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WarGloom 03:12 hi all
can anyone check FBTestPlugin build from master branch
under firefox 3.6
the test.html echo test failed
with exception
"The specified member does not exist:"
WarGloom 08:12 what was changed now console.log(pluginobject); rise exceptin [ Exception: TypeError: Cannot convert object to primitive value ]
mono 08:12 hi
WarGloom 08:12 hi
sorry for typo errors
taxilian 08:12 WarGloom: I'll look at it in an hour or so
WarGloom 08:12 thank you
taxilian 08:12 This is the latest master, right?
WarGloom 08:12 right
and chromium
taxilian 08:12 Ok
I'd do it now but I'm babysitting my son and chatting on my iPhone
WarGloom 08:12 :)) oh, I understand you very well
taxilian 08:12 I need to find someone using vs express and see if my fixes yesterday work for others besides me
The survey results are really interesting to read, particularly comparing then to the last one. Most common request so far is for cmake dice
S/dice/docs. Darn autoreplace
FB_GitHubBot 10:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 2c46f59 (1 files in 1 dirs): Improved detection of visual studio ATL location -
taxilian 10:12 I have to admit, cmake is pretty cool in some ways
FB_GitHubBot 12:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 06674cd (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed bug where ATL_LIBRARY only worked correctly the first time -
taxilian 15:12 if anyone in this strangely empty chatroom cares, I am combining PluginCommon and PluginWindow into one project
and moving the platform specific code from NpapiPlugin into it
kalev 15:12 wow, lots of changes in this release cycle
did I meantion it's great you are working on the code again? :)
taxilian 15:12 hehe
I'm just getting started
debating if that is good or not =]
taxilian 15:12 My hope is to get at least most of both npapi and activex projects into static libs
That aren't pluton specific
Plugincommon I can't help
taxilian 17:12 you know you're really starting to understand programming when after a full days work you find that everything works exactly like it did when you started… and you are thrilled!
taxilian 23:12 WarGloom: I've tracked down the problem with echo not getting called correctly that you reported this morning; now I just have to figure out why the browser is doing what it's doing =]
… and found
Firefox is… weird
no question about it
WarGloom 23:12 That is why I never liked web development, but constantly having to do it
taxilian 23:12 hehe
I just committed a change that touched 101 files...
WarGloom 23:12 hello
taxilian 23:12 howdy =]
WarGloom 23:12 wow
new improvements and new bugs ;-)
taxilian 23:12 hehe. well, hopefully just refactor and a couple minor (one majorish) bugfixes
the issue you reported this morning should be fixed when I get this pushed
NpapiPlugin is now a standalone static project/library
rather than dependent on the plugin project
that might not make a lot of sense if you're not really familiar with the project layout, but it's a good thing
also I have removed a lot of dependencies and in some cases cross-dependencies that didn't need to be there
so generally simplified the project layout
no new features =]
WarGloom 23:12 aha... may be compilation will be faster on my virtual windows...
taxilian 23:12 yeah, probably not :-P but maybe
WarGloom 23:12 I have to read more about Git, it is fantastic tool, but complicated enough
taxilian 23:12 it's not that bad when you get used to it
but yeah, the learning curve is steeper than some
worth it, IMO
WarGloom 23:12 you have not push your changes to master, have you?
taxilian 23:12 not yet, no
I'm verifying that they build on mac and linux first
it's in my personal fork now, though
this release will be a pretty major one, though; we'll need to do a much longer beta cycle than we did last time
WarGloom 23:12 I agree
taxilian 23:12 I wish more people used the master branch; I'd catch bugs faster. thanks for being one of those who does use it =]
I hope that waiting for me to fix things for you doesn't slow you down too much