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nafis 23:12 hi
I would be grateful if someone can help me
we have developed a dll by firebreath framework
I register it with regsvr32
the firefox can see it among its plugin
but in IE, in "manage add-on" tabs, the dll is not there!
Ruyi 23:12 and how many bit of your IE? 32bit or 64bit?
nafis 23:12 IE 9
32 bit
Ruyi 23:12 what's the version of your IE?
IE9 have two version, 32bit and 64bit
when you start up, defualt 64bit will run
you can open C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe for test
nafis 23:12 I did the same but the dll npSCO.dll (for example is not there)
Ruyi 23:12 open the window task manager, and in process tab, look for you IE process
is it belong *32 flag?
nafis 23:12 my system is 32 bit.
Ruyi 23:12 what's way you reference the pugin?
<object id="plugin0" type="application/x-lionplayer" width="800" height="600"> like this?
nafis 23:12 exactly?
is it necessary to see the plugin in IE "manage-addon" tab or not?
I use <object id="plugin0" type="application/x-sco" ...
Ruyi 23:12 and what about befor?
it's the default way
nafis 23:12 before? I didnt get you
sorry '
Ruyi 23:12 is it work fine now?
nafis 23:12 no, unfortunately
woud you please tell me after the .sln is build successfully
Ruyi 23:12 let me think how to help you
nafis 23:12 I should register the dll?