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insanelyCoolUser 10:10 i'm planning to use web browsers & html/js as a GUI to and arduino, which is connected to the PC via a USB serial port.
would like it to work with as many OSs and browsers as possible.
there are a few solutions around, like usb/comm to TCP gateway apps, but they are cumbersome to install
is firebreath an option?
browser GUI <----> PC <----> USB Serial <-----> Arduino
gopi 12:10 hi anyone there
taxilian 12:10 hi gopi
gopi 12:10 hi richard
While performing memory profiling using VLD in FB2.0 i have found some memory leaks
which i have posted
in google group
taxilian 12:10 I was glancing at them earlier; they didn't look to me like they were coming from firebreath code
but I only had a few minutes to look. I've been dealing with a minor emergency at work
gopi 12:10 but the starting point is from FireWyrmNativeMessageHost.exe
when we were running the LoadTests in chrome for FB2.0 and monitoring the FireWyrmNativeMessageHost.exe memory was increasing more than 1mb for 3omins
taxilian 12:10 right, but looking at the traces it looks like the allocation takes place in your code
are you retaining things on the front-end and not releasing them?
gopi 12:10 no
FireWyrmNativeMessageHost.exe is started by chrome
but you can see in one of the Call Stack count is around 399
taxilian 12:10 sure, it's started by chrome, but it calls into your dll
looking at the first one, it's something being allocated in Concurrency::details::QuickBitSet::Grow
then CreateSingleton
in each case it's something running in your code
which is most likely a result of problematic lifecycle management
gopi 12:10 oh ok let me analyse further
any other leaks that is from firebreath code
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 so how long should i wait for an answer
a webclient and a user walk into a bar
they immediately spot a very nice looking young serial port sitting all by her lonesome self
the user says "I would love to meet her and exchange some information, maybe even run a few scripts"
taxilian 16:10 an answer to what? I don't see a question
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 but the webclient says, "i have been created with one and only one mission, which is to protect you from the evil outside world"
taxilian: i asked 8 hours ago
taxilian 16:10 ahh, I missed it. I'm sorry. I'm in a meeting, I'll look when I have a sec
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 haha ok tks
taxilian 16:10 yes, it's plausible. you'd still have to install something
and if you want to support Chrome you need to use FireBreath 2, which isn't well documented yet
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 that would be ok if i can isolate the user from a complex install
taxilian 16:10 basically you'd have your C++ code in the firebreath plugin which you could communicate with asynchronously from the browser
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 would it be possible to support win7/8/10 with a single plugin, and how do you get around signing the code
taxilian 16:10 well, you can't target edge
there isn't a way currently
but otherwise yes
what code signing requirements are you concerned about?
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 the standard windows barriers to nasty code
taxilian 16:10 I don't believe they require you to sign the installer, there are just warnings when someone runs an unsigned installer
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 So i could have an installer that installs the plugin, as well as some html/scripts, as a very plain msi that works on basically win7/8/10, except edge?
taxilian 16:10 basically yes
there are some complications, but you can pretty much hide them
you'd need an extension on chrome and starting in Mar you'll need one on Firefox too
insanelyCoolUser 16:10 an extension?
i'm reading
taxilian 16:10 FireBreath 2 interacts with Chrome as native messaging