IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2010-12-19

IRC Nick Time (GMT-7) Message
jshanab 07:12 Morning everyone
taxilian 20:12 nothing quite like connecting to IRC from 30,000 feet
kylehuff 20:12 lol.. traveling?
taxilian 20:12 yeah
I'm not at 30,000 feet anymore, though
now we're up to 40,000
delta has free wifi
kylehuff 20:12 thats cool.. I have yet to join the mile-high wifi club
taxilian 20:12 lol
yeah, I'm not really on because I need to be, more because I can
so I can say I have done it
I've learned all sorts of weird things about the inner workings of firefox in the last few days; making firebreath work more like a normal DOM element is really quite difficult
taxilian 20:12 ahh, well, back to reading =]
kylehuff 20:12 have a safe trip, and Merry Christmas
taxilian 20:12 and to you
though if you're not traveling, you don't have to have a safe trip if you don't want