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kylehuff 00:12 taxilian_away: I should be subscribed to the list with [email protected]
neilg_ 07:12 Oh. Huh. I forgot to set myself away last night. Oops!
kylehuff 08:12 I forgot to actually go away last night
taxilian 08:12 Lol
taxilian 08:12 So would chatting on IRC count as texting while driving?
neilg_ 08:12 In Mass... yes
But if you have a speech to text thing in your phone then you're all set! lol
taxilian 08:12 Lol
I do, but not in the irc program
nirvdrum 08:12 neilg_: You're in MA?
neilg_ 08:12 Yup, just outside Boston
nirvdrum 08:12 Cool. What town?
neilg_ 08:12 Where I live or where I work? :)
I live in Woburn (about 7 miles NW of Boston) but work in Newburyport which is around 30 miles north of Boston right on the border with NH
nirvdrum 08:12 Ahh. I live in Holliston but work in Cambridge most days.
neilg_ 08:12 Oh, really? Ha! It's a small world. I had no idea there were fellow Massholes on here. :)
nirvdrum 08:12 Heh.
neilg_ 08:12 Though I'm only an honourary Masshole, I'm really British (an argument can be made for whether that's better or worse...)
I like Cambridge, I just hate driving there. Not because of the drivers (who ARE insane) but because of the pedestrians who are even MORE insane
nirvdrum 08:12 I was born and raised here. Although I'm from the Worcester area.
Yes. The pedestrians need to die.
The bicyclists are even worse.
neilg_ 09:12 I've been to the Worcester area a few times but I've only been in Worcester once. I think Shrewsbury is where I went most of the time I was close, my sis-in-law used to live there
I'm pretty sure the pedestrians and cyclists agree with your assesment, they certainly seem to be trying to die everytime I drive there...
taxilian 09:12 lol
neilg_ 09:12 taxilian: Is it your last test today before Christmas?
taxilian 09:12 no, finals end two weeks from yesterday
last day of class is a week from yesterday
neilg_ 09:12 Good luck with that then! You have to be looking forward to it. I know I would be!
taxilian 09:12 hmm. how to put this..
I'm looking forward to it being over :-P
then just one more semester
but after this semester, next semester should be much less stressful
neilg_ 09:12 How long have you been studying now?
taxilian 09:12 I think I took my first college-level classes in 2001 :-P
I've taken a lot of breaks from school in the last 9 years, though...
neilg_ 09:12 I think I finished my college-level classes in 2001... Scary! Makes me feel old thinking about it... lol
taxilian 09:12 hehe. one more semester... 12 more credits... it's my mantra that I repeat to myself every time I think about how much I have left to do in the next week
neilg_ 09:12 Sure, I can imagine. But it's totally worth it in the end!
taxilian 09:12 I keep telling myself that
when large companies like Facebook want me to work full time, but I can't because I'm finishing my degree, I keep telling myself that... :-P
neilg_ 09:12 It's even more worth it then - because it makes you even more attractive and able to ask for a bigger salary
taxilian 09:12 hehe
nirvdrum 09:12 taxilian: So I take it you know Russian?
taxilian 09:12 yeah
it's a vise of mine
nirvdrum 09:12 I thought it was Georg at first.
neilg_ 09:12 That has to be tough. I speak 4 languages (not all fluently) but Russian having a different language structure must be tough
nirvdrum 09:12 Since a lot of Russians have emigrated to Germany.
taxilian 09:12 Russian definitely took some getting used to. Speaking it was actually not nearly as hard for me as understanding it
I lived in the country for 4 months before I started being able to follow any of the conversations
but people could generally understand what I was trying to say
it was very frustrating
neilg_ 09:12 Tell me about it! I spent a year working in Germany back in 2000 but when I went there I spoke very little German. Not even basic German! It was tough at first but I picked up the language fairly quickly.
