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wolfmanfx 03:01 can i use BrowserStream from a background thread?
hi btw :)
taxilian 03:01 Hmm. You probably can't start it from bg
But can use callonmainthread
wolfmanfx 03:01 but do i block the mainthread then?
during the download
if so i will use curl
taxilian 03:01 No
It is an asynchronous call
Browserstream is
wolfmanfx 03:01 ok browserstream already operates in the background?
taxilian 03:01 Yes
But must be started on main thread
Good luck
Going back to sleep
wolfmanfx 03:01 mom :)
the api do not present a wa to lookup the progress
good night :)
wolfmanfx 03:01 got it
jshanab_wcw 07:01 Currently I have been developing with firebreath 1.2.2. I want to update, but am unsure what version to go with. The "recommended" also says "beta"
Will there be a lot of changes to be made in my code for either of these updates
taxilian 09:01 jshanab_wcw: use the beta
jshanab_wcw 09:01 ok, thanks
taxilian 09:01 There will be some changes needed
Should be documented in change history
Version history
jshanab_wcw 09:01 ok, then I will hit it this afternoon after I add my latest feature :-). Is there a wiki page on that, I didn't see one...oh, nevermind(voice of rossannrosanna danna)
taxilian 09:01 Why are you on 1.2.2? You must have been working on that plugin a lot longer than youve been in here
jshanab_wcw 09:01 I dunno, I just grabbed the "stable" at the time
taxilian 09:01 Huh
jshanab_wcw 09:01 When i started, I just watched the videos and then went to the download section and chose what was labeled as the stable release. But that was a while ago, who knows what i did. I am just guessing on the version actually, since it is my downloads directory, the code itself isn't obvious on version
taxilian 10:01 jshanab_wcw: I highly recommend that you get the firebreath-1.4 branch from git so that you can stay up to day easily as the beta progresses
jshanab_wcw 10:01 Yeah, I have not figured out the best way to keep things in SVN when they are based on a third party checkout and not break production code. SVN gave me quite a headache this last week. I want to move to GIT, just haven't had the time. :-(
taxilian 10:01 so use git for the firebreath core, and svn for your personal stuff
jshanab_wcw 10:01 svn worked great for me, but when you throw windows into the mix and some propritary svn product that the IT guy bought cause it runs on windows, soomething got messed up. Visual studio sucks by default, it stupidly creates everything in the source directories.
taxilian 10:01 lol
jshanab_wcw 10:01 I created an environment varible and redid all the projects but VS still creates all kinds of shit and svn throws a canipshit when generated files are on both sides of the merge. Don;t even get me started on line endings LOL
taxilian 10:01 lol
yeah… I like git… =]
I particularly like the ease of which I can now create new repositories on my personal server
I just push to them, and they work :-P
gitolite is pretty cool
jshanab_wcw 10:01 I watched a few online things about git and it sounds like it directly addressed the shortcomings in svn, I just don't know it or have time to set it up.
taxilian 10:01 setup time is actually pretty low; the learning curve for git itself is a little higher, but is a fantastic resource for that
jshanab_wcw 10:01 When time permits, i would like to ask you some git questions, like what to watch out for and what tools to use and how to move from svn to git
taxilian 10:01 no problem
jshanab_wcw 10:01 thanks
taxilian 10:01 and seriously, it's really not that hard
you'll be surprised
kylehuff 10:01 git tends to make more sense, IMO
taxilian 10:01 you can even set it up like I did:
it's very nice
kylehuff 10:01 eventually you start being able to guess what you need to do, and it is right..
taxilian 10:01 wildcard repos are my new best friend
usually, anyway =]
jshanab_wcw 10:01 I have just been under the gun, jumping back and forth, from project to project depending on which boss is literally sitting in the chair looking over my shoulder. That is why saturdays are so great for m....
kylehuff 10:01 well, eventually is vague and unspecific on purpose.. =c )
taxilian 10:01 lol. yeah, I have experienced that
scJohn 13:01 taxilian, i set the FB_GUI_DISABLED .. should I remove the width/height from the object tag?
taxilian 13:01 no
I would set it to 1x1, though
scJohn 13:01 i have it as 10x10 and a small box shows...
taxilian 13:01 you might even be able to get away with making it invisible (visibility: hidden or display: none), but I'm not certain
some browsers may act strangely if you do that
scJohn 13:01 so i will still see a small box, oh ok
i have it at 1x1.. works for me.
scJohn 14:01 taxilian, assuming this gui is really disabled. it seems to be working on chrome and ie under windows.
taxilian 14:01 awesome
scJohn 14:01 i will roll this to more computers over the next couple of weeks, i'll let you know.
taxilian 14:01 cool. sounds like you've got things figured out
scJohn 14:01 this project is really simple.
i have no idea on the installer and express
taxilian 14:01 the installer is really easy to get started; just a little trickier to add extra files and/or upgrade support
but I think iaincollins has documented that now
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