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NoAntzWk 10:01 Hi taxilian!
taxilian 10:01 hey
working on the issue you reported
thanks for catching that
NoAntzWk 10:01 ok....
taxilian 10:01 figured out what causes it, now I just have to figure out how to fix it =]
NoAntzWk 10:01 cool!
I guess that FB 1.4 b3 will fix issue 125 because SimpleStreamHelper works.
Great work!
taxilian 10:01 interesting. well, 1.4b3 partially fixes it; this fix should hopefully completely fix it
eventually I would like to add other SimpleStreamHelper functions
AsyncGetToFile and such
and Post, of course
NoAntzWk 10:01 Interesting. ooooh! Great work!
taxilian 10:01 but not sure when I'll find time for that
not in 1.4
NoAntzWk 10:01 I have a basic implementation of POST streams.
taxilian 10:01 really? awesome!
NoAntzWk 10:01 And it works, but I'm not familiar with the operation of github.
taxilian 10:01 I can walk you through putting it in a clone, if you'd like
are you familiar wtih git?
FB_GitHubBot 10:01 FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 8a80c94 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash in browserstreams -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 8a80c94 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash in browserstreams -
taxilian 10:01 let me know if that fixes it; it does for me
NoAntzWk 10:01 Ok. I will pull and test your commit this night or tomorrow. I will let you about fix.
taxilian 10:01 cool
NoAntzWk 10:01 In addition to this I will check issue 125 with this commit.
taxilian 10:01 cool
NoAntzWk 10:01 I'm not familiar pushing on github, but I will try to push my post implementation... :)
taxilian 10:01 are you familiar with git itself?
if not there is a great resource for learning:
NoAntzWk 10:01 well, not to much. I work with svn.
taxilian 10:01 if you need help let me know
git is quite a bit different from svn
once you get use to it, though, svn will drive you crazy :-P
NoAntzWk 10:01 I'm a little bit confusing with push process on github, it works different from svn.
Ok, thank you very much, I will do :p. I have pending to read
taxilian 11:01 chapters 2 and 3 give you a reasonable understanding of hte overall workflow
if you don't have time to read all of it
NoAntzWk 11:01 Ok, thanks for your comments!
taxilian 11:01 thank you
NoAntzWk 11:01 Hi again.
taxilian 11:01 hello
NoAntzWk 11:01 I test your fix and it works, but issue 125 still happens.
Running FBTestPluginAPI::testStreams() doesn't works.
taxilian 11:01 hmm. you shouldn't get onStreamOpened unless it is a seekable request
so that's normal
I think onStreamCompleted isnt' getting sent because nothing is referencing the observer anymore so it was released
NoAntzWk 11:01 The streams are created ok, but they will never start and I do not receive anything.
taxilian 11:01 try saving a reference to the handler
NoAntzWk 11:01 But running the StreamsTest::run() there are a seekable request and I not receive any event.
taxilian 11:01 I think that's because the handler goes out of scope and died
I will have to look at it and see what I can come up with
NoAntzWk 11:01 Mmmhh... ok. So keeping a reference to the stream should be sufficient, right?
taxilian 11:01 I would expect so, yes
NoAntzWk 11:01 I think that I have found the problem. I should keep a reference of BrowserStreamPtr and PluginEventSinkPtr, too.
Debugging I add an extra reference for PluginEventSinkPtr and I move BrowserStreamPtr outside testStreams() scope and it works. Although now I have memory leaks.
I will check tomorrow more accurately and I will keep you informed about it.
taxilian 11:01 yeah, that could do it
NoAntzWk 11:01 Thanks for your help. I'll tell you something tomorrow or I'll add a comment on the issue 125. See you!
taxilian 11:01 no problem
thank you
good luck