I now know many German words and can normally follow conversations - and they can follow me. But my grammar is most definitely lacking!
taxilian 09:12 Nikita (sometimes goes by WarGloom) lives in Moscow; he tends to pop in and ask me questions in Russian, and then I just respond in English. makes for fun conversations, because you have to speak English and Russian to follow it
kylehuff 09:12 I took german for a year - I don't remember a damn bit of it..
taxilian 09:12 yeah, I took a year of German 15 years ago or so... I think I can still count to 10, but that's about it
and I'm sure my accent would sound Russian now :-P
kylehuff 09:12 =c )
neilg_ 09:12 All you need is "Zwei mass bier bitte" and you'll be golden. lol
taxilian 09:12 is that "give me lots of beer"?
neilg_ 09:12 It means "Two litre glasses of beer please"
taxilian 09:12 ahh; I see the two now. it's been a *long* time
I don't drink, so it wouldn't help me much =]
nitrogenycs 09:12 lol
neilg_ 09:12 Ah, but Germans do so you can give them the beer and make friends! lol
taxilian 09:12 lol
nitrogenycs 09:12 lol
taxilian 09:12 I got my share of talking to drunk people when I lived in Russia, thanks... =]
neilg_ 09:12 Drunk people? In Russia? I would never have guessed! lol
I've only been to St Petersburg - which is a beautiful city. But there are so many places in Russia I'd love to visit
kylehuff 09:12 yes, that is one thing I have learned also being a non-beer-drinker - it frees up capitol to buy beer for more people, so you make more beer-loving friends... problem is, beer drinking friends grow exponentially.
taxilian 09:12 Lake Baikal... if you ever have the chance, definitely visit Baikal
kylehuff 09:12 I am *finally* at a point I can build plugins on osx.. so, should I be using `xcodebuild` for the FB_DISABLE_GUI build, or just `make` with the patched version of cmake taxilian?
taxilian 09:12 kylehuff: honestly, xcode will probably give you better results
if only because it supports fat binaries
also, you'd need the changes from the cmake_patch branch of firebreath as well
to use make
kylehuff 09:12 the patched version of cmake from github ( ?
taxilian 09:12 yeah
kylehuff 09:12 yeah, I've got that compiled+installed; when I used `make` however, it created a file - which I have no idea what to do with. there is no .plugin file - so I am waiting for it finish xcodebuild
taxilian 09:12 that's becuase you're not using the patched version of firebreath
kylehuff 09:12 which version of firebreath is patched? I'm using firebreath-dev from trunk
taxilian 09:12 hang on
FB_GitHubBot 09:12 FireBreath: cmake_patch Richard Bateman * 5c52fbd (2 files in 2 dirs): Made changes to work with patched cmake. Hopefully this patch will be in cmake 2.8.4 -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * 13974a5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed issue that prevented WiX 3.5 from working correctly ...
FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * 7f3971d (1 files in 1 dirs): Changed order to prefer wget (which is packaged on windows with firebreath) over curl
FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * a373d00 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed typo in auto-download with wget
FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 commits aad54a0...a373d00 -
taxilian 09:12 kylehuff: you want the cmake_patch branch
kylehuff 09:12 okay, I will move to that once xcode is done taking a lifetime;
taxilian 09:12 there is still a dependency on CocoaFramework, though
I dont' know if you have to have that or not
kylehuff 09:12 I have honestly have no idea...
out of the 10Gb of crap I've installed, I may not even be using OSX anymore..
taxilian 09:12 sorry, I meant I don't know if you have to install xcode to get cocoaframework
you do have to have cocoaframework
because we need it to get around a browser bug in scheduling
kylehuff 09:12 I'm not too concerned about the about the required build tools/libraries on osx - I (hopefully) won't be the one maintaining the osx plugin binary in the future. the plugin won't change much anyway, the presentation layer is via browser extension
taxilian 09:12 cool
be back in a bit
kylehuff 09:12 see you later
kylehuff 10:12 not sure if it is the cmake_patch branch or what, but my symlinked project doesn't work - I had to unlink it and copy put the actual folder in firebreath-dev/projects
taxilian 10:12 kylehuff: you know you can put your projects dir outside of fb root w/out symlinking, right?
