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Sinisa 08:12 hi all
anyone here?
this CGContextRef draws sooo slowly... not sure if I do something wrong with it... anyone experienced in Mac development?
I've installed timer for refreshing image rendered in opengl offscreen (which renders quite smooth, few hundred fps), and basically all preparation of CGImageRef is done in separate thread, and on timer is just to paing CGImageRef on browser's window context, but that works so F slow
so in draw function, that actually paints image on the browser, I have nothing except CGContextDrawImage, but that's so slow
can't do even 30fps
looks like it's 5-6pfs
anyone can give me a tip, what's the deal with CG?
jshanab_wcw 09:12 Wish i could. I am jsut getting started with firebreath and am fighting how to include libavcodec. "Cannot open Include file" CMake is new to me. :-)
kamcheung 14:12 hi group.
want to check if anyone used any cross-platform threading library/solutions within firebreath?