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taxilian 08:10 clampart: I haven't had any issues like that
however, the piece you're looking at is a bit of a red herring
the name returned by the element is not necessarily relevant; more useful would be to check to see if .valid returns
also worth trying would be to add the onLoad param and see if it gets called
clampart 08:10 I'm setting up a test page where I'm looking for .version
.valid is undefined in the nonworking browsers
taxilian 08:10 that doesn't surprise me
have you tried two different versions of the browser on the same system?
and one works one doesn't?
clampart 08:10 yes, it works up until FF35
taxilian 08:10 oh....
64 bit
that's the point when they switched to 64 bit by default on windows
it's been so long that I'd forgotten
you can either install the 32 bit version of firefox or build your plugin 64 bit, either should work
clampart 08:10 hmm, actually I'm using 32bt version, you can choose version at the Downloads page
taxilian 08:10 hmm. it was a good theory, then
well, basically there are a few possible reasons that it could have stopped working
the most likely seeming to me would be that the browser was no longer able to load the plugin
do you have logging as part of your plugin?
it would be helpful to know if the dll was even loaded
clampart 08:10 sort of logging is eabled:
Evertyime I open the test page in a working firefox invoked with -attach-console 2>&1
I get the output
log4cplus:ERROR No appenders could be found for logger (FireBreath).
log4cplus:ERROR Please initialize the log4cplus system properly.
This seems to be a sign that the DLL is loading ;-)