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IRC Nick Time (GMT-7) Message
kalev 03:12 Guest83496: looks like you are losing the fight against freenode services
try using a nick which isn't already registered on Freenode.
jshanab 07:12 Good morning All
Jamil 12:12 Are you here taxilian
Jamil 12:12 taxilian: in case you check this post, can you answer this
for the httpservice_examples.cpp you send to my colleague
We faced a problem to run it.
inside StaticInitialize() we couldn't use a non static var shared_ptr<HTTP::HTTPService> globalHTTPService
same for boost::weak_ptr<ProxyHandler> PhotoUploaderPlugin::globalProxyHandler
[email protected] for any suggestion
taxilian 16:12 hmm. well, I'll see if that gets his attention in the next day or two and then I'll ban him :-( I hate to do that, but he doesn't seem to have been there for a long time...
taxilian 17:12 jamil: in case you pop back in and check the logs (though I sent you an email): those are supposed to be static or global, because they are intended to be shared amonst all of the instances of the plugin
that's why you init them in static init and reset on staticuninit
taxilian 17:12 well, that way he can get back in as soon as he changes his nick to something real....