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Jamil 00:12 <@taxilian> Jamil: Most likely the problem is that you are missing some dependency in release mode. try running regsvr32 on it manually -- if it doesn't work, the wix installer won't generate correctly
Thank you @taxilian. The problem is after the installation of the Release I have to register (regsvr32 ) it manually and it works. This means the dependencies are good but why during the installation it is not registered like the Debug version? any method to check a log? Windows system logs gives no problem and the installation is successful
Ruyi 00:12 you can check register table for looking for problem
Jamil 01:12 sorry, what you mean by register table?
Ruyi 01:12 Regedit...
Jamil 01:12 which attribute to look for? and this after installation of the Release and before I register it manually, right?
Ruyi 01:12 yes
regsvr32 is call DLLServerRegister and record the dll path to regedit
you can check the path info