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Jamil_ 07:11 Hi again, can anybody tell me if I can dynamically display the width/height of my FB control?/
Actually I am I am passing the w/h when calling the plugin <object id="plugin0" type="application/x-hodwacomsignature" width="800" height="460">
I want to have the possibility to decide on width/height when initializing the control inside the FB and not from html
Because the width/height are hardware dependent
taxilian 10:11 Jamil_: you can probalby change the width/height using m_host->getDOMElement()
diorcety 12:11 taxilian: haha
diorcety 12:11 taxilian:Xcode is the rolls royce
taxilian 12:11 lol
I have had more weird issues with no visible explanation with xcode than about anything else
and all since 4.x came out
Jamil_ 14:11 taxilian: any sample about how to use getDOMElement() to change the w/h
taxilian 14:11 try something like m_host->getDOMElement()->setWidth(640);
it should be pretty basic
Jamil_ 14:11 ok, great I will try it tomorrow at work...I am out now. Thx