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nafis 00:12 OK I will test it now, and I inform you as soon as possible
Ruyi 00:12 ok
nafis 00:12 Dear Ruyi
I test the self generated html
it works but the dll in not seen in manage add-on
you know first I want to detect if the dll is not there and registered
I want to tell the user to register the plugin first
Ruyi 00:12 my god, you need user to register dll?
nafis 00:12 what should I do?
Ruyi 00:12 is it should installer register when install the software?
nafis 00:12 can I register the dll from server on user station?
Ruyi 00:12 our way is make a installer
user download and setup
it's common way
nafis 00:12 yes you are right it is a better way
how can I detect that the dll is installed or not?
Ruyi 00:12 ok, you can write a function in js
ok, you can write a function in js
like this:
<object id="plugin0" type="application/x-lionplayer" width="800" height="600">
<object id="plugin0" type="application/x-lionplayer" width="800" height="600">
<param name="onload" value="pluginLoaded" />
<param name="onload" value="pluginLoaded" />
the pulginLoaded() will be invoke when the pulgin is ready
nafis 00:12 thanks alot Ruyi
another question :-)
Ruyi 00:12 you need spend some time on firebreath
nafis 00:12 this dll is not recognized in chrome because of NPAPI issue
Ruyi 00:12 but also it is simple, easy to learn
nafis 00:12 yes
Ruyi 00:12 yes, on the new version of Chrome, it not support the NPAPI, instend of PPAPI
nafis 00:12 you know for detecting the plugin I used navigator.plugin
but you say pluginloaded is better
Ruyi 00:12 on the stable version of firebreath, it not support PPAPI
on the stable version of firebreath, it not support PPAPI
it's dom interface
i'm not sure
you can try:
function createActiveX(progId) {
try {
return new ActiveXObject(progId);
} catch(ex) {
return null;
nafis 00:12 this is a solution gor detecting registered dll?