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jshanab_wcw 06:12 Good morning people. Is there a C++ logger already in the firebreath code or one that you recommend?
found "add_firebreath_library(log4cplus)" in feature list on wiki
elthariel 06:12 iirc there's a simple stream called clog in the stl that might suit you need
jshanab 06:12 I am getting an exception when my plugin loads." FB::bad_variant_cast" It shows up in NpapiPluginModule::NPP_New when i debug. Suggestions?
jshanab 07:12 return m_params[name].convert_cast<std::string>() IS the culprit. How do i get a string of a FB::variant?
neilg_ 07:12 Are you sure you have the parameter contained inside name passed into your plugin?
You're not checking that you have the parameter - so that could be the cause
jshanab 07:12 OMG, right not sent. I didn't realize it would just plain crash
How do i check for existance on these FB::VariantMap values?
nevermind, just a std::map
neilg_ 07:12 Right
Sorry, I wasn't looking at this window
Is this in IE?
jshanab 07:12 FF first. It lloks like the operators like "!=" are not declared inside the FB::VariantMap
neilg_ 07:12 I'm not sure how they could be really with them being unknown types
jshanab 07:12 so how do I cleanly check for a vlue m_params.find(name) != FB::Variant::end does not compile
neilg_ 07:12 You'd normally check m_params.find(name) != m_params.end()
jshanab 07:12 tahnks, helps when I spell things correctly :-)
neilg_ 07:12 ;)
jshanab 07:12 "Error : a pointer to a bound function may only be used to call a function" wtf?
it gives me that on the dot between m_params and end
oh, god, please ignore that last one. More coffe is indicated
neilg_ 07:12 I know the feeling! Although sadly I avoid caffeine these days. :(
jshanab 07:12 I have recently rediscovered it. 30+ 12 hour days and I am new to the cold weather. (Just moved to chicago area)
neilg_ 08:12 I moved to Boston about 2 years ago. Not quite the coldest weather I've had... but more snow than I've ever had to deal with before!
jshanab 08:12 here, they never mention the temperature without mentioning the equivilent wind chill temperature LOL
neilg_ 08:12 Same here - but I can only imagine it must be windier there. I've only been to O'Hare, I've never been out of the airport to find out! lol
jshanab 08:12 I work in bolingbrook, a subburb and also have only been to ohare, I haven't had a chance to get into the city and see chicago yet (gotta buy a real jacket)
taxilian 09:12 'morning, all
jshanab 09:12 Good Morning
nirvdrum 09:12 taxilian: Am I on the moderation list?
taxilian 09:12 I think you might be
moderators list, that is
nirvdrum 09:12 Yeah.
taxilian 09:12 is that okay?
nirvdrum 09:12 Okay. I just wanted to make sure you didn't misconfigure something. I had a bunch of messages I didn't expect :-P
taxilian 09:12 hehe. yeah; I pretty much picked whichever people I thought of, trusted, and could find on the group list and made them moderators
there shouldn't be too many messages, since it should only moderate until we mark "always allow", which I do the first time they post something real
hopefully this will prevent spam in the future
nirvdrum 09:12 Cool.
taxilian 09:12 however, I want a lot of moderators because I dont' want people's messages to not make it to the list just because I'm away from a computer
nirvdrum 09:12 Makes sense.
taxilian 09:12 so thanks for being willing to help =]
nirvdrum 09:12 No worries.
taxilian 09:12 I'm down to two projects and 3 math assignments to finish before finals next week. I might actually survive this semester! :-P
nirvdrum 09:12 Heh. Good luck.
taxilian 09:12 (the great thing about running an open source project is that you can whine in the chatroom and nobody kicks you out. :-P)
jshanab 09:12 ROTFL
taxilian 09:12 not only that, but people pretend to care, because they might need your help sometime! I should have done this years ago… ;-)
nirvdrum 09:12 I care because you do.
taxilian 09:12 hehe. =] actually, all joking aside, I have to admit; the awesomeness of hte people in this chat room is the #1 reason that I spend as much time on FireBreath as I do
I sometimes sign in in the middle of the night just to see if anyone has ask questions that the people here at the time couldn't answer :-P
nitrogenycs 09:12 (or were to lazy to answer ;))
taxilian 09:12 well, yeah ;-)
as soon as finals are over, I'll actually be able to code again…
might be able to fix some of the issues people are reporting
well, I'm off to get breakfast. be back later
jshanab 11:12 where is the call to CreateJSAPI suppose to be. Mine is not getting called
I seea call in getRootJSAPI...
