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Sinisa 00:12 hi all
anyone experienced with CoreAnimation (FB on Mac)
I'm really getting desperate here, I've defined class inherited from CA opengl layer class, added to calayer I get from FB cocoaCA window, but see nothing...
just added some simple glClear with pure-red color, but no luck so far
also, if i check frame and bounds of received CALayer, it's 0,0,0,0 ?
am I adding opengl layer at the wrong spot?
(on window attached)
or is there anything i need to do with received CALayer from FB Cocoa window, prior adding my opengl-layer?
taxilian 00:12 Sinisa: you really need to ask amackera when he's in
I think he's the only one who would know
and he's usually on during the day my time; not certain what time zone he's in, but he's in Canada
Sinisa 00:12 hey tax, ok, i know he's expert and as soon as he's online, will ask him
just thought if anyone from guests knows
can't hurt to ask :D
FB_GitHubBot 00:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 673be50 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed problem building NpapiPluginTest on linux
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * abf518b (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed X11 compile problem
FireBreath: master commits cb06136...abf518b -
taxilian 00:12 true =]
Sinisa 01:12 ok found what was wrong
my bad
i need to set frame of my ogllayer
draws now
thought I did it in constructor, but missed that part
taxilian 01:12 oh, good!
hmm. I'm really close to having multiple mimetypes working, but something is odd now with the DLL registration and IE isn't detecting it anymore :-/
Sinisa 01:12 i'll see if i can help you on that as soon as i'm done with this opengl thing
really had enough of mac
taxilian 01:12 well, I'm headed to be soon
Sinisa 01:12 (never thought I will actually say this)
taxilian 01:12 lol
oh… for some reason, it pulled IE up in 64 bit mode
no wonder it didn't work
sweet! I just got the first successful test of FireBreath on IE with two plugins (two mimetypes) in one page!
sorry, not just one page, but in one DLL
and it works in Firefox too
well, it's 1:15am, so I'm going to bed =]
FB_GitHubBot 01:12 FireBreath: multimime Richard Bateman * 949d09a (9 files in 3 dirs): Initial proof of concept for multiple mimetype support on IE, non-functional
FireBreath: multimime Richard Bateman * c7d2a8c (27 files in 10 dirs): Working prototype of FireBreath supporting multiple plugins in one DLL / library on all browsers
FireBreath: multimime commits 0000000...c7d2a8c -
taxilian 01:12 g'night.
Sinisa 01:12 night tax
Sinisa 09:12 hi all
jshanab 09:12 morinig
jshanab 09:12 anyone do a post build copy command? I need to copy a bunch of depended dlls after build and before Wix project execution
Sinisa 10:12 no, i haven't played with wix
using NSIS for installation
anyone knows how to read browser capabilities on Mac, which event model and which drawing model is available?
jshanab 10:12 Darn, I ran across that at one point
Sinisa 17:12 hi, anyone experienced with CoreAnimation on Chrome (Mac)?
I have trouble having CAOpenGLLayer displayed in Chrome, while in Safar all works fine
not sure what's issue
Sinisa 18:12 weird is that Chrome never calls draw functionin CAOpenGLLayer
while Safari calls
I've set timer to refresh 30fps, and calls setNeedsDisplay in gllayer, and that works in Safari fine, but Chrome is not working
does not recognizes that it should redraw gl
Sinisa 19:12 anyone knows why in Chrome (Mac), CAOpenGLLayer never gets draw function called, while in Safari works ok?
I'm really pulling out my hair over this one
I've tried even without timer, using asynchronous = YES, and Safari works ok, but Chrome nada.
never enters draw function
Sinisa 19:12 hi all