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me 02:01 Hello
anyone here, I have a question
Jamil 13:01 Hi taxilian
taxilian 13:01 hey Jamil
Jamil 13:01 I have a compile error on my FB project. I asked the third party lib I am using and they told the following:
....I suspect what happened is that you don't have WIN32 defined in your preprocessor settings....
taxilian 13:01 well, did you check?
Jamil 13:01 any idea?
taxilian 13:01 it'd be in the visual studio project
Jamil 13:01 I can't verify because I am out these days...but it I use your default settings when build the solution
taxilian 13:01 my default settings have WIN32 in the preprocessor definitions
at least my project does; I just checked
Jamil 14:01 so maybe it is not the cause of the error because I did not change any default value
taxilian 14:01 likely not
Jamil 14:01 Ok, I will verify the project on Saturday
taxilian 14:01 good luck :-/
Jamil 14:01 thx
kylehuff 14:01 did Win/win_common.h move in 1.4 also?
taxilian 14:01 yes
it is now just win_common.h
kylehuff 14:01 okay, cool; thanks.. I think it is missing from the version history breaking changes; I can add it if you like?
taxilian 14:01 go for it
kylehuff 14:01 done
taxilian 14:01 thanks
you using it now, then?
kylehuff 14:01 yes, just getting around to building on windows
taxilian 14:01 cool
any problems so far?
kylehuff 14:01 just that one, otherwise it is working great
taxilian 14:01 great. as much as I try to avoid breaking changes, some are just needed
kylehuff 14:01 yeah. I went through ahead of time and made the breaking changes I was aware of; I should have tested it on windows at that time, but my windows image was down
taxilian 14:01 fair enough. sorry I missed that one
brb, freezing down here; going to switch to my laptop and go upstairs
I hate being sick
kylehuff 14:01 =c )
kylehuff 15:01 I wonder if my problems would increase or decrease if I moved to visual studio express...
taxilian 15:01 kylehuff: increase
kylehuff 15:01 damn... I was hoping to ditch vs 2008
I can only compile for the running architecture in VS 2008, which means I have to install VS on ANOTHER box...
taxilian 16:01 I haven't had any trouble with it myself
you know you can compile on the command line if desired, right?
kylehuff 16:01 what?!
I didn't know that
that is awesome, because VS eats a ton of ram.. althogh, I don't think that will solve my current issue of not being able to compile a 64bit binary on my 32bit system
taxilian 16:01 why on earth would you want to compile a 64 bit binary on windows?
nobody uses IE 64 bit
and firefox 64 bit hasn't really been released, so nobody uses that either
btw, check out what iaincollins has been working on:
not fully live yet
or finished
but very very cool
kylehuff 16:01 wait, really? man.. that saves me from wasting like, 5 hours this evening..
taxilian 16:01 to build on the command line, the easiest way is to just use cmake
after you run prep2008, do cmake --build build/
(where the last is the build directory
kylehuff 16:01 huh, I will try that out..
taxilian 16:01 there is a command line for devenv.exe, though, that you can use to build other projects
how else could you build on a build server?
kylehuff 16:01 I wasn't aware you could build on a build server.. I was manually building on windows..
If I had known that, I would have done it via ssh
taxilian 16:01 builds on all 4 supported platforms - mac os, windows, lin32, lin64
ya gotta ask these things, man =]
there is hope!
kylehuff 16:01 I did, but it was a while ago.. (and it is entirely possibly I misunderstood the answer)
taxilian 16:01 you might have ask if you could build without visual studio
and you can't
but that doesn't mean you can't build with visual studio from the command line
so yeah; install cygwin ssh on the windows box and off you go
kylehuff 16:01 that makes life a little easier.. and since I no longer care about win64, I am nearly done and can stop monkeying around in this horribly cumbersome windows interface..
I have tried to CTRL+Backspace like 3,000 times today... doesn't work in OSX either.. very obnoxious..
taxilian 17:01 lol
kylehuff 19:01 hey taxilian; I am redoing the layout of my project, and I was thinking about making firebreath a submodue. any thoughts?
taxilian 19:01 not sure I follow?
oh, a git submodule?
that should be doable
kylehuff 19:01 yeah, sorry.. git submodule
taxilian 19:01 I would put it in something like .firebreath under your root
and put your project in a subdirectory under your root
add a note that one must do git submodule update —init —recursive in order to get everything needed
you could then put your own "prep" scripts in the root that call .firebreath/prep<whatever>.[sh|cmd] . build
you'll get a couple of warning from FireBreath about the scripts, but nothing to worry about
kylehuff 19:01 hmm.. okay.. so, will I need to peg a certain release? for example, 1.4?
taxilian 19:01 whatever you use will be stored as the reference in git
so they'll get whatever you last committed
I'd put it on the 1.4 branch, but to update what release it is pegged at just go into that dir, git checkout <branch>, git pull
and then go back to your root and do git add .firebreath && git commit ...
(typing shorthand, don't take all of that literally)
kylehuff 19:01 oh, okay.. thats cool..
(yeah, I am expanding in my head)
taxilian 19:01 submodules are a little weird at first
but useful
kylehuff 19:01 yeah, I am just trying to simplify the firebreath part, since it is required in order to build the plugin, and it also it is requires a specific version