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Guest80946 00:12 i am having VS2013 in my computer, need to run prep2012 command. When i run it it throws an error that cmake cant find c compiler!!
RuyiPC 00:12 it's expected
vs2013 window version and vs2012 is different
why don't you directly run prep2013.cmd?
Guest80946 00:12 pls check this from cmake help info " Visual Studio 12 2013 [arch] = Generates Visual Studio 2013 project files."
i also tried that too!
thanks, now 2013 prep cmd is works
RuyiPC 00:12 good
Guest80946 00:12 i just repaired the Vs2013 once, will ask when i needed something agian!
RuyiPC 00:12 welcome
Guest80946 00:12 thanks for the quick reply.
thanks for the quick reply.
RuyiPC 00:12 not at all
ranjit 05:12 i am in trouble with executing java applet in chrome!!
Is there any any way to do this?
Ruyi_ 05:12 this and firebreath have relationship?
ranjit 05:12 may be as it seems firebreath working on NPAPI
Ruyi_ 05:12 of course, it can work on NPAPI browers
but Chrome only support PPAPI now
ranjit 06:12 Is there any way to communicate with applet on chrome browser?
Enkindler 06:12 Hello There...
taxilian, I was wondering if there where issues with changing tabs while the plugin is being instanciated?
I been running with this problem that aparently the extension does start but it never manages to get to the plugin... (I have a little system that tries to invoke it 10 times, and I always get invalid port error, but it wont get to the plugin itself unless it's my current tab)
taxilian 08:12 good morning
RuyiPC 08:12 good night :)
taxilian 08:12 =]
Enkindler: I don't know of any reason there would be issues with changing tabs, no
actually sorta
there is an issue where Chrome seems to throttle some things in background threads, including some javascript
so it may well be that the content scripts don't respond if the tab is in the background until after it becomes foreground, which could trip a timeout
RuyiPC well done for answering someone's question last night =] have I seen you in here before under a different name? I don't remember yours
RuyiPC 08:12 thank you, cause i have three client
company pc, home pc, and phone client
taxilian 08:12 ahh
RuyiPC 08:12 :)
Enkindler 09:12 That's what I thought.... No idea if there is a way to avoid this yes?
Enkindler 09:12 FireBreath works by adding an event listener 'message' to the parent yes?
taxilian 13:12 Enkindler you're talking about the native messaging one, right? yes, 'message' on the window
Enkindler 13:12 Yes yes... Basically I was triying to make a worker for the creation of the wyrmhole... but as far as I know, the only way to do that is by posting a message to the window yes?
taxilian 13:12 correct
Surya 22:12 Hi, am using prep2010x64 for 64 bit plugin. When i build the solution i am getting error in .wxs file. "It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file."
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 what's the versoin of your VS?
Surya 22:12 VS Product version 10.0.30319
>net framework version 4.5.51650
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 ok, it's right
and is the vs2010 64bit?
Surya 22:12 No 32 bit but in project i set Configuration Platform as x64
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 not sure vs 32bit can build 64bit program
do you try to build 32bit pugin?
Surya 22:12 Yes i tried its working fine
my client want 64 bit pluging for 64 bit browser
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 ok, may be you need to check vs 32bit whether can build 64bit program
cause i use vs 64bit always
Surya 22:12 we have developed 64 bit windows application which are working fine
we set configuration platform as 64 bit
so far no issue in winform and we app
web app
also when i run prep2010x64 i didnt get any error its eorking fine
am facing problem only for plugin
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 ok
Surya 22:12 When the same dll is accessed from Windows its runs without error
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 do you need a wix installer for you pugin?
Surya 22:12 yes
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 the error looks like from wix installer
Surya 22:12 for x86 plugin we didnt face such error we successfully generate WIX installer
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 ok, you maybe need to write a mail with error info send to google group
Surya 22:12 i also used regsvr32
it doesnt work
Ruyi-HomePC 22:12 tailian now not here, this problem need he to answer
if he saw, he will reply
Surya 22:12 ok thanks