kylehuff 10:12 taxilian: yes, I just haven't yet had a need to differ from how I was using it originally
taxilian 10:12 yeah, no idea why that would be
but it shouldn't be a big deal
kylehuff 10:12 yeah, not a biggie, just FYI; incase it bites someone else
taxilian 10:12 ok
I always have to wonder what it is that makes certain days spike on the web access. Yesterday, for example, we had over 200 hits on the firebreath website. Why the spike?
kylehuff 10:12 I was bored at work continuously hit F5 to check for new updates..
taxilian 10:12 lol
'xept I'm pretty sure that google analytics will detect that.. :-P
nirvdrum 11:12 taxilian: I saw your tweet yesterday. You guys are getting more interest in donations? That's great.
Especially given how small/niche the project is.
taxilian 11:12 so far we've had exactly 3 donations =] but I figured if there were that many I should probably open up the option for more
nirvdrum 11:12 Heh.
taxilian 11:12 I still think (hope) that when we get the advanced fbgen going for donators then we will get more
even if it's just small donations. I'll take $10 from anyone who wants to give it =]
also all three were from people who frequent this room =]
nirvdrum 11:12 Oh? Who were the others?
taxilian 11:12 iaincollins and Plasma
nirvdrum 11:12 Cool.
I wish I could have given more. Maybe in the future.
taxilian 11:12 no worries at all. I really appreciate what you gave
donations help keep things running smoothly, help me get software or pay for services that the project needs, but they will likely never be the primary "funding" for the project; that comes from companies that pay developers to work on it
nirvdrum 11:12 I've seen some projects have success by having different tiers, too. You might be able to get that one guy to give another $100 to move from bronze to silver or whatever. SyntaxHighlighter does a pretty good job with that, I think.
I was really hoping to be able to contract you by now. But, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.
taxilian 11:12 yeah; what I'm thinking is that lower amounts will give you access to the fbgen tool for n days, higher amounts I'll add things like "1 email support incident", or for particularly high even phone support
=] well, I'm swamped 'til at least march anyway
how is mogotest doing?
it's a pretty cool little system; I ran through it and learned that it looks terrible on ie6
nirvdrum 11:12 We surpassed breakeven, so we're a solvent company. That's nice. But our growth was slower than anticipated.
Which is the way it always goes, of coures.
taxilian 11:12 right
nirvdrum 11:12 But, still a kick in the teeth.
taxilian 11:12 but if you're in the black, that's awesome
nirvdrum 11:12 That's without personnel. So, my living expenses are paid by my diminishing savings.
taxilian 11:12 ahh
nirvdrum 11:12 But, we got some pretty nice prospects on the horizon.
taxilian 11:12 yeah, that's harder
I wish you the best of luck; it still seems like you're not doing too bad compared to most startups
so keep at it =]
nirvdrum 11:12 Will do :-)
I've bootstrapped a company before. It's a slog. It took about 2.5 years before I could start paying a salary.
taxilian 11:12 lol. old habits die hard... I just tried to hg pull in my firebreath dir
nirvdrum 11:12 But, almost overnight we went from $20k a year in revenue to $750k+.
taxilian 11:12 nice
it can definitely pay off.. just have to get there
nirvdrum 11:12 I'm still waiting for that to happen with mogotest :-P
taxilian 11:12 the getting there is the hard part =]
I'm coming to the conclusion that I would not do well running a business
I think I am reasonably competent at managing a project such as firebreath, however
anyone here running on vs2005?
kylehuff 11:12 I don't remember which VS version I am using - it is a in a virtual machine and I have not enough ram to run 2 at the same time!
taxilian 11:12 lol
I know that feeling
I found what I needed
with this fix we should be able to build firebreath on vc++ express w/ no changes to firebreath
FB_GitHubBot 11:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * e42fd72 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated check for AtlSetPerUserRegistration to check ATL ver instead of compiler ver; this should fix the issue with Visual C++ Express edition using ATL from platform SDK -
FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * f69b877 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated check for AtlSetPerUserRegistration to check ATL ver instead of compiler ver; this should fix the issue with Visual C++ Express edition using ATL from platform SDK -
nirvdrum 11:12 taxilian: I think you're doing a great job with the project.
taxilian 11:12 thanks =]
nirvdrum 11:12 And I'm on VS 2010 Ultimate, so no help from me.
