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Pat 01:09 Hi there, do you know if there was update on safari's side for safari 10 for compatibility ? It seems the plugin is detected (in the list in preferences > security > plug-in settings..) but doesn't seem to start
taxilian 12:09 Pat: I haven't done any testing on Safari 10, so I don't know. is that in 10.12?
Pat: One thing to note is that in Safari 9 it doesn't seem to load the plugin unless I'm accessing the page over HTTPS :-/
Pat 21:09 hey Taxilian, I have made some more testing and Apple made some updates.
navigator.plugins now now to always return null
and that was what I was using to access the plugin list. I somehow managed to work around with navigator.mimeTypes which gives the mimetypes list of available plugins
Apple is doing this to promote the use of HTML5 instead of plugins