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alexcu 09:01 hi everyone, good morning
Ruyi, yes I am using FB 2.0
finally yesterday I found the problem that was crashing the firewyrm host
I am not sure why but in the file WyrmBrowserHost.cpp line 38
this instruccion auto browserDfd = module->DoCommand(FB::VariantList{ "New", "browser", FB::VariantMap{} }, self);
was crashing my host
and the problem was with the FB::VarianMap{}
i removed it and now is working, I am using Windows 7 and VS 2013
taxilian 10:01 good morning
that doesn't make a lot of sense, alexcu
which platform is this on?
and did you step in to see where it's crashing?
alexcu 10:01 hi, I am using Windows 7 64 bit and VS 2013
i know that is weird but was the only way I found to make it work
taxilian 10:01 that's weird? that's what I use
why is that weird?
did you step through to see if you can find the crash?
alexcu 10:01 I don't know if I am missing something but only with this code into the plugin is enough to make crash the app
FB::VariantList a = FB::VariantList{ FB::VariantMap{} };
taxilian 10:01 ... that is very strange
because FB::VariantMap is a typedef for std::map < std::string, FB::variant >
so I don't understand how that's possible
alexcu 10:01 i am going to try to step in, I am not too familiar with VS
and I was having problems to go through the browser-host-dll
and the error happened only when access the plugin through the host
now I tested this line FB::VariantList a = FB::VariantList{ FB::VariantMap{} }; in the plugin through NPAPI in firefox and works ok
probably my environment have some problems because I also have problem when try to reject a promise
and the error also is only through the firewyrmhost
taxilian 10:01 err, I don't think you should reject it that way
pretty sure dfd.reject(std::runtime_error(error)) is how you want it
I haven't actually dug into the modified rejection exception handling code, so I could be mistaken
alexcu 10:01 mm good thanks, that way work ok in NPAPI