Courtesy of BizSpark.
It's a great program.
taxilian 11:12 that it is
I've still got an MSDN license from the job I had earlier this year that didn't pay me for my last two months
that's what I use =]
nirvdrum 11:12 Well, if that runs out, let me know. I can create up to 10 accounts under my business account, IIRC.
I'm using precisely 2.
taxilian 12:12 cool
I will remember that =]
cygmatic 12:12 hi
taxilian 12:12 key
welcome back =] long time no see
cygmatic 12:12 yeah, definitely :)
my mail-client seems to be messed up - i realized today that i missed at least two weeks worth of mails on fb-dev et al
taxilian 12:12 bad timing... this has been a busy 2 weeks =]
cygmatic 12:12 i was wondering that no new mails were written, but given that i'm busy i didn't want to complain... ;)
good idea on the videos btw
taxilian 12:12 thanks
I've been meaning to do it for awhile
just finally took time
it was that or do homework
cygmatic 12:12 hehe
any time-table yet for 1.4?
so that i can keep an eye on my side of things?
taxilian 12:12 probably beginning of next year
I'm still making a lot of changes to the new stuff
and there is a lot of it
cygmatic 12:12 ok, then i'll have the christmas holidays (worst-case-scenario) if i don't get to it earlier
taxilian 12:12 yeah
I'm so swamped right now I'm barely keeping up with basic project management
the move to github has been great, though (you probably missed that too)
cygmatic 12:12 yep, just read it a few minutes ago ^^
taxilian 12:12 I need to try this:
hopefully it's accurate
cygmatic 12:12 looks promising
well, i'm off to my spare-time addiction for now
see you later :)
taxilian 12:12 lol
see ya
abhi_ 12:12 Hi taxilian
and neilg
taxilian 12:12 howdy
neilg_ 12:12 Hi
abhi_ 12:12 good
how are u guys doing
I wanna thank you guys for the help
taxilian 12:12 stressed, but pleased with the recent activity on the project =]
abhi_ 12:12 I was able to create a msi file
and download and install it
from the server
thanks so much
neilg_ 12:12 Awesome news. Well done!
abhi_ 12:12 Thanks guys
taxilian 12:12 nice of him to drop back in and let us know he got it working
neilg_ 13:12 Yup, it's nice to know that sometimes I can be more of a help than a hindrence! lol
taxilian 13:12 me too
taxilian 14:12 cygmatic: I almost forgot; do you have a github username, so I can add you to the project?
kylehuff 17:12 is there a way to specify a different directory name for the binary output other than the plugin name? for example, build/bin/myplugin/ ? if I change PLUGIN_NAME to something like "myplugin_np-${PLUGIN_VERSION}", it also changes the bin directory
it looks like it gets put in build/bin/${PLUGIN_NAME}/${PLUGIN_NAME}.extension
taxilian 17:12 kylehuff: on linux? don't remember
looks like no, not really
not without modifying firebreath root files
it's set in X11.cmake
cygmatic 18:12 taxilian: georgf
seems i'm added already
taxilian 18:12 oh; I guess I must have found you and just forgot :-P
oh, I remember; I was waiting to confirm that was the right one before adding you to owners
cygmatic 18:12 ah, ok
"yes, it is" ;)
taxilian 18:12 and you are now one of the owners =]
cygmatic 18:12 yay
taxilian 18:12 I knew that would just fill you with joy
try to contain your excitement
cygmatic 18:12 all this power... ^^
taxilian 18:12 =]
cygmatic 18:12 good night