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Jamil 07:11 Hi, I have an image (bmp) to load from the hard (same FB plugin dll root) and use it as a background to my FB control. Any idea how to do that? only the full path from the C drive is working
jshanab 09:11 Jamil. I am currently doing this and trying a new library. start with "virtual std::string& getFSPath()" It is in PluginCore and available top the plugin. I use boost to strip off and built up an absolute path to my .bmp Then I am useing TinyImageLoader to laod it into memory. Now why the heck is my texture white in opengl....grrrr
Jamil 10:11 jshanab: done as you told...thank you
jshanab 10:11 Glad to help. TinyImageLoader is working. My white texture was becasue i was creating the texture brfore opengl initialization was done.
chipmunk 15:11 I am struck at running a opengl plugin in mac
any help??