IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2016-04-15

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cse 07:04 hi
taxilian 08:04 aldum|zeratul see FireBreath2
currently supports Chrome via native messaging
aldum|zeratul 10:04 taxilian: only chrome?
taxilian 10:04 so far; it should be relatively straightforward to add FireFox support and we will be doing so, but I don't know if I'll have time
you could volunteer if you want =]
aldum|zeratul 10:04 oh, sorry, it was supposed to be for work
taxilian 10:04 ?
aldum|zeratul 10:04 they required me to find PC/SC support for at least 2 browsers
it's not like I have much free time :D
taxilian 10:04 PC/SC?
aldum|zeratul 10:04 NFC smart cards
taxilian 10:04 ahh. good luck with that.
aldum|zeratul 10:04 there was one such plugin, but that used NPAPI
taxilian 10:04 NPAPI still exists in Firefox until the end of the year
and anything written in FireBreath works on IE11 and Safari as well
aldum|zeratul 10:04 hm
I will ask the higher-ups on Monday