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GreenMario 14:04 @taxilian : is there a possibility to have a prep2015.bat and prep2015x64.bat for FB 1.7?
taxilian 14:04 probably
just have to create them
if you're asking if I'll do it for you, then probably no, but if you want to submit a PR with prep2015 scripts I'll accept it =]
I'd prefer if you tested first, of course
there may be some kind of imcompatibility
GreenMario 14:04 lol, ofcourse. I'll try to do it myself first
taxilian 14:04 =]
it shouldn't be hard
GreenMario 14:04 I am guessing the new C++11 stuff in VS2015 shouldn't be the reason for those incompatibilities (wishful thinking) :)
taxilian 14:04 hehe. honestly, I don't know of any reason you couldn't use some of the c++11 features with fb1.x
but I'm not 100% sure there aren't any reasons
but I'm not 100% sure there aren't any reasons
GreenMario 14:04 yeah, that's true. well, let me try this out first. So just gotta add msvc2014 in win.cmake and copy over same stuff from old prep scripts to new prep2015, and we should be golden :-D
taxilian 14:04 would think so
GreenMario 14:04 @taxilian well, just tried it out, but cmakecache.txt still reflects vs2013 stuff in there. guess I missed something there. Looks like it's going to be a long day :-D
taxilian 14:04 did you delete your build dir first?
the only place you'd need to change for that is in the prep2015.cmd file
but if you don't delete the build dir it won't change generators
GreenMario 15:04 Ah, I just deleted cmakecache.txt So I guess I have to delete the entire build folder then, and prep2015 will regenerate it, right?
Ah yes, that worked for the most part. Now the cmakecache.txt shows VS2015 related stuff. But I am seeing a lot of this in the dowstream build now :
Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results
for basically every file I am getting this error now
taxilian 15:04 you probably need to upgrade cmake
and yes, basically any time anything at all changes in your cmake config if it doesn't work exactly how you expect (and sometimes even then) delete the whole build dir
GreenMario 15:04 ah bummer! I have cmake 3.1.0, which is definitely old. gotta upgrade and try again. thanks for the hints as usual. :-)
taxilian 15:04 you would shudder to know how much time I've spend "dealing" with cmake
unfortunately I've blocked much of it from my memory in self defense
GreenMario 15:04 lol, I have to deal with this couple of times every year. I know how you feel.
my worst fears are linker errors in core modules. that reduces my lifespan like nothing else
taxilian 15:04 hehe
GreenMario 15:04 @taxilian : the "unknown compiler version... " warning seems to be coming from the MSC_VER condition. It's on every file in ScriptingCore, PluginCore, etc.
taxilian 15:04 hmm. doesn't sound familiar
GreenMario 15:04 do you know where I can change that value so that it reflects universally for all the projects
taxilian 15:04 probably can't help this one, then
paste the condition?
GreenMario 15:04 the only place i see it universally getting set at project level is in gen/FireBreathWin_i.h file and it looks like :
#if defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER >= 1020)
But I suspect this is the right one actually
check this link out for similar stuff on Boost:
GreenMario 16:04 ah well, I gotta give up on this for now :-( This wasn't even the problem I was trying to solve to begin with. It's one of those days.
Anyhow, thanks for the help Richard. Maybe we can have a go at it later at some point. It's probably worth keeping on the radar in immediate future, I reckon.
taxilian 16:04 hmm; yeah
could be you need to update boost
firebreath 2 uses a newer boost
you could steal its boost probably