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alex______ 10:06 hello everyone
is there a way to know a promise's status?
in the deferred class the m_data attribute is private so I don't have access to the state outside the class
taxilian 11:06 alex______ not in the built-in promise, but you can provide your own promise library that gives you that
or are you talking about in C++?
alex______ 12:06 sorry I was at lunch
yes I am talking in C++
the problem that I am having is when I refresh the browser and the plugin is still running a function inside the C++ code
it fail when the plugin try to resolve o release the promise
the crash happens in firefox and IE, not in chrome, I think cause chrome go through the FireWyrmHosts
taxilian 12:06 ahh; so what should happen in that case is that you should pre-emptively reject the promise.
I Think
it's been awhile since I looked at any of that code, TBH
alex______ 16:06 thanks taxilian, I solved the problem having a list with the promises in class ....API, a reference to the promise is added to this list when created and removed when finished
and in the destructor of the class check the list of promises to reject all of them
taxilian 16:06 probably a good plan
if you have any time, any help you can provide with getting started documentation would be appreciated by many is an editable website, just have to create an account
alex______ 16:06 good to know, I can add an example for FB 2.0 running in IE, Firefox and chrome