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surya 03:12 hi
am faing error in x64 bit plugin develop using firebreath
taxilian 09:12 pvalade: well, FireBreath will allow you to run/interface with native code in the browser. It will not allow you to add custom HTML elements to the browser or anything like that, but it will allow you to interface with native code. In all but Chrome it acts as an NPAPI plugin, but in chrome that's no longer possible, so we work through an extension
pvalade 17:12 Hi All
I just get started and create a first test project following the mac tutorial
I can load the plugin and call plugin().echo("234") successfuly but when I try to call plugin().set_testString("1234") I get set_testString is not a function?
it the same when I try to call plugin().get_version
do you have a how to for enabling debbuging logs?