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CMDGeek 01:02 Helo?
Dear Concerned Person, Hope you are doing fine. I just go through your website to create cross browser extentions. Actually We have a product that is right away IE based and we are moving it to cross browsers. Problem is as we know Microsoft Edge is coming up and it is ending up the support for plugins,extensions and ActiveX controls. My application is rich with ActiveX controls to interact with hardware. Not only IE but also ch
ending up the support for plugins like NPAPI etc.
so is there any way around? so that we can interact with hardware without ActiveX
mujdat 02:02 Hi,
I'm having a problem on my plugin
it seems that browser does not release my JSAPI objects even if no reference exists
The obecjts are detsructed only when I make a forced Garbage Collection(firefox about:memory)
The script I call is something like this:
function create(){ var myObj = plugin.CreateObject(); window.globalmyObj = myObj;}
function Destroy(){ window.globalmyObj = null; }
this can be a browser/javascript behaviour but I expect my object to be release when no reference exist.
Do you have any idea about this?
Thank you very much