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jshanab_wcw2 08:01 Visual studio has debug and release configurations. How do I create both in FB. ( i have a library that is sensative to what you link to, can't mix)
wolfmanfx 09:01 hi exists there any guide how to include an npapi plugin (with lot of dlls) in an xpi i searched a little the web but the tutorials are really vague on this. For example i do not know if i can install the npapi plugin through an xpi so that it got registred with other browsers too.
jshanab_wcw2 10:01 I am usin an msi, do not know about the xpi, but i have many dlls and the single msi from whichever browser triggers it has a single plugin dll and it contains inside the active X and the npapi plugin. hit it in one browser and it is installed for all 4
wolfmanfx 10:01 yep i know but i thought alot about it i want to try the hard way for us developers :) and make it easier for the user
which means an cab file for ie and xpi for ff and the chrome exentsion for chrome
jshanab_wcw2 11:01 you Masochist you
I could see an advantage to that, make a minimal sized plugin for a specific application when the plugin gets large and complicated
wolfmanfx 14:01 does the plugin gets an event the client makes an reload because it seems like the destructor is not called on reload
taxilian 15:01 jshanab_wcw2: the info you're looking for on linking to different libs depending on config is on the wiki
wolfmanfx: you can't install for all browsers using an XPI
wolfmanfx: the destructor may not be called before the next one is created, but unless you're holding a reference to the shared_ptr somewhere you shouldn't be it will be called
on reload
wolfmanfx 15:01 mm ok so it can be constructed again before it gots destructed
jshanab_wcw2 15:01 Thanks taxilian.
taxilian 15:01 wolfmanfx: consider that you could have two pages open and you'd then have two instances
refreshing in firefox works basically the same way; it just ends up creating the second instance before it frees the first