppl.
taxilian 09:01 there are several that I know of, so probably several to quite a few more that I don't
DuckAssassin 09:01 Yeah, I was just gonna stick to good ol' 2D. :)
taxilian 09:01 =]
keep us posted with what you come up with
I'd love to get some example python projects up too, if someone feels like it wouldn't be releasing code that gives them a competitive advantage
taxilian 09:01 one of the most requested things in the survey has been "more examples"
trying to decide if I should release beta 4 now or wait 'til Monday
monday might be a better time for people to update to it and start using it
I think this will be the last beta, though
next will be an RC
which is about the schedule I expected; RC at the end of the month
nitrogenycs 09:01 I hope to get back to the firebreath part of my project in 1 or 2 weeks, then I can probably write some small article how I am using firebreath. Providing code is a bit harder, since I am using a few custom libraries etc
taxilian 09:01 that would be really cool
one thing I've been a little disappointed about is that (AFAIK) nobody but me has written any blog posts about FireBreath
nitrogenycs 09:01 I've never blogged, so that's probably why I don't write blog posts about firebreath :)
taxilian 09:01 hehe
it's interesting, though; if I hadn't I don't think FireBreath would be where it is
FB_GitHubBot 12:01 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 952e49e (4 files in 1 dirs): Minor improvements to fbgen project
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 72cf3b5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Mainly documentation updates to example project
FireBreath: master commits 5b7b4cb...72cf3b5 -
wolfmanfx 13:01 hi, does anyone know anything why Opera 11 do not recognize my plugin (this never worked) i am using the latest FB 1.4 from yesterday.
taxilian 13:01 I don't know; you are the second to indicate this, however
so it might be something weird has changed in Opera
unfortunately I don't know much about opera's NPAPI detection
it was definitely working at one time, however
very strange
wolfmanfx 13:01 maybe version 9
taxilian 13:01
wolfmanfx 13:01 btw xpi plugins is also done :) cab is missing
taxilian 13:01 someone else has complained about it
wolfmanfx 13:01 hopefully i am done this week and can start writing :)
taxilian 13:01 does it show up in opera:plugins?
I look forward to it
wolfmanfx 13:01 no it do show anything (about my plugin)
taxilian 13:01 strange
I wonder why
it's worked before
wolfmanfx 13:01 maybe you should make an note in the release notes as a known issue
taxilian 13:01 definitely claims this is the correct way to do it
I'll post to the mailing list
wolfmanfx 13:01 i mean after you try it your self when you have time
taxilian 13:01 I won't have time 'til maybe next week
Opera has such a small userbase on desktop machines that it's hard to justify taking much time to fix it
wolfmanfx 13:01 yep thats true
i have it on my machine for testing purpose
i mean its not an bad browser
taxilian 13:01 just nobody uses it
wolfmanfx 13:01 :D
i think FF & Chrome dominating the windows worlds (i mean as third party browsers)
taxilian 13:01 seem to be, yes
Safari just tends to be free, so we support it
Opera has often caused problems
taxilian 13:01 wow… just added support for generating a tar.gz, tar.bz2, or .zip file from web-based fbgen in python and it took me all of about 45 minutes start to finish
python FTW
DuckAssassin 14:01 Haha. Python is magical no? :D