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kylehuff 07:11 has anyone created an example of a firebreath project using multipe mime-types? I'd like to update the wiki, but I don't even know how to do it (yet).
taxilian 08:11 kylehuff: FBTestPlugin actually has multiple mimetypes
and there is a text file in the codebase with info on it
kylehuff 08:11 roger. I'll see about adding it to the wiki
taxilian 08:11 btw, kylehuff, is the previous logviewer
kylehuff 08:11 yeah, I have it on my list to clone it and see about making it do what you need. I also would like an IRC log viewer for, when there is more IRC traffic that is.
so what are you looking to improve/change in irc-logviewer?
taxilian 08:11 fair enough =] Actually if you want to take over maintenance of the logviewer I'd be happy to figure out the logging part of it for your channel
there are several things, but one of the first would be the ability to view logs by day
instead of just searching
kylehuff 08:11 Yeah, I could probably manage that (maintainer). and I'll look into the by-day. I haven't cloned it yet, but I browsed the source earlier. it doesn't look like it would be too hard to enhance.
taxilian 08:11 yeah, I think iain did a decent job
hmm. so the current version of znc is giving me slightly different filenames than the one I was running
(znc is how I log the channel)
kylehuff 08:11 ah, so that might be a change-item as well then, or just a configuration option that needs to be updated due to a change in znc?
taxilian 08:11 perhaps
I'm still trying to figure that out
WoLf 11:11 hello
Guest33549 11:11 How can I put a progress window into the WiX installer? And WiX generates 2 files right? Installer.exe and Installer.msi... The end user must have both or just the .msi?
I tried using another installer, but for "updates" it says the np<plugin>.dll is in use :(
taxilian 12:11 Guest33549 that is really more a wix question
there is no .exe generated by default (AFAIK, maybe newer wix does, I suppose)
updates you don't want to replace the same dll anyway; I recommend updating your installer to install the dll to a new location
Guest33549 13:11 but then i need to update both path and mime types?
taxilian 13:11 mime types?
you just need to update the registry to point to the correct location — which the msi installer should do for you
Guest33549 13:11 ahh, i'll test this
what exactly the msi does to the registry? because i'll want to change the installer to another one... i tried looking into the scripts but found nothing
taxilian 13:11 I really don't recommend taht
Guest33549 13:11 why?
taxilian 13:11 but during the build heat.exe is run on the .dll and it generates a np<plugin name>.wxs file wiht all the reg entries that get run
well, more specifically I strongly recommend you use an MSI
whether you use wix or not
because MSI is transactional, not procedural
it doesn't say "do this, then this, then this", it says "apply these changes"
that means when it uninstalls, it doesn't say "do this, then this, then this", it says "reverse these changes"
much less room for mistakes that could cost you later
Guest33549 13:11 ah alright...
let me ask you another thing
after installing wix
2 more projects was added
to the solution
taxilian 13:11 2 more?
Guest33549 13:11 and name_WixInstallExe
taxilian 13:11 … maybe someone slipped in a change that I didn't see
let me look =
Guest33549 13:11 thats why i got confused
because it generates 2 files
and i don't know which to publish
probably the .exe one
taxilian 13:11 is this a project you created? with fbgen?
Guest33549 13:11 because when I run only the msi file into another computer
it rises an error
with fbgen
same way the video shows
git clone, git submodule... fbgen and all that stuff
taxilian 13:11 brb
Guest33549 13:11 alright
taxilian 13:11 huh
trying to figure out if someone added that while I wasn't looking or if I missed it when I pulled in a pull request =]
Guest33549 13:11 :P
I still don't know how I'll make the plugin updates... really
I don't want the user to restart the browser
is that possible?
taxilian 13:11 so I've had it working before where you don't have to restart the browser, but most report a lot of problems with it
and it's been years since I last did it
it tends to be a bit error prone
and I honestly don't think it's worth the support nightmare
even flash requires you to restart your browser
Guest33549 13:11 for first installs
it doesn't require you to restart
taxilian 13:11 that should be correct
we don't require a restart with ours
interesting. so the exe wrapper slipped past me when I pulled in the cab support =]
but from what I see there is no reason you should need the .exe
the .msi should work
Guest33549 13:11 I sent the msi file to a person to test
taxilian 13:11 if they are close to the same size, whcih I suspect, then the .exe contains the msi
Guest33549 13:11 it failed to start
wait a min.
well, I don't have the screen picture of the error right here... but it failed to start
I had to send the .exe for it to run
taxilian 13:11 if you can give me the error message I might be able t o provide some insight
but "it didn't work" isn't very helpful =]
I can tell you that *I* don't need an EXE
Guest33549 13:11 yes, I know
taxilian 13:11 nor do I know of any reason that you'd need to
Guest33549 13:11 I'll take the error message when I get home
by now, thank you
I'll try to figure out some other things
any emails that I can send the error message later?
taxilian 13:11 just pop back in here. I probably won't be here on a weekend, but i'm usually here during business hours (MST)
Guest33549 13:11 alright, thank you
taxilian 13:11 good luck