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FB_GitHubBot 11:01 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 16cef3a (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed build error on mac -
taxilian 11:01 testfire: on the off chance you come back and check the logs, the file you need to look at to understand the way the logging is set up (but not completely ironed out) is src/PluginAuto/log4cplus/log4cplus.cpp
FB_GitHubBot 12:01 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * a542765 (1 files in 1 dirs): Tweaked fix for build error on mac -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 16cef3a (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed build error on mac
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * a542765 (1 files in 1 dirs): Tweaked fix for build error on mac
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 commits f0aeb30...a542765 -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 57f2c49 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash on firefox shutdown -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.4 Richard Bateman * 57f2c49 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed crash on firefox shutdown -
jshanab_wcw2 13:01 is setRect and setWindow built into the plugin framework? (I can't remeber if I put them there or if fbgen did)
taxilian 13:01 you can look at the fbgen templates in fbgen/src/
but I suspect that they were put there by you. I'd be a little careful with setWindow, since that will either hide or override a similarly named method in PluginCore that you probably don't want to mess with
oh, I guess it doesn't, but it could be confusing
there is a PluginCore::SetWindow
jshanab_wcw2 13:01 ok, Trting to find who calls it
I guess I added it at the API level so i could adjust from javascript. no longer needed. I had a lot of fun trying to use SDL, trying SFML to display video frames
taxilian 13:01 ahh, an API method.
yeah, fbgen doesn't really add any useful API methods
except maybe getPlugin
jshanab_wcw2 14:01 I have a plugin that installs without issue in 4 browsers, it is signed. But when it plays in IE, it stops and asks about running activeX on most machines. Is there anything i can do on the plugin side to smooth out this issue, or is it all ie settings
jtojanen 17:01 jshanab_wcw2: you had this problem with IE, is it the "Run this plugin on all site" question that comes when new ActiveX is installed and you use it for first time?
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 Actually, it may be that our plugin shows as "Not verified" , it also does it on install. We paid for the cert and it is registered for all domains
I think it is being signed, just not "verified" (whatever that means)
jtojanen 18:01 What is the exact error message?
And is your certificate for code signing?
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 I will have to dig into it, it signs fine, no errors that I could see. just ie bitching everytime we try and use it
I do not know that much about the cert, we paid verisign for it to sign our plugins
taxilian 18:01 jtojanen: I think I've applied all of your changes; let me know if I missed anything
jtojanen 18:01 taxilian: thanks, i have already tested :)
taxilian 18:01 surprised that the CComBSTR thing didn't cause any crashes...
you can tell my COM skills aren't quite up there with the rest of my C++ skills =]
jtojanen 18:01 i had IE complaining about double free
taxilian 18:01 huh; maybe I did too and just didn't know where to look? I have no idea
jtojanen 18:01 we were testing exceptions and IE was trying to free those CComBSTR memory blocks; as it should but those were already gone
taxilian 18:01 ahh. Well, I'm glad you're doing that testing, then =]
jtojanen 18:01 the guy who has telling that exceptions are not working with Firefox 4.0 beta, he is right on that.
exceptions are not working after Firefox 3.6.4 where they started sandboxing plugins to external process
taxilian 18:01 not all >3.6.4 is OOPP; I haven't played much with OOPP in firefox.
I suspect it's the same bug as Chrome is experiencing
jtojanen 18:01 Firefox gets exception but with no message; Chrome has the same issue
taxilian 18:01 I suppose one of us should probably file an issue on that
feel free =]
jtojanen 18:01 haven't found the source to this
taxilian 18:01 I need to find a good way to establish a relationship with the browser teams
there is a call, NPN_SetException. When NPN_SetException is called with a string and then subsequently the call returns "false" it should throw a javascript exception with that text
jtojanen 18:01 there has been activity around this problem but i haven't seen a fix to it
taxilian 18:01 is the firefox team aware of it, then?
jtojanen 18:01 yes
taxilian 18:01 okay; that's a good start, anyway =]
jtojanen 18:01 they complain that there is too little info to locate the right target which i don't get at all
for exception
so they sent "a global exception" whatever that means
i will dig deeper
taxilian 18:01 well, NPN_SetException doesn't actually specify a target… it just says basically "the call I'm on threw an exception"
so maybe they've changed the concurrency rules with OOPP? I dunno
it's definitely a poorly done API
jtojanen 18:01 maybe
but still the only one
taxilian 18:01 the IE one makes a lot more sense, though I hate dealing with COM
jtojanen 18:01 in past XPCOM was more or less a copy of Microsoft way of doing things
taxilian 18:01 yeah; the first thing I did when I started learning plugins was to ditch XPCOM on our plugin and switch to NPRuntime… :-P
of course, there were other more practical reasons for that
jtojanen 18:01 :)
I have patch to FBControl.rgs, take a look at
taxilian 18:01 good thinking; I keep meaning to add that and keep not finding the time to pull out the info
jtojanen 18:01 That add FBControl to list of IE preapproved plugin and user doesn't have to click the yellow bar
taxilian 18:01 right
there is another thing I've had to do before besides this
will need to find the docs one of these days
with all of these changes you're finding, any chance you'd consider setting up your own fork on github so you can more easily send pull requests?
it would make it a lot less work for me and probably more convenient for you
jtojanen 18:01 that is a possibility :)
taxilian 18:01 you can even use svn with it if you want (though personally I can't stand svn since I learned how to use git :-P)
jtojanen 18:01 well i am getting to use to life with git
what documents do mean?
taxilian 18:01 the flexibility of branches and the ease of working with multiple repositories just has me completely sold… I can put changes in my personal fork for testing, which is nice, and then push it to the main repo.. each is a simple command
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 Is that FBControl.rgs patch intended for my problem? :-)
taxilian 18:01 what documents do mean? I don't understand
jtojanen 18:01 yep
taxilian 18:01 oh, I see it :-P
jtojanen 18:01 "will need to find the docs one of these days" ?
taxilian 18:01 I found documentation for the other changes that we used to make, but I can't find them now
jshanab_wcw2: you can copy the .rgs file to your plugin dir and it will use that instead of the original
basically just add his "patch" to the end should work for testing, I think
jtojanen 18:01 should work
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 I will try
taxilian 18:01 (I'm currently working on homework, so if I seem resistive to doing any work on the FB code right now it's because I don't want to get sidetracked before I finish this assignment :-P)
jtojanen 18:01 and i should go to sleep; its 3:26am here
taxilian 18:01 aight. sleep well, and thanks
jtojanen 18:01 see ya
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 Darn, no diff
taxilian 18:01 like I said, just drop that at the end of the file
jshanab_wcw2 18:01 it didn't work, but I am duplicating that entry in the wix installer now
I am on an older version of FB
no dice. Tomarrow is a new day
taxilian 18:01 the %CLSID% should be the CLSID of your activex control
if you're adding it manually
taxilian 19:01 I'm off for now