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clampart 09:10 I'm using a FireBreath 1.7 plugin for Firefox. The plugin exposes several JSAPI methods which I use in my website.
The version of Firefox I used was really old (v23), therefore I wanted to upgrade.
For this I used a virtual machine inside VirtualBox running Windows 7, while the HostOS is MacOS I took the latest Firefox version 49, set it up and to my surprise the plugin didn't work. I checked another VM inside VMWare Fusion: same behaviour.
But when I ran it on a bare metal installation of Win7, everything was fine!
Using dev console I could spot a difference concerning the <object ´╗┐type="application/someCustomMime"> elements referencing the plugin.
In the working, bare metal instance they are <´╗┐JSAPI-Auto Javascript Object>s while the ones in the VM are HTMLObjectElements.
Since the old Firefoxv23 and the lugin ran smoothly inside the VMs
I checked lower versions inside there step by step and found that the last working Firefox was v35.
A summary of what was new in v36 at could not enlighten me about what causes the problem.
Hello folks!
in brief: plugin works on bare metal and doesn't in VM or rather only in old FF versions.
Has somebody any clues?
I'm in Europe, so I'll be AFK most of the time.