IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-10-23

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taxilian 10:10 I'm back!
I am having some significant issues with my server that I should have long since migrated off of; some services for are going to be down until I can resolve them
jakepetroules 17:10 taxilian: does firebreath *require* msvc? is it not possible to compile with mingw?
taxilian_away 18:10 jakepetroules: yes, that is correct
it requires msvc
primarily because it requires ATL
jakepetroules 18:10 mm ok
taxilian_away 18:10 would love to break that dependency, but nobody has had time/motivation yet
jakepetroules 18:10 my projects official builds will be done using msvc anyways but one of our devs tried mingw so i thought i'd ask whether its supported
what's in ATL that firebreath needs?
taxilian_away 18:10 activex support
gotta run