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GreenMario 12:11 Hey guys, I have a question about the installer behaviour with perMachine installation.
I build an msi package that deploys 2 plugin dlls and some other files.
So far, I was only doing it the default way (perUser) and everything was fine.
Now I am trying to get perMachine installation going and changed the pluginconfig.cmake to uncomment the line that makes it happen.
This is where weirdness happens. I can successfully install and run the plugin from the admin user. But when I switch the user, I can load only the secondary plugin dll. My primary plugin dll is not registered under that user.
So, it seems like the msi installation is visible to all users, but my primary plugin dll is somehow not registering under other users. However the second dll is registering fine.
any idea why that might be the case, guys?
@taxilian ?
taxilian 12:11 hu
you need to update some things in the MSI as well
to indicate where it goes
it's more than just one change in pluginconfig
GreenMario 12:11 I see. Would it have to do something with the registry entries? I changed everything from HKCU to HKLM already. And installing everything to programfiles.
I mean, I have configured my wxs file enough to ship and register several things (including a second dll), alonwith the primary dll. And rest of it seems to work just fine
on all users. It's just the primary dll that won't load on any other user except the one from which it was installed, @taxilian
taxilian 12:11 the dll registration is probably still pointed at HKCU
GreenMario 12:11 hmm, let me double check.
taxilian 12:11 try set(REGISTRY_ROOT HKCU)
and set(WIX_FORCE_PER "user")
just the latter, looks like
look in Win.cmake for details
GreenMario 12:11 oh yeah, you're right. It still registered everything under HKCU, even though I explicitly changed my wxs file to do HKLM
Thanks for the pointers, Richard. I will try the things you mentioned and let you know how it goes.
taxilian 12:11 pretty sure that WIX_FORCE_PER will rewrite it to use HKLM
if you set it to "machine"