neilg_ 11:12 In your main plugin
It should have been generated underneath your constructor and destructor
jshanab 11:12 For some reson I am loosing the shared_ptr to the API
I think it is a timeing issue with me not understanding the order of things. I crash int he onPluginReady
when onPluginReady is called, the pointer tothe api is not yet set. Cause it is inside the API at the time it calls it. :-)
It is supposed to be set in onWindowAttached, but that has notbeen called yet ?
no,no, sorry that is the window
neilg_ 11:12 I'm a little confused by what you're trying to do?
taxilian 11:12 jshanab: it is possible that the JSAPI will not have been created yet at that point
but, you can safely create it
so call getRootJSAPI() to get it
if it's not created, it will create it
if it is created, it returns it
neilg_ 11:12 Hey taxilian, hope school isn't kicking your behind too hard! I'm trying to hold the fort down here as much as possible. :)
taxilian 11:12 I appreciate it =]
taxilian 12:12 whew. only one project and 3 math assignments left
well, and studying for finals, I suppose… =]
neilg_ 12:12 Finals shmynals. lol
taxilian 12:12 =]
oh, believe me… I'm starting to feel exactly that way =]
be back later
neilg_ 13:12 jshanab: Did you get your problem with the JSAPI solved?
jshanab 13:12 Yes!. Sorry for my absence, the net was down in the whole area for a while. Now I am chasing wild pointers and things that make the browser go hummmmm
taxilian 13:12 lol
always fun =]
jshanab 13:12 Now it goes deep into boost and the Invoke method and eventually dies. (need a bidirectional debugger, with an undo)
taxilian 13:12 wait; what is "dying"?
jshanab 13:12 I am crashing the browser
taxilian 13:12 are you using the ptr as a raw pointer anywhere instead of as a shared_ptr?
i.e. passing a MyAPI* instead of boost::shared_ptr<MyAPI>?
jshanab 13:12 I have a shared ptr to an existing video player. the test methods work, but my play method crashes the browser
taxilian 13:12 hmm. where in boost is it crashing?
jshanab 13:12 I am a bit unclear, you know, gotta keep re-running the debugger until you dig down just deep enough
taxilian 13:12 can't you just go back up the stack?
jshanab 13:12 a bit
taxilian 13:12 well, sounds fun =]
when you say "an existing video player"; is that your own object or a firebreath type object (API or Plugin)?
jshanab 13:12 it is in MethodConverter in the Method_wrapper0, then up to bind...
taxilian 13:12 this occurs during a function call?
jshanab 13:12 it is similar tot he way the BasicMediaPlayer is architected with a windows specific player using a CPlayer,h in the top level
taxilian 13:12 what do you do to cause the crash?
jshanab 13:12 I step thru and it is in the tail end of Invoke (FB::variant FB::JSAPIAuto::Invoke) that it eventually gets to "auto_ptr not dereferenccable"
taxilian 13:12 is this when calling the method on JSAPI or after the method is called?
does it crash before or after your method is called?
jshanab 13:12 I drag my test page into the browser after attaching to the firefox process. Then I call plugin().echo("fdsaasd") to make sure it is there
The I call plugin().Start() which supposedly starts the http connection to the server and starts pulling frames across the network
Oh, during :-)
taxilian 13:12 well, the code you're describing is the code that executes to call the method
so the problem likely isn't in any of the methodconverter stuff if it's happening during the execution of your function
jshanab 13:12 right, stepping in where I stepped over last time.
taxilian 13:12 set a breakpoint on the first line of your function
find out which call in your function causes the issue, then step in from there
jshanab 13:12 got it
taxilian 13:12 it shouldn't have anything to do with methodconverter if you start that way...
stepping into a JSAPI function is, unfortunately, a little bit of a pain due to the autoconversion stuff...
jshanab 13:12 got it, yeh, i had issues earlier with the JASPI pointer, so that is why I had it one level up before.
taxilian 13:12 ahh. Yeah; the most imporant thing to remember is to never pull a JSAPI object out of the shared_ptr.. always use it as a shared_ptr =]
but if the ptr is null, that'll get you
jshanab 13:12 The problem I have is it returns from my function just fine, then returning from the API method is where it goes nuts. ironically it looks like it is trying to return something but the function returns void. Maybe needs to br FB::Variant?
taxilian 13:12 what is the return type of the JSAPI method?
and what are you returning?
jshanab 13:12 void and I dont have a return
taxilian 13:12 hmm. then most likely it's an exception firing somehow
auto_ptr is not a type that firebreath uses
so that error would have to come from your code
jshanab 13:12 there is a try catch block and it doesn't enter the catch
taxilian 13:12 does it catch anything or a specific exception type?
also, try commenting out the "meat" part of the function and see if it still happens; then add them back in one by one
jshanab 13:12 It goes into MethodConverter after the return of the API call and the next line is return FB::variant();
taxilian 13:12 that should be correct
jshanab 13:12 (...)
taxilian 13:12 void return call should return an empty variant
very strange
jshanab 13:12 Correction. I ran it aginand it skips the return and goes on to (instance->*f)() first then returns
taxilian 13:12 that should actually be the function that was just called (your method)
jshanab 13:12 it then goes into an operator()() and I have one of those too!
taxilian 13:12 shouldn't matter
as you keep stepping back out, where does it croak?
jshanab 13:12 let me re-run it
taxilian 13:12 and what is the exact error it gives you?
jshanab 13:12 last line a few before stopping I think: return it->; in JSAPIAuto::Invoke args is null BTW
taxilian 13:12 args is null? that doesn't make sense; that's the call into your function
you must be corrupting the stack somehow, unless something else equally weird is happening
I recommend commenting out most lines in your function and verify that it works when doing essentially nothing
then add things back in a little at a time to see what breaks it
the last time I saw an issue like this it had to do wtih conflicting but very similar function prototypes (the .h wanted to give a slightly different format arg than the implementation actually expected)
jshanab 13:12 it goes to No source Available with an error in xul.dll. then I hit go again and I get the Expression: auto_ptr not dereferencecable
taxilian 13:12 ok; your stack is messed up somehow, then. there is no reason you should find yourself there
you can actually get the symbols for mozilla and find the name of the function it's dying in, but...
yeah, try pulling things out and narrow down the problem that way
jshanab 13:12 ok
can args be null when my function has no args and returns void?
taxilian 13:12 no
args will never be null
it's not a pointer
it's a vector
if it were null coming in, it would have already crashed
jshanab 13:12 oh, sorry it is an empty vector i think
taxilian 13:12 ok; that is possible
jshanab 13:12 Never name your plugin starting with MV.. it ends up in the uninstall window right after all the darn microsoft ones, next time it is gonn be called "AAAAAAplugin"
taxilian 14:12 LOL
jshanab 15:12 Man i am close. I am calling getHWND on the FB::PluginWindow and I get an adrres It does say "unused=???" in the debugger, can I draw on this handle?
taxilian 15:12 no idea; but if you're doing a windowed plugin, then it should be a good handle (as long as AttachedEvent has been called)
what was the pointer issue?
jshanab 15:12 I see what i have forgotten. the gdistartup and shutdown. Can that go in static init and static de-init?
taxilian 15:12 yes, that should work
don't, whatever you do, try to put those in a static object to drive the startup and shutdown when the module loads and unloads
jshanab 15:12 numerous pointers not yet set as I have filters, etc.
taxilian 15:12 ahh
jshanab 15:12 Got it all pulling data off of our server and pushing images into the display buffer, just no GDI init :-)
I don't get the "static object" warning
taxilian 15:12 some people try to make a static object that initializes GDI in the constructor
and deinitializes it in the destructor
jshanab 15:12 oh.
taxilian 15:12 the problem is that those are destructed while DllMain is running, which means that threads can't be started or stopped
so it will deadlock
jshanab 15:12 ah
darn that puts windwos specific stuff inthe plugin, gotta refactor
jshanab 16:12 Do i get the rect from the browser?
jshanab 16:12 Not params, but maybe properties.
jshanab 17:12 wohooo! sucess. well except for ie, paramas not handled the same?
Bozo_ 18:12 Question: How can I create a firebreath plugin that support multiple mime types? Where can I get the mime type when my plugin is embedded in a web page?
taxilian 19:12 Bozo_: Currently FireBreath does not support multiple MIME types
I've been meaning to add support for it, but I have not yet figured out exaclty how to go about it on IE
if you know ActiveX decently at all I'd love some help =]
taxilian 19:12 scJohn